Monday, May 25, 2015

Keep It Together

In reality, we cannot really "un-break" hearts, whether ours or others'. When we have our hearts broken, the best that we or a new and better person can do is to keep whatever is left together, so that it does not disintegrate into nothingness and leave a deep chasm of icy winds and capacity for murder where the supposed heart should be. 

Sometimes though, we become too tired, the new and better person never comes along, or our minds just never seem to be eased until we at least get to do something. It isn't right, but sometimes, we only get to claim back the thing called Restful Sleep and Rhythmic Breathing after we at least inflict the same level of pain on the heartbreaker in order to convince ourselves that the "wrongness" of our hearts being trampled has been even remotely justified. 

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