Thursday, October 29, 2015

This is Chokomochi's Last Post Here :)

Yes, this is the last post I will be making in this blog. I have decided to merge this personal blog with my art and craft blogs, and just have everything in one place, along with the store I intend to have soon :) Find everything at, but maybe not everything right away (^^U) I am still in the long process of building and populating it, but you can definitely start visiting already just to get a feel of things and maybe watch it grow. That would be sweet. 

So, now I leave you with more art! Here are the latest ones I made for this month's art-sprint. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Two Weeks into October

The five latest daily art-sprints~

The cat, drinking from my Christmas mug. He likes that, drinking from mugs and glasses belonging to humans. Sometimes, he licks a pastry he would not really eat just becauae it belonged to a human who was about to enjoy it. 

One of the statues inside a temple my sister and I visited in Bangkok. At some point during this tour, the tour guide left everyone else to go about on their own and chose to stick with us for girl talk. 

Lunch. One of those simple yet traditional Japanese lunches I enjoyed when I was in Japan. 

Dark chocolate cookies which the gentleman-friend brought me. I ate them often with milk.

One of my many breakfast plates when I was in Singapore. In another plate would be the eggs and beans and bacon and such.

Friday, October 9, 2015

October in Various Sizes, Colours, and Portals

Before we get to the running lineup of this month's art-sprint, there is this tiny exhibit which apparently appeared life-size to some people ^^U  

I had tiny prints of some of my artwork before and so I decided to paste them on blank "walls" then place my small Tardis to create some kind of imaginary exhibit for people the size of coins. I found the "walls" too "unstable" given the space beneath them, but then I was after the general look and their seemingly appropriate sizes. However some people thought it was a real exhibit featuring a Tardis XD That would be smashing if it really happened :) 

So anyway for this month I am exploring a way of drawing and painting that I am not used to just so I can get a better feel of what it is like. I have also decided to try out the watercolour above because I just got so drawn to the colours, but just for this month. 

I am enjoying this style for now, but I shall find out my true feelings towards the end of the month :))))

I am not comfortable drawing food but I had to brave it XD I admit I had fun even if I got a bit hungry. And I guess the point of giving myself a theme or style to work on per month is to make myself stick to it and produce something under it, so that I learn something. 

Because the colours of this watercolour are also very brilliant, I love the way they work together, though of course I am more confident and at home with the actual set I am using. 

And so once again I am in a journey trying to find Pretty Odd Peach XD

Of course, there is coffee. 

I clearly still have to learn and practise with sizes and such :))))

It's funny because after I uploaded the Blueberry cheesecake in the art blog, the preview below it was the piece with the odd girl looking up at a floating fork and with the cheesecake there it all just sort of fell into place though perhaps they fell upwards. I hope we all get to blueberry cheesecake. A good one I hope. 

This pizza is the 100th of 184 but the pizza is apologetic for not looking festive enough. 

And then today is this kendoka. It is not really much of a magnet but I am no longer surprised.

In other-world news, I managed to finally finish Altair's Chronicles (hence the congratulations) after a million years. And since I never played Final Fantasy games in order (and played VII first), I am now patiently playing the first one :)))))) 

So, ancient congratulations are in place, and I must now delete redundant staring-animals and wash my face. Good night, dearies. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Last from September

Here are the last pieces from my September art-sprint. 

I am, of course, now working on the October pieces and it is another exploratory set for me :3 Posts next time :) 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Food, Walks, and a Cat Bag

What the recent holiday entailed: Milk teas, Singaporean Laksa, long walks and looking at old churches and buildings, and a cat bag. Another happy time with the gentleman-friend :3

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some More September

Because I like Dia De Los Muertos skulls and pancakes.

Skull bunnies, observing you observing them.

A silent wtf-really face. Or when you run out of words because you cannot believe that hair can actually have the colour of envy though it is not green. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Paintbrush Wrap and Pregnancy

I am making another paintbrush wrap, this time for my sister.

As for my September sprint, here is another piece, pregnant with possibilities.

Working on the next one already; post next time :)
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