Monday, May 11, 2015

This Was The Other Sunday

All of yesterday Sunday was spent at home. Quite an extension of Saturday's all-day rest, except that for yesterday, I was planning on making art and working. However, something came up and things were overturned in more ways than one. Hence I shall just finally blog about The Other Sunday, which was way brighter than how yesterday turned out.

Basically we went to a Sunday market to eat and buy some things, and then checked out the shop which currently sells some of my art pieces and hand-made accessories :)

This waraji above was from the Sunday market, as well as the really nice tenugui below :) The one with bamboo is mine and the one with the daruma is for Mico :3 

And then we went to Lupon, a shop of beautiful home-decor and such, where some of my art pieces and hand-sewn items are currently displayed for sale (^____^) It is located at the third floor of Glorietta 4. 

We stepped in and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside seeing these girls lined up in a proper shop, with all their peculiarity in full display XD

Here, they are placed on the central table upon entering the store, along with really cozy lamps and beautiful flower-decor. They also have other art pieces by other artists so feel free to check them out too :)

And then of course, there were also my hand-sewn items (^__^) In a basket next to my ten (there are only ten for sale at Lupon right now so go and pick yours XD) art pieces are my hand-sewn flower brooches and flower hair-ties :) 

After that we stuffed our faces with Kumori buns then took the train home. It was a really lovely day in many ways (^^,)

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