Monday, June 22, 2015

From Pot to Plate

I have previously talked about having grown a plant, and today, that same plant is already a couple of weeks old :D I failed to post its pictures for the rest of its first week, but here they are :D

On its fifth day, I repotted it and thankfully it continued to grow; however it was really growing quite fast and I could not risk repotting it again as it might weaken and die. Hence, when the second week entered, a couple of stalks looked really tired and the taller ones could only grow as far as the top of the planter label. I confess I tasted a leaf at the end of its first week and there it was - the pleasantly strong burst of arugula flavour XD

However, at the end of its second week, which is today, it does look quite tired and ready to retire, so tonight I shall let them rest on my dinner plate :)))

In actuality, some leaves look less green and you can almost feel how the tired ones are trying to get away from the sensation of being crowded (^^U) In any case, it has been a very pleasant and gratifying experience to have grown a plant, especially something edible, and I believe I now have the courage to actually plant other seeds and try growing a regular-sized plant myself. I have always wanted to, but felt that I would never be able to make anything even make it to the soil surface XD But after this, I can perhaps give it a try, especially since I dream of someday growing at least some of my food :D 

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