Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello Second Half of 2015

Torpor and Anxiety have been in some kind of tug of war lately, and unfortunately I was the (thick) rope. 

I had not made art in quite a while, and my last one was almost a couple of weeks ago, where these two seem to be having so much fun in their conversation. 

Then late last night before I went to read before bedtime, my sister told me of an art project she wanted to do by herself. It is basically a midyear restart, and she was thinking of making a specific line of artwork that is mainly for a daily commitment starting today, the first of July, until the last day of the year. I decided to join in and we came to call it a Second-Half Sprint. A sort of second chance given the second half of this year to give more to our art. And so on top of the other pieces we are working on, we are to make something specific to this challenge XD 

We are posting all our pieces and more detailed updates in our Instagram accounts so feel free to follow us there if you wish to support and join us in our creative journey. As you can see in my repost above, she is mariwitch in Instagram; I am ponyo1929 :3 Of course my finished pieces shall also find their way to my Facebook account and my art blog :) 

And so for today, here is my art-sprint. Something that may be playing among the curtains after dark.

Since I am beginning this journey, perhaps it is also time for me to really and finally add content to my Facebook art page (^^U) I guess it is about time XD

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