Thursday, September 17, 2015

September Sprint

So far, for September :)

This month's theme is all about things, sceneries, or colours I've been finding myself quite drawn to. All the following pieces are in my art blog with their respective titles, but what you will find below are the small bits of information behind each piece :) 

I like rows of colourful buildings lining clean streets. It is as though each unusually-shaped window is an open book to bigger-on-the-inside worlds. I especially like these colourful structures when they are old and the sky is an almost otherworldly yellow. Any child in a red cap is a potential fanged soul-eater. But I digress. I love the colours. And the cleanliness that surrounds them.

Inspired by a scene in The Perks of Being A Wallflower. At least I have this piece now, though the movie felt like it wasted a good couple of hours of me. I like strong solid reds with light blues or blue turquoises, and it is good when they happen to go with pinks. Here I like the party feel given by the gold sumi ink. Lately though I have been wanting outdoor dinner parties that are small and quiet and full of tiny lights. Quiet and cozy are important factors. 

A practice with shadows. The love for wide quiet spaces and the want for proper shading :)) I used a scene from The Royal Tenenbaums as a guide to shading but of course I changed and simplified most elements.

Reds, salmons, and bright rose pinks on soft blue. Tiny bits of lilac make it better. Add to that black lace or bows. Or all-black eyes. Then we have a creepy Emma Woodhouse. 

 Contrasting solid colours on old, soft dresses. Tiles as cold as her heart. Or probably as cold as her kind of lonely. 

Overwhelming, solid colours that pale in comparison to things we feel.

Unreadable faces of toughies that are dressed in quite an outfit. I am not a big fan of neona but I like them in such cases. And the hearts might just possibly imply sincerity, though it might seem alien to many of us. 

Another one of those wide open spaces, but this one has more trees and no tombstones :))) The flowers are the main thing here and how I just want to swim into the whole place. 

The occasional comfort of creepiness. Sometimes they take our eyes away from failed colour matching D:

This is all about the beauty of silence and quiet effect of the sun on places without people. 

Everything has gone awry here. I just persisted so here you go. An afraid boy.

This is my personal favourite so far; it was inspired by Frances Conroy's character Moira O'Hara in the American Horror Story. I love the colour of her hair, except I just made it more fiery here.

I just really wanted a comforting window against a wall with a nice kind of blue and then there is my need for a warm light. That girl is just how I feel when I don't find things funny anymore. But windows are good. Sometimes I want to fly out of them and I wonder if I would have a better sense of direction if I saw the world flat out before me, like a map. Except I cannot circle my house with a red marker and put arrows and pins on things.

We are just never sure if she was a victim or if she did all that bloody activity. I wish people were brighter and deeper to realise that not all small voices belong to distressed damsels and not all friendly smiles are harmless and "just friendly." 

Sometimes it is easier to think, plan, or decide this way. 

Disappearing into your environment because you want to be obscure, but failing, and then you do that childhood thing of closing your eyes and feeling like you're already hidden because it is now "dark."

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