Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye, July

Here are the last few pieces I made for my July art-sprint:

Which now completes my art-sprint for July:

I am still thinking up a new theme for August :3

In other art-news, I have also finished the last of my Fang series~

Then I created an Instagram account specifically for my finished pieces - prettyoddpeach. Here is a snap shot of the first few uploads:

Also, here is something I made for the Ayala Museum's Inspire Every Day last July 25; I just saw it (via Instagram) displayed along with other art pieces, but I did not make it to the event itself because I was very very ill during that weekend. In fact I am still trying to recover even now. 

And then there is this piece I made. A cathartic one. 

Lastly, I won an Instagram giveaway by Dianne Claudine (dianneclaudine):

Goodbye, July. I hope August is kinder. 


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