Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catmare and Soup Bowls

My sister saw one of these soup bowls and took the one with dumplings in it (^^U) Before she took it, we took photos of them with the catmare cats.

Feeding time.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Flaky Mihara

So Junko was excited to eat a banana...

Junko seemed happy with the banana, though the banana feels otherwise (^^U)

However she probably sensed something.... hostile... from the banana. So she decided to drop it.

Junko walks away from the Neglected Banana :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010


So, finally, it has been done (^^,)

I just hope it still looks…. normal by the time he* opens it. Or opens it again after 3 hours outside of the fridge :T

Anyway, the point is, I’ve finally done it XD I knew it, when the idea came to me about two or three weeks ago, I just knew I had to do it, and I did!

I mustered up all the courage I have so that I could even choose to stick to the plan. I bravely waited until he came and then bravely stepped towards where he stood and bravely addressed him and then bravely took the thing out of the bag (which I realize is red with tiny hearts sewn on them) and bravely handed it over. He looked SO surprised and said “Thank you” twice. When it was over, I ran to the restroom to tell my friend about it. I was, and still am, SO relieved that he took it well and that it was over and done with XD

I don’t know if he thinks of it as giri or honmei, and I think most people would think of it as giri, though I don’t know what he’d think if he sees it’s homemade (apart from wondering WHAT it is exactly). In any case, I have done it, and I guess even if he would think of it as giri, at least I was able to do something and he got it.

So ngayon, feeling ko ang sarap na ng tulog ko XD

Sana lang maayos pa yung appearance nung chocolate by the time he reaches home (^^u)

Anyway, basta. It has been done XD

* TS

Saturday, February 13, 2010


My anxiety is so great, I just want to get it over with T.T

I hope everything goes well. T.T

Last night I had dreams about it so I woke up feeling tired T.T

Briefly last night, I thought about not doing it, but I knew I had to, because it felt right to do it. I am just so scaredy cat T.T

I will just share details of going about the first part of the plan after the whole thing.

Sana buhay pa ako at tumatawa naman mamaya XD

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kyun Kyun Kyun Kyun


That is my heart.

I am headed to my sister’s place. She will make cheesecakes and cookies and I will make… honmei choko (>.<) I am wearing a white summer dress with small flowers in orange, sky blue, and tan. I guess I have to at least look nice while making the chocolate.

The earlier feeling of wanting to disappear has lessened.

I guess partly I was also a bit preoccupied by work earlier and the need to make time for stuff.

Oh, god. I am getting more and more scared each minute.

Have to go now. 

List: Completed

The items in the list of ingredients and materials have all been checked - completed.

Time to make it tonight.

I should not be stressed nor perplexed.

Let tomorrow take care of itself.

(Hay ang daling sabihin. XD)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It is Here.

I drew a couple of runes tonight, one for each.

I shall write about them tomorrow.

But even before I drew the rune, the answer seemed to come.

The missing ingredient has been delivered.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anxious Thoughts Prior To

Oh no.

WHAT am I thinking?

This person is way ahead of me in so many ways.

And I barely know this person.

What am I thinking?

Am I actually going to do it?

(Of course I will. Those are just some of my occasional anxious thoughts before the actual… declaration.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Images of Home

Some time last year, I started taking some photos of some parts of our house since we are in the process of moving out. When I had tea in the backyard, I took photos, and as my parents put up some Christmas decor for our last Christmas here, I took photos too. Some time last week, or two weeks ago, I took some random photos of the living room. I think I was feeling especially nice that day and was loving the weather so I stayed by the door and watched the trees and plants moving with the wind and enjoying the sun. Then, I just felt like taking some photos of the house again. 

This is the tall wooden cat which faces the front door. I think it’s some kind of guardian cat.

This is one angle of the living room; I took it from the hallway leading to the other bedrooms and one of the bathrooms.

This is the basket of “flowers” by the front door.

This, I think, is our oldest lamp. When I was a child, I always sat beside it and loved looking at the Egyptian designs around it.

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