Sunday, October 12, 2008

Japan: On the 28th of September

Sunday was Asakusa and Ueno. In the morning, before going out, I fixed some of my things and sorted the trash and looked at some of my purchases and tried to clean some parts of my room (^.^)

For this trip I just decided to bring 6 different sets of corporate clothes to wear because I didn’t want to do my laundry there (^^U) Plus I was not sure if there would be enough time (and energy) to do my laundry. In any case if anyone is thinking of doing their laundry so they can save on luggage space, the hotel has a washing machine and dryer. 

The laundry corner in my room :3

This was how messy my room was (^^U)

My Messy Room

Some stickers I bought XD

Tonari no Totoro; Rilakkuma; Kiki's Delivery Service

The path leading to the temple in Asakusa. This path is lined with stores. I bought so many things XD Unfortunately we ran out of yen and there wasn’t any place on a Sunday where we can have our money exchanged. So I could only buy about half of what I wanted, and I used my card on some of them.

Heading to the Temple

Nice (^^,)

They looked so good :3

In Ueno, I bought some stuff too, and then we ran into this famous bear though I don’t know his name (^^U) He was so lovable and SOFT, though XD

I get to hug him after XD

After Ueno, our feet started to ache again so we caught the train back to Shibuya. On our way back to the hotel by foot, we passed by this ramen place and this SUPER SUPER GOOD tonkotsu ramen was my dinner XD

It was such a comforting meal after a day of walking and shopping (^___^)

Japan: On the 26th and 27th of September

No photos from the 26th (^^U) Well, apart from I met an accident (The cab we were in ran into an Expedition and the front was like a smashed Coke in can and I hit my head and had to go to the hospital for tests and head xray and CT scan but I’m okay now), the happy part in the evening when Mai and I were on a laugh trip had really blurred photos so what the.

On the 27th we got up really really early and made a quick (and I mean QUICK. Even quicker than anyone would say “quick”, like probably you won’t even make it to i-c-k of quick. THAT quick. And I kind of resent that you know XD) In any case, I’m just going back there and stay in Akihabara for as long as I want! So, our QUICK visit to Akihabara. I bought a few very nice things and I just wish I could have stayed longer.

Of course it’s the place for gamers.

And there were floors after floors of stuff to buy. Unfortunately though, too many floors were skipped. Oh, too many buildings and stores too. *annoyed*

Then off to Disney we went. (Kasi di ba.)

I just want to share my lunch.

It was really worth the 1,980 yen I paid for. It was SO good and SO filling.

After a whole day of walking and stuff, and after developing bigger blisters and wider bruises on my toes, we headed to the convenience store across our hotel and purchased those microwavable dinners which I discovered were very good too.

I got this tonkatsu with very little side salad and a Qoo apple juice (which I love).

Japan: On the 25th of September

On the 25th of September we went to Yokohama to visit the site there. The photos below were taken from the Refresh Room. Employees gather in this room to watch fireworks in August. They say the view is much greater in the evening when all the city lights are on (^^,)

Embracing Yokohama

The building that I see in many Yokohama pictures, which also makes me think of a slice of cake :3

Taking all of Yokohama in

In the afternoon, we went back to the office in Shibuya for more meetings. On this day, I was introduced to this beverage, and for the succeeding days, the vendo containing it has become my bestfriend XD I think I can never have too much of this XD

I've lost count of how many of this I drank (^^U)

Japan: On the 24th of September

This was our lunch (=^_^=)

Little bowls of happiness

Every little thing was pretty.

Savoring the sanma

Actually, everytime we went to a place where we had to take our shoes off, I was secretly pleased and relieved because that way my feet would get some rest from the pain of walking around in heeled shoes (^^U) So as I enjoyed my fish and rice, my feet enjoyed being away from my shoes.

Japan: On the 23rd of September

So. On our first day we had a long drive from the airport to our hotel. It was nice because I was thinking, hey I am actually in one of my favorite places and the weather was great and I like long drives in general. Before going to the hotel we passed by the office we would be going to for most of our stay. I took a photo of their building:

The transcosmos office (^_^)

Their office is really nice, and most of the people I met were quite friendly. Generally the work was okay although I had a tough time with the Japanese documents and materials. So now I will need to help myself in this so I can deal with things better in the future. 

Then we were brought to the hotel and I wanted to jump right into bed and sleep but of course we had to go out for dinner (shabu-shabu: YAY!) and a much bigger part of me wanted to be out on my first night to see the beauty of Tokyo XD 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back :)

I was actually back Friday night, October 3rd. I was sweating like crazy by the time I got out of the airport because almost two weeks of 10 to 16 degrees can make the 34 degrees I’ve been used to as something so… hellish (^^U) But since yesterday I have gotten used to the temperature again (^^,) This is home after all (^___^) 

Anyway, I will just be posting some pics in batches next time since I got lots of work to do (^^U) 

The trip was generally okay. I LOVE the weather there and almost everything else XD I didn’t have much time for shopping, partly due to long work-related hours and hurried Occasions and blistered feet, but each chance I get, I shop. Upon checking in my bag at the airport before returning, I went over by 2 kilos (^^U) That is apart from the hand-carried mini-suitcase I got from this wonderful store called Loft (who actually has a shopping bag FOR my bag XD ) which I stuffed with everything I can fit in it. (^^U) Anyway most of the stuff I bought were for myself and my sister. 

On my first night home, I ate pinoy food after unpacking my stuff and then the next day I went back to kendo. The batch I am currently joining will have their bogu evaluation on Saturday most probably, so good luck (^.^) I’ve been bringing my bogu but I’m not sure yet when to actually join my original batch or if I will just stay with the current batch. Anyway I'll just see.

Finishing my coffee, and I’ve to get ready for work. Will just post some pics next time (^.^)
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