Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Health and Magic

These were actually our slider-beverages to match our movie-sliders, but they looked so much like game potions I just had to XD Apt for well wishes for an anniversary :)

Just some thoughts for everyone hoping and pushing for more and more and more anniversaries:

1. Always keep your word. This means no making of promises you are likely to forget and/or cannot fulfil and follow through. While it may be an isolated case, it can give the impression that all other promises might be questionable. And no one wants to open a can of worms, particularly that one branded Overthinking. As The Gentleman-Friend says: Mean what you say and say what you mean. 

No, I am not going all liquidy in this post. This went with His Hainanese Chicken Set :D 

2. Do not just disappear on the other. This means do not suddenly become a stranger, that the other person starts looking for what he or she thought he or she knew and pursued or said yes to. Gradual changes may take place, but sudden shifts may leave a person suddenly alone, suddenly lonely, and suddenly uncertain and insecure. Furthermore, do not just suddenly shut out the other - like, being open all the time that it totally feels like fresh air then suddenly one day, it's just, No, You Are Not Included All Of A Sudden. In such cases, do not be surprised if the other gets consumed by questions and a battalion of different answers which kill one another for the Throne of Perceived Truth. Do not be surprised because of course, when things disappear, one wonders what happened and where they went. Or if they have been stolen. 

My own set. Shameless amounts of ginger pretending to be just a tiny decent amount :))))) 

3. Always, respect. Respect permeates several things already. When you respect the other, you communicate properly, you do not deceive, and you keep being the better partner, among other things. When you both do this, it just naturally works. 

The Beverage of Childhood Nostalgia

4. Watch out for the other. Think - how will this make him or her feel? Is this how he or she would like to be treated? Hence do not only put on your best behaviour at the start, when everything is still new and shiny or you are still trying to make each other see how much greater and more promising you are than the ones before. If you treated the other as the gentleman or the lady that he or she is at the beginning, do not wear out of it. No one being likes being given the best offers only at the start, and then the inconsistent and sometimes painful realities for the rest of the time. Have a sincere concern. Think of the other person too, not just you. 

Gift with hand-drawn gift-wrap :)

Just a few things off the top of my head for everyone hoping and intending to have more and more anniversaries and reasons to celebrate. As long as you keep your word, stay present and connected, show respect, and watch out for each other, it will all work together like your relationship's HP and MP.  

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