Thursday, April 30, 2015

Recycled Gi :D

I was cleaning out a closet and found some really old and tattered kendo gi. 

Thought bubble: Mmm nice fabric. So I shall make things. 

The first thing I made was a small sling bag. 

I am currently making a small hand bag. Picture when I finish. 

In other news, Mico got me another coaster to alternate with the first one he gave me way back :) It matches a Rilakkuma glass cover which he also gave me before :D 

More recently I was on the brink of depression, but art and runes saved me. There is still a bit of a struggle but The Blank Rune reminds me of total trust and relinquishing control, and returning to making my art since yesterday (after over a month of none) sort of grounded me again and kept my thoughts at bay.  (The first couple of paintings have been uploaded to Pretty Odd Peach.) I have also gotten a new writing assignment so I have that to focus on and finish for this week, not to mention I am looking forward to bringing Mico to my hometown this weekend, taking long walks and visiting places and most importantly, eating XD Anyway, I think that when you feel depressed, you must find that go-to thing or activity that balances you and reminds you of that stillness inside that is completely and truly quiet and peaceful; the one that remains safe and still even when things outside go awry. And then again, there is the Willingness and Permitting that The Blank Rune speaks of. 

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