Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Long Weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend so there was more food and more fun than usual :) 

Before heading out to see Mico, I brought along some watercolour paper, a water brush, watercolour pencils, and a (cow) sharpener because I was also thinking up logo designs and in case I needed to draw other things. I usually bring some form of portable amusement or a to-do anyway. Sometimes I bring a book or portable video game, but that day it was a watercolouring set. 

And then there was Tamagoya XD Mico brought me and it was my first time; he'd been telling me about this place and finally we went and I liked my ramen so much! I picked the Tamagoya ramen quickly to avoid having option anxiety because I was also quite curious about the cold noodles and the one with Japanese fish cakes :3

This meal was quite timely because I had been craving for noodles or sushi or unagidon and then there was noodles so yeiy (^___^)

Eight happy tummies :)))) Anyway it had been a while since we took photos like this so I did.

We spent a great deal of the weekend just puttering about or watching stuff, and he prepared for us waffles with Nutella. Yes. Nutella. (why did that make me think of the more-jam-mom-meme) 

And in the midst of my sketches and warmups, more food would just come in :)))) 

Blueberries and acai berries covered in chocolate. I love this stuff :) 

My little failures :)))) After going through the trouble and effort (^^U) 

Supernatural companions. I know that can mean many things. Take your pick. 

More Supernatural companions :))))) Again, up to you XD 

Anyway it was a great weekend :) Happy :)

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