Friday, December 26, 2008

On the 3rd of October

Last few photos :3

My breakfast on my last morning in Shibuya… I had the salad instead of the cereal. I love this salad (^^,) Of course the yogurt with fruit is ALWAYS there (^___^)

Okay, it was the crow I was taking a picture of below. In the mornings, instead of the chirping of sparrows, it is all the cawing of crows. It was all very beautiful. So when we walked to work, big crows would be by the sidewalks and the trees. So each morning I would step out into the balcony and listen to the crows. On my last couple of days I tried waiting for a crow to fly near me but everytime I moved they flew away (^^U) Below was a photo of the nearest crow I could see.

So, back to packing my remaining stuff. I bought a really funky bag (and the store had a plastic bag FOR my trolley bag XD ) and tried stuffing as much as I can into it, since this will be my hand-carried bag in the plane. Here’s my initial attempt to stuff everything in. There were many combinations XD But I didn’t take photos of everything otherwise it would take me too long just packing.

I had more trouble with my check-in luggage. Finally, after a LOT of struggle, I managed to ZIP it up and use all my energy to lift it. I had to open the zippers on the side to allow for more space. My luggage looked like it was sick and ready to throw up. Its flower wheels looked like they were going to roll away (^^U) Then, ta-dah! Two, just TWO, pieces of luggage…

In the airport, I went to a wagashi store and bought some sweets for some people (including myself), then went to the origami museum and took their lovely photos. These are all origami. Even the skies and the birds and everything. My favorite is the fish being sun dried and cooked over the fire XD

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the 2nd of October

I know, it’s late :p

This is basically what I have for breakfast everyday. Sometimes I take the salad instead of the cereal (^____^) 

Right after having breakfast I started packing my things; we were to come back to Manila the following day. I opened my suitcase and panicked a bit because there did not seem to be any more space for all my stuff.

Eventually though I was able to out MOST of my stuff in. Seemed like I needed to buy an Extra Bag ^^U Anyway later on we met up for lunch at Fujiya and while I intended to try other things I once again had the burger steak I ordered the night before. 

After lunch we walked a bit then went off to our own agenda… I shopped for boots, a funky trolley bag, and stuff I don’t remember XD Late in the afternoon I went back to the hotel to rest then stepped out again in the evening for a walk and to have dinner. I had dinner in Freshness Burger. It was recommended to me by someone though I can’t remember who (^^U) Anyway it was October so Halloween decors were up (^^,)

I got chai tea latte, if I remember correctly. As I waited and played with my DS I put down my glass next to Mr. Pumpkinhead here XD

Shortly afterwards, my Freshness burger and onion rings came XD I love the vegetables (^___^)

I took a walk some more after I ate, then picked up a small tub of ice cream from the convenience store before heading "home" to my room. It was a pleasant evening spent in solitude (^_^) 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two More Classes :)

I only got two more classes to attend with Nihongo for Everyone and I’m done (^^,) Yesterday we had no class anymore and I won’t be going back until the 10th. We got homework, though, and I still intend to study even if there are no classes and exams for the rest of the month XD

On the 1st of October

Hahaha I know, I KNOW! This is like, soooooooo late! XD Been so busy (^^U)

This is the apartment hotel where we stayed. It’s actually a really nice place. At night, after long walks in heeled shoes, the light of this hotel is like an oasis in the desert XD

These are the main beverages I purchase from the vending machines in the office. I have like two to three Meijis a day (they’re SUPER!!) and the Vitamin Water is something I drink to kill the milky taste of the chocolate after a couple of hours into the trainings.

I think this was the nth Meiji for the day XD We waited for Mai and Junko at the lobby and I discovered a vending machine in one of the hidden corners of the floor XD 

I took a photo of the Recently Discovered Vending Machine. There’s my bestfriend Meiji at the bottom right XD

This is the vending machine next to it. XD

As we walked back to our hotel and went up the overpass, I took a photo of the TCI ad but it looks like this because the entire overpass was shaking, I realized XD

Too tired, I resorted to the convenience store across our hotel and ordered this thing which I thought was pork but it’s actually chicken. Must be a gigantic chicken XD 

Friday, December 5, 2008

Nerdy Kilig Moment

At the man comm meeting earlier (or last night, since it’s almost 6 AM na pala), I was told I got the highest score at the Six Sigma exam!!! *kilig* I’m so delighted my efforts at the 11-pager paid off XD Good thing I didn’t keep re-checking my answers otherwise I would have changed everything to the wrong ones XD 
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