Friday, October 9, 2015

October in Various Sizes, Colours, and Portals

Before we get to the running lineup of this month's art-sprint, there is this tiny exhibit which apparently appeared life-size to some people ^^U  

I had tiny prints of some of my artwork before and so I decided to paste them on blank "walls" then place my small Tardis to create some kind of imaginary exhibit for people the size of coins. I found the "walls" too "unstable" given the space beneath them, but then I was after the general look and their seemingly appropriate sizes. However some people thought it was a real exhibit featuring a Tardis XD That would be smashing if it really happened :) 

So anyway for this month I am exploring a way of drawing and painting that I am not used to just so I can get a better feel of what it is like. I have also decided to try out the watercolour above because I just got so drawn to the colours, but just for this month. 

I am enjoying this style for now, but I shall find out my true feelings towards the end of the month :))))

I am not comfortable drawing food but I had to brave it XD I admit I had fun even if I got a bit hungry. And I guess the point of giving myself a theme or style to work on per month is to make myself stick to it and produce something under it, so that I learn something. 

Because the colours of this watercolour are also very brilliant, I love the way they work together, though of course I am more confident and at home with the actual set I am using. 

And so once again I am in a journey trying to find Pretty Odd Peach XD

Of course, there is coffee. 

I clearly still have to learn and practise with sizes and such :))))

It's funny because after I uploaded the Blueberry cheesecake in the art blog, the preview below it was the piece with the odd girl looking up at a floating fork and with the cheesecake there it all just sort of fell into place though perhaps they fell upwards. I hope we all get to blueberry cheesecake. A good one I hope. 

This pizza is the 100th of 184 but the pizza is apologetic for not looking festive enough. 

And then today is this kendoka. It is not really much of a magnet but I am no longer surprised.

In other-world news, I managed to finally finish Altair's Chronicles (hence the congratulations) after a million years. And since I never played Final Fantasy games in order (and played VII first), I am now patiently playing the first one :)))))) 

So, ancient congratulations are in place, and I must now delete redundant staring-animals and wash my face. Good night, dearies. 

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