Monday, June 1, 2015

Last May Weekend

Well hello, Mid Year. 

On the last weekend of The Second Seed (Skyrim mode aren't we), Mico and I spent a bit more time because of our supermonth and of a mini-plan that was halted anyway (^^U) All is well, though; perhaps another time. Definitely another time :) My heart and my dan tien sing to it. 

Anyway, so I made a pouch for Mico XD The truth is, I have not finished my mini-handbag yet but I decided to do this first because I wanted to give it already. It was also made from old kendo gi like the sling bag I made before

And then there was ramen. 

And watching Supernatural while dipping Ginger Snaps into coffee. 

I must admit that this Ginger-Snap-and-coffee combo happened after a big bag of Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles :))))))) (which happened a bit after lunch XD) 

And then after a lot more hugging XD he left the house and I finished my painting.

You can find the full image of this piece in my art blog too. 

Now let us move forward with the Mid Year :) 

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