Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sewing and Surplus

I have made a number of things using old kendo gi such as the small bag I made last time, and this time I made a couple of wraps for some of my pens and my paintbrushes. 

The one for the paintbrushes came first, and I must admit it was quite crude, but I still like how it turned out and how much easier it is now to access and bring around my brushes. For something spontaneous, it became quite a good warmup and practice for the second wrap which I made for my drawing pens.

I guess this second was also a bit neater because it was taken from the gi sleeve, which has automatically flat and steady folds.

And quite appropriately, Mico got me really nice sewing things in our recent trips to Japanese surplus stores.

There were several of these threads in various colours but I held back and took only those I do not have yet. I actually still have plenty of blue but I use it quite often so I got one too. 

And then I found this small pretty box of fabric chalk. I only have a pink one which makes it hard to see on pink fabric, so having white and yellow ones is great :3 There were white and blue pieces of chalk too but they were broken so I did not include them here anymore :))

And then there were other Japanese surplus things:

These chopsticks rests are so simple yet so pretty~

And then I found this tiny buddy who kept me company when I was in Japan. He was in many of my beverages :))

Bunny chopsticks!! And I like it that they come in different colours (^__^)

And last are these paintbrushes. I have been using the thinner, brown one, and I love it. 

Next up, updates on recent art pieces :) 

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