Sunday, January 31, 2010


Aaaaargh. Getting a bit worked up about my plan D:

I know I should not be perplexed, because I will do it anyway. So. I won’t. Be. Perplexed.

First of all, I need to get all the ingredients together before I get all worked up about where to place it.

Once every few seconds, though, I ask, “Am I really doing this? WHY am I doing this?” And I know all the answers but I keep asking anyway.

Need My Version of Su

I went out today to buy some beach-stuff and some more cute pens. On our way home, an idea magically popped into my head.

Earlier today, I thought about it because I was buying some things for some friends, and I completely brushed off something similar to that idea, but earlier this evening, the idea was just like, more insistent. Like I HAVE TO do it.

And then, as I thought about it more, more ideas became more solid in my head. Until I was able to narrow it down to following in the steps of Amu-chan as Su and Nadeshiko helped her with something concerning Tadase-kun. And then, I just found the perfect idea as I browsed through pages. Everything came together so quickly, that I know I have to do it, and if I don’t, I will always feel bad that I didn’t. It’s one of those things.

So. Help me, my version of Su (^^,)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

For My Personal Rainstorms

There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.

From the Hagakure

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Peek into the Future :D

So, my sister and I are going to the beach some time soon.

As I played Tiki Farm, I just had a vision of the future: my sister walking by the shore!

See that face and smile? Absolutely my sister!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Panna Cotta. Yum. :D

My sister made super good panna cotta with a strawberry on top:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Staying Behind Somebody Else’s Home / Ironic Morning

After days and nights of dressing corporate, I stepped out of the automatic glass doors in a t-shirt and yoga pants, wearing a pair of slippers and carrying a big bottle of water. I just woke up and have just washed my face and the September (or was it October?) morning weather was perfect.

I was staying behind in his* homeland, and he was flying away from it, for another business trip. I didn’t need to go home until after another week.

And that morning, awe was all over his face, probably because of how different I looked. His eyes shone at me that I almost heard a “ting!” like in cartoons, and he looked so refreshed all of a sudden, smiling that familiar smile when an idea pops into his mind. For a while, the people with us were not there, and it was just A Morning of Nicely Dressed Fresh-looking People, composed of the clean nice-to-see-every-morning-as-you-wake-up lady in yoga pants and the hardworking man in a nice jacket and nice jeans (and I think nice shoes).

Finally, we all bowed our goodbyes and they drove off, and I crossed the street to go to the convenience store to get something sweet, then went back up my apartment. The moment lingered for a while, dissipated, and then I saw the candy on a stick which he insisted on buying me a couple of nights before. Moment lingers back again, with a hint of the Cerulean Challenge**, and then was gone again.

So anyway I just remembered all that because I realized that everytime I listened to Aisha Duo I would remember taking my long walks in that place I love and taking in the cold morning air out in my balcony as I listened to the crows, and how everything in that trip seemed so surreal, and, I was listening to their music earlier today.

Anyway, it wasn’t really anything, I just remembered the Ironic Morning of People Nicely Dressed when I heard the music for the nth time, and this time I thought I’d write about it.

* KS
** Some short, game-like thing while we all had drinks at the Cerulean Tower.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Nappy

At noon earlier, I took a break from work and NAPPED. As my head hit the pillow and my arms wrapped around my cool, soft pillow, I actually gave out a little laugh because it felt SO great XD It was just like the first time I tasted the Cappuccino of Italianni’s - I laughed because it tasted so joyful XD My nap earlier was totally heaven. I woke up feeling so rested and happy (^^,)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tiki Farmer

I am trying out the game Tiki Farm, and somehow my Tiki Farmer ended up looking like my sister :D

This should be my sister's tiki farm (^^U) (Image screen captured from Tiki Farm)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dango and Matcha!

Junko is in the mood for some dango and matcha (^___^)

Burger and Fries

So there seems to be a series of Mihara Jun pictures (^^U) We're just having fun with all the food which are so perfect for her size XD

Somebody's in the mood for some burger and fries...

Hungry Bunny

I think the previous post with Junko holding an onigiri made her hungry and now she seems to want some tendon~


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Would You Like Some Onigiri?

One of my “onigiri memories” was when I ate a HUGE piece with my hands, as Koji-san taught me (^^,) It was the nth dish served that night and I sat across Koji-san, and a lot of them couldn’t eat any more. It was one of the funnest and happiest nights I had in Tokyo (^^,) I will always feel grateful to Koji-san for that (^^,) How about you? What are your associations with onigiri? (^.^)

Koji-san is the 4th person from the left at the top row; I'm the second person from the left at the bottom row (^_^) I believe it was Kenji who took this photo (*^_^*)

61st Wedding Anniversary

These are the grand-uncle and grand-aunt I mentioned in my dinner party entry from last Sunday - apart from my grand-uncle’s 88th birthday, some time in December was also their 61st wedding anniversary (^^,) Their kids made the dinner party into a multi-celebration so it was a really special occasion. The story of this couple is also somehow part of the slide shows, where sepia photos of them from college years were shown. (Actually, sa mga pictures na pinakita sa slide shows of the whole clan, makikita ang “Evolution of the Ladies’ Swimsuit” hahahahaha! Pati na rin ang “Evolution of Hairstyles” at “Evolution of Ladies’ Dresses” hehehe. But somehow they all looked beautiful back then, when ladies were properly dressed ladies.)

So anyway, here was a photo I took. They were with my parents and their cousin but ang gulo gulo ng background so I’m just showing my grand-uncle and grand-aunt. (^^,)

Celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary and his 88th birthday :)

Is it just me or does he remind you (particularly if you are an Atenean Psych Major) of Fr. Bu? Anyway basta ayan sila. Sweet pa rin (^^,) Hindi lang apparent sa photo but in reality, he seems to always be completely present for her (^^,) 

Catmare with Dinnerware

I wrote previously that the last weekend was a party weekend, and during the dinner party last Sunday for my grand-uncle, three cats came along with me, and brought Christmas Cake with them. I wanted to take their photos, but initially, they felt somewhat anti-social, and stayed behind the table napkin:

Mischievously hiding behind the table napkin

Eventually, though, they agreed to un-hide themselves, but only if they could stay near the forks:

Liking the feeling of Being Near the Forks

Later on, they took out their Christmas Cake because they were starting to feel festive XD

Christmas cake + Cats = Christmas Cat-cakes?

Backyard Blessing

This afternoon, as I made coffee for myself and sliced the last of the edam with peppers and the aged edam, I looked out to the backyard. The wind started blowing softly and it felt so nice (^^,) I realize how thankful I am that we have a huge backyard with trees, plants, flowers, and lots of birds (and bats at night) making it their home. It feels nice to have meals there (as my sister and I usually do when she eats here for lunch or breakfast) or to just sit out and have tea. Sometimes I just stay out to enjoy the wind and the sun and the sound of leaves, and it feels great because it calms me down and fills me with happy energies (^^,) It also reminds me how I love the weather and how I love living in an Asian country (^^,)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Party Weekend

My last weekend before the first work week of the year starts is full of fun get togethers (^^,)

(By the way, I spent most of my weekend computer-less because I had problems with my video card and monitor. I actually experienced withdrawal symptoms and anxiety! So anyway I’m here now *elle tone* XD Wide awake!)

Saturday noon I met up with my friend Cecille and her sister Cynch, to have lunch at Som’s (love the green curry) then shop and have coffee in Rockwell. I wasn’t in shopping mode but I enjoyed the walk and being with them. I only bought some makeup stuff and saline for my eyes (which have not been away from their lenses since New Year’s Eve hehehe). We then had coffee in Figaro, went around a bit more, then left to go home around 5:30 PM.

Back home, I was getting a little stressed out about the computer problem, so I decided to clean up the portion of my room where I work, and I dusted the corners and the back of the desks and the cables and everything. I didn’t want to turn the computer on and find it still problematic, so I decided to clean up the keyboard too (yes I took out each character and cleaned the whole thing up, except for the space bar and the enter key, because I did that with an old keyboard and was never able to put it back properly). Had dinner with my dad in the kitchen (I wasn’t hungry yet because of my anxiety but he cooked and called me over so I told him about my computer problem and ate a bit.) Then, as I continued to clean the keyboard, I suddenly felt agitated and wanted to go out, so, at the last minute, I decided to go to the mini reunion of my college psychmates. I finished preparing around midnight, at which time Peter and Emyr picked me up using Peter’s car. When we got to Rea’s, there were only 7 of us in total, the other four people being Lora, Anthere, John, and Rea. We went home around 3 am, but it was still fun and I was somewhat hyper because I was around real, living people whom I’ve known for a long time, plus everyone was in a nice mood and everyone was really pleasant, so I really liked it and was so glad that I went. 

Today, Sunday, I wanted to just stay home but my computer problem was starting to tick me off, so in the afternoon I took a nap with NHK on as some old Japanese guy sang, then when I woke up, I made myself fresh strawberries with milk and ice, took it out in backyard, and enjoyed it with the book I’m reading now (I finished “The Amber Spyglass” - I liked “The Subtle Knife” most), “The Thief” who sometimes sounds like me. I didn’t want to think of what I was going to do later in the day, because I was really experiencing withdrawal symptoms from being computer-less. Just then, my mom came out and told me I should just join her and my dad to this dinner party to celebrate the 88th or 89th birthday of a grand-uncle, and celebrate his 61st wedding anniversary with his wife. It was the father’s side of my dad, and I feel somewhat more comfortable with our relatives there even if I barely know them and usually, gatherings with my dad’s father’s side are more… relaxed, elegant, and simple yet fun. I guess it’s also because the people are more interesting since they come from all over the globe (which also explains why a lot of us do not know each other) and they all look more fulfilled and happier with their lives. So, in the end, I decided to go, and wore a new purple dress with the black tights I bought from Japan (and it’s the first time I’m wearing them because I am more often in slippers or sneakers if my feet are not in seiza or on the bed). As I stepped out of the room, I found my mom wearing black pants and a purple lacy blouse, so she laughed and said we ARE mom and daughter. We went out to the garage and found my dad wearing black pants and nice black shoes and a purple collared shirt, so he was annoyed that we all looked like eggplants. XD

So anyway we went to the dinner party (where 95% of the people are my parents’ age and the age of their parents) and I was just quiet and smiled at everyone who said hi to me because we are all related in one way or another even if we didn’t know each other. The food was great and there was LOTS of coffee and I felt comfortable in my clothes so it was all nice and fun. People who talked to my parents thought I was around 21 years old and some asked if I have already graduated from college and if I have started working already XD XD XD I told my mom that if I happened to bring a date who is around the same age as theirs then he would just blend in with everyone else and I would be assumed to be his daughter or something XD *thinks of someone in particular* So anyway, there were slideshows shown of old (and I mean really old) photos, way back from my dad’s grandparents until more recent years, and I was totally amazed at how beautiful everyone seemed to be during the 20s to 40s, and how much more elegant families appeared in photos that time. A photo of my great grandmother was shown, and my mom told me that it was the same great grandmother who foretold that I was going to be a girl, years before I was born XD That time, my sister was a newly born, so I wasn’t going to be born in another 6 years, but that time my great grandmother told my dad that his next child will be another girl. XD

So towards the end of the dinner party, more pictures were taken, and I regret not having taken a photo of the my grand-uncle’s side of the family, where my parents are included, and it would have been great to share their photo here showing how HUGE the family is (hindi pa kasama lahat ng wala dito sa Pilipinas), though I managed to take a photo of my grand-uncle and my grand-aunt with my parents and their cousin. Will post it next time (^.^)

After the dinner party (it was held in a hotel in Quezon City), we stepped out and realized it had rained while we were inside, and it all felt beautiful (^^,) The weather was so lovely and I felt so light and inspired by all the good and happy energies around me. (^^,)

Back home, my dad helped me fix the computer and I can only guess how EAGER he is to use his fast-drying contact cleaner on my computer parts XD After a while, ta-dah, it’s okay now (^^,) Have to catch up on stuff! XD

This weekend has been really nice and fun; I guess it was also good that I was kept away from my computer (^^,) And now it’s back to normal and I can work tomorrow and do normal stuff again. (^^,)

P.S. I loved the eye makeup I used tonight XD I blended very light beige, matte lavender (to go with my purple dress), and earthy brown which mixed well with the lavender shade.
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