Sunday, May 24, 2009

How Creepy Is This XD

I was going through some image files, looking for the photos I took in my Sims 2 games. I came across this photo from the other families' albums in the game (you know, those neighbors who are always there even if you have deleted them :D)

Disturbingly smooth and green babies - and a baby on the floor is something so wrong.

So. How creepy are those green babies? :D Especially the one on the floor. I can almost feel the unnatural smoothness of their skin, and the slightly lower-than-normal body temperature. Disturbing! 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Confused Dog(s)?

In "Lost," during the times when the island kept jumping from one time to another, there was a moment when the present Sawyer saw the past Kate helping out the past Claire give birth. It could have been just as possible for the present Sawyer to run into the past Sawyer, just as the present John Locke found a way to aid the past John Locke when he was wounded.

So, now, what if the present Vincent ran into the past Vincent? He’d probably be super confused like, hey, I know you… then starts to get dizzy XD

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Juliet’s Moment ("Lost" Season-Ender)

Watched the season-ender episode of “Lost” last night. There was a Juliet moment which I think a lot of women can relate to. It was a subtle moment though, which of course, people like Rose and Bernard would notice and understand, them being The happy and content, and I would think wiser, couple. Bernard spoke of just wanting to be with each other, meaning him and Rose. Juliet looked fondly at Sawyer, and Sawyer, responding to the first thing off the top of his head, transparently looked at Kate, who seemed to be thinking of something (or someone, Jack? Hehe.) else. Juliet saw that moment and was in a moment herself, looking down, crushed. Bernard noticed and offered her tea, because she suddenly seemed to need it. Juliet politely declined and walked on. From that point on, like a lot of women, she’d carry that moment, and thoughts surrounding that moment, until the time when it has to be… uhm, declared. Or released, like stuff from Pandora’s box XD And then the moment came. She just, changed her mind about dropping the bomb and changing the course of their lives forever. She changed her mind in the same manner a lot of women would just decide to change the top being worn with the jeans or something, right before leaving the house, which would result to the process of changing bags (and transferring all the stuff in it) and choosing the right shoes and yes maybe the earrings, etc. tralalalala. Anyway. So, she changed her mind and to Sawyer’s UTTER amazement, all that life-changing decision was because of The Moment when he looked at Kate at the idea of “staying together forever” (or something to that effect) was brought up, which for Juliet, already meant that Kate was at the top of HIS mind if we’re all going to talk about staying with Someone for a long time, just as by looking at Sawyer, it meant to her that He was at the top of her mind (and in her heart). And that is all according to what Juliet blurted out as the reason why she just changed her mind.
“Ang babae nga naman, o,” some male audiences said.

Well, oo nga. Ang babae nga naman. Like yeah, after that moment he looked at Kate, Sawyer has moved on and was Juliet-oriented again. So why, some males ask, does Juliet have to mind it so much? Then again, why does Kate have this certain effect on him, similar to a nice kind of interruption? Like, yeah, he’s made his mind to be with Juliet while Kate was away, but then Kate shows up and he’s like, annoyed, and pleased, yet annoyed, but pleased, and so on, because it’s like, darn NOW I’m confused (though not in those terms because sometimes it takes a lot to squeeze that out of a guy, maybe their own version of confused), but god it’s so good to see her, but hell yeah now what, but it’s so great to see her again, but what the hell is she doing here disturbing my peace, though yeah it would be great to have her around, and so on. So, with that, the Juliets of the world would think, so you’re not really That mine, right, like yeah, we ARE, but then you know there’s the Kate effect. Even as we sat in the submarine. She disturbed your (and my) peace when she was brought in. All the tenderness from your face minutes ago turned into a shadow over your head when she came in. So, yeah, Sawyer has issues. (For now, let us all rid ourselves of thoughts of him representing Cool Water and just think of him as Sawyer XD ) Or maybe a bit of a confusion. Or a rationalization spree as Freud would probably say.

So, ang babae nga naman?, some males would say. I don’t think Juliet’s moment was psycho or the least loony at all. She fondly looked at Sawyer (again, let us not look at the Cool Water ad) who was totally looking at and considering someone else (somewhere inside him) at the thought of being “together”. Although, yes, I understand that when guys say, no this is IT, then a lot of times, whether rightly or wrongly, they can really just choose it to be IT, just so no overthinking or too much prolonged processes need to be involved. But then again, Juliet still had every reason to feel crushed and act on it (hence leaving Sawyer, in tears), whether rightly or wrongly. It’s not because she’s just being “girly” about it, but it’s because you know, she has to preserve herself, and totally not in a defensive-overthinking-psycho mode, but because she is all grown-up and knows how to and needs to take care of herself and her happiness first. Considering everything she’s been through, she’s actually very strong and brave and level-headed enough to be beyond just “girly” about things like having moments and leaving someone, in tears. She’s totally beyond that.

Anyway, girly would be getting fixated on Cool Water. XD Just to kill the moment. Hehehe. So, moving on. She still did the right thing. To add to that, she smashed the bomb, turning herself into an instant hero. Or so we would find in the next episodes (which seem like AGES from now). And I wonder why only one foot was left of Anubis.
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