Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goodness :)

So, lately, I have been doing a lot of cleaning around my room, by parts. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I cleaned my door (I know, it sounds weird) and a part of my wall and my cactus rack and organized my bags last Friday, and then the atmosphere started to clear right away, even if little by little. Lately I have been sleeping well which is great (^.^)

So since then, I have cleaned many parts of my room and sprayed on surfaces and windows and tonight I cleaned up half of my closet. I gave away some things and discovered which travel toiletries I need to buy. I also found some clothes I have not worn for quite some time. No matter how lazy I am, somehow I find peace and I enjoy cleaning up parts of my room after work. Tomorrow I’ll clean up the other half of my closet. My room already smells so clean even of half of it still looks like a mountain of junk XD But it feels good that the other half is quite clean (^.^)

Then, tonight, as I cleaned up my closet and was organizing the few make-ups that I kept, my dad asked if I want burger from Good Burgers and I said I wanted a cheeseburger XD Then he stepped out and came back with burgers for all. Happiness (^^,)

Now, totoo na talaga. I will do my homework na and study XD Good night (^.^)

Unhappy Aquarium

I tried out the Happy Aquarium game briefly, Very Briefly in fact, because it is more like an unhappy aquarium. Anyway I get to name all the fish I owned, and I took their photo before stopping the game. 

Here are Boo-berry, Yuki, Chicken, Crushie, Mr. Fish, Sushi, Kitty, and Killer (Image screen captured from the Happy Aquarium game)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Relax? XD

Relax? How can I relax when our proximity is making me a little faint with giddy pleasure XD It almost makes feel like I’m inside the magic of cherry blossoms. XD (Well, okay, during keiko he* said my shoulders are too tense and that I should relax. So I'm like, relax? Relax?? XD)


Full Weekend :D

Friday night, just as I was about to start studying, a confirmation for some coffee someplace nearby came, so I went out for super good coffee and beef pastrami with my bestfriend. After some updates and catching up, we bought takoyaki and maki and had way-past-midnight snack XD I still had energy for games afterward so I played a bit and then went to sleep around 4 AM.

Woke up noon of Saturday and had very little food for lunch since I wasn’t that hungry, then later on I started preparing for kendo. There was a slight change in the order of things due to a different schedule for the week, and we all did cleaning and warm up and suburi one after the other, which tired me quickly. I managed to survive through the entire practice though, and I won in shiai by two kote points yay (^^,) After which we pigged out at North Park then went to see Red Cliff which I really liked. We all went home around 3 am but my sister, her boyfriend, and I dropped by McDonald’s first before heading home.

My mom woke me up around noon of Sunday as I was spelling out the name of our dojo’s own version of Renji using small plastic toy letters in my dream. She said it’s time for lunch and that she and my dad are going out after, and if I wanted to join. I did and my sister decided to join too, so we all went out and I ended up shopping for some clothes and some stationery stuff and a Christmas present for a friend. Then we dropped off my sister to see her boyfriend and then we proceeded to another mall where I bought some more stuff, then we had dinner and bought cakes and pastries for the house. I bought rolls specifically for bringing to my sister’s place, because that’s where I was going to sleep, since she had the second part of the movie we saw. Again, I really liked the movie. Afterward, I slept, while she sneaked out around 3 AM for goto with her boyfriend. Hehe.

I spent hardly anytime in front of my computer so it’s quite refreshing and I slept long hours too (^_^)

Friday, October 23, 2009

T . T

Kurosaki-kun, there were a lot of things I wanted to do.
I wanted to become a teacher, an astronaut, and a baker.
I wanted to go to a bunch of different donut shops and ask for one of everything!
And I wanted to tell the ice cream man to give me one of everything, too!
I wish I could have five lives.
Then I could have been born in five different towns,
and eaten five limetimes’ worth of food,
and had five different careers,
fallen in love with the same person, five times.
Arigatou, Kurosaki-kun.

(by Inoue Orihime, Bleach)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am a... Tenugui

So, I was telling my friend who looks like Ikkaku-chan of Bleach.

I am like, rags, next to her* perfection. I have not beholded her perfection but I have heard how she has been described. (It made me think of a surrogate XD) 

So anyway, Ikkaku-chan said, hindi naman rags. Tenugui. Tapos the surrogate is a doilie.





Do you realize how different that is (^^U)

So I said, ganun din yun! Doilies are pretty and meant for display and yeah they’re pretty (^^U)

But, an agreement has been reached:

Doilies are pretty. But one needs a tenugui. Doilies are for display. You can have a million doilies and replace them so quickly. A tenugui is something you really use. Something you bring with you when you do something you are passionate about. One can have a million doilies but keep bringing only one and the same tenugui.

(So parang glorified tenugui bigla ~ nagfeeling naman ako.)

* TS's Chosen One

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lack of Sleep = Drunken State

About a week ago, my sister was on her 2nd week of Hardly Any Sleep because she was working on a major presentation to a client. One day she came to the house and worked in my room because she needed an awake environment, food, and internet connection.

Now I read somewhere that severe lack of sleep is just like being totally drunk. And she was totally like one.

Our conversation went like this: (We were both working on our computers.)

My sister: May kape ka dyan? Ano kape mo?

Me: Yup. UCC. 118.

She didn’t reply, and continued typing something. After a while:

My sister: Ano kape mo dyan? May kape ka ba?

Me: Meron nga. UCC 118.

My sister: Pahingi naman.

So I stood and left to make coffee. I placed it beside her and then we continued to work.

After a while:

My sister: Uy ang sarap ng kape mo ah. Anong kape ‘to?

Me: Grrrr. UCC nga. 118. Yung color green. Lasing ka ba?

She didn’t reply and was just drinking the coffee.

After a while:

My sister: Ang sarap. Anong kape ‘to? Ah oo. Yung UCC. 117? Yung red ba ‘to?

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