Thursday, May 7, 2015


I previously wrote about using my old gi for making a sling bag, and in the same post, and speaking of old, I also mentioned bringing Mico during the weekend to my hometown where there are old bread shops, old stores, an old church, old restaurants, and where my old grandma lives XD 

I just took pictures of the church because this is the most interesting spot in the area, and Mico liked it too. It was his first time to be there and this time I took the lead and took care of things :)

First I brought him to the oldest department store in the area which I have not been to in ages. There were some interesting Hello-Kitty-themed items and useful sports accessories, though we did not get anything. But it was nice to look around. Then we found a shelf full of shampoos and such in hundreds of sachets and suddenly it felt like being inside the offspring of a modern department store and your Suking Tindahan Sa Nayon :D 

Next I brought him to this sort of secluded section away from the main street where my sister and I would usually go to buy Cold and Colourful Jelly Drinks. There were other food stalls but we were kind of fixated on the purple beverage with dark violet jelly which we finished in less than five minutes.

Part of the reason why I wanted to bring Mico to my hometown is for him to meet my grandma. She used to live alone but now has to be accompanied by two caretakers since her recent serious accident. So after the purple drinks became arimasen we headed to KFC to get something for her because she loves KFC. She was quite pleased when we arrived, and was really nice to Mico and all, asking me to show him her hand-crafted items and her sewing room and her praying altars.  

After that we went to the church so he could see it and the quiet praying spots around it. 

I particularly love this picture above. And the sky was really that clear and that blue. It was quite hot, especially since we went to all the places on foot, but it was still a fairly great weather for going around. I did warn Mico and told him to wear really comfortable clothes, after all :)

After the church visit, we walked along the street where our old house used to be, and I showed him the ruins where it stood before. After having grown up and being away for so long, I think the streets seemed narrower or the places seemed smaller, or perhaps it was just because all was too familiar and nostalgic, compared to everywhere else. I also thought of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

I also pointed out to Mico the really old houses that have been there since I was a child, the houses of relatives and acquaintances, and specific landmarks that were so much reminiscent of my childhood. Eventually, we got to one of the oldest eateries in the area, which is partly why we walked that way, and I fed him to the point of sleepiness. But our last stop was going to be an ice cream shop, so after a bit of rest, we walked on again, back to the area of the church. 

As we passed the side of the church, he saw the stalls selling herbs, some "medicines," and amulets and beads and such, and the rows of flower shops. I was going to show him my old school but I found the cemetery gates open, so I took him there first XD It was a really pleasant walk and I just brushed off thoughts of Weeping Angels and Don't Blink, especially when we came across the cherubs. 

I am very bad with directions, but somehow I recognised the angel (among many others) which was some kind of landmark for me to turn right and head for the mausoleum where some of my relatives from my mother's side were buried. My grandpa lies there, and I introduced Mico to him, so in essence Mico has met my grandparents from my mother's side :D A godmother also rests there, who is also the sanest aunt of all from that side of the family. A great-grandmother and a cousin were also there, within the walls. That is not as creepy as it sounds. It actually felt nice having brought Mico there, to the grandfather "who did some of the paintings we have at the house," as he confirmed with me. It would be nice if he can see my unusual artwork now. 

So from the cemetery we walked further down the road until I pointed out to him my old school. We could only look from the outside, as it is totally boarded up (but it is still running) and reminiscent of my Hitler high school years. Then we went up the overpass (from where we saw that the entire school is indeed totally covered) and had a good view of the city hall and the really clean road that led up to it, then showed him the very old public school which now houses the town library (which used to be in the same building as the museum). After that it was time for unpopular yet delicious ice cream, before we headed back home, where we had Good Burgers burgers for dinner. Yes, Good Burgers burgers. 

It was a pretty great day (^__^)

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