Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kaya Pala

Ermm….. hindi “that’s why” - it’s: “so I can, after all.” XD

I just remembered a while ago as I lay in bed.

Yes, I already climbed to bed an hour early before bedtime. However, I realize I am wide awake with my heart and mind even wider awake, so I got up and decided to drink some chocolate milk while I blogged on a couple of blogs and visited some farm games (^.^)

So, I remembered something.

Last Saturday, I was as tired as hell and was just waiting for my timing so I can take a tiny break from practice. Seriously,my side hurt and I felt weak.

HOWEVER. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I GIVE UP MY SPOT (and give up a chance to practice with him*) XD So I carried on. And I managed. I lasted. So, I told myself. See, kaya pala. XD Well, kaya pag talagang kailangan kayanin XD Hehe. It’s just nice to know too that I can manage after all, even when I thought I couldn’t (^^,)


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Nani kore. (^^U) 

An imprinted smile.

The sound of laughter.

And the slight giddiness which lasted very briefly because the scent was so good. 

And it comes with the wholeness of it.

(Note: So I got distracted while playing kendo with someone* because as we did taiatari, I inhaled this really pleasant, herby scent from his gi which totally distracted me, and he caught that split second of my distraction and I think he suddenly hit me, and then laughed at me and was smiling as he watched me scramble for defense. Thankfully, my armor for the head protects not only my head from being hit, but also me from embarrassment as I turned red~)

* TS 
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