Sunday, April 25, 2010


Finally, I was able to go to Charlie's XD I live so close to it but everyone has gone there and I hadn't, at least until last night (^_^)

The Angus burger with fries, which I got. My sister got the same thing.

Zig ordered the same Angus burger, but without the fries, so here you can see more of the beef :)

Allan ordered the Chili and Cheese, and the chili was Serious Chili (^^U)

Last Few Shots - Front Yard

Last Friday, as I waited for my sister to pick me up for class, I took some photos of the front door, the front yard, the garage, and the upper part of the house (^.^) I’m not posting everything though, because medyo magulo na yung ibang parts XD A lot of things have been put out in the garage for the garage sale, then the front yard is somewhat cluttered with potted plants for transfer and for selling and giving away (^.^)

The neatest portion outside the house XD

Milk Jug: Horror Version

In my farm in Farmville, I got two milk jugs:

Screenshot of a Farmville game to show the Milk Jugs :D

In our garage, I found a Horror Version of a milk jug:

What Happens to Milk Jugs in Neglected Farmville Farms :D

Maybe our home was built on what used to be the real Farmville! Or this old milk jug is a peek into the future of my farm if I stop playing it :D Or when Farmville turns into Ghostville :3

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have not packed a single thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *panic*

The house is almost empty. And my room and my bathroom are still VERY MUCH FURNISHED and COZY. T.T

I don’t know where to start.

And I want cookies with fondant and butter cupcakes with icing. T.T

Friday, April 23, 2010

Masuki Mami

Last Sunday, we went to Masuki in Greenhills, where I ordered their wonton mami which is really good (^_^)

Masuki Wonton Mami - served super hot (*^_^*)

Masuki Noodle Sauce - we were taught to dip the noodles into the sauce before slurping all the goodness up!

Masuki House Tea - perfectly goes with everything

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last Sunday, my dad and I went to buy some paint for the new house, and I got mine in Summerside green (^^,)

Initially, I wanted it in Asparagus but the base color for it was not available. Oddly, though, at that time, I have never even seen my room yet XD Anyway I was able to see it yesterday for the first time (^^,) Cozy (^^,) Have yet to figure out where to place things and how to arrange them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haiku Lunch

Had lunch at Haiku with my sister. (^_^)

Clockwise from Top Left: Uni Sashimi; Yasai Itame; Tea; Agedashi Tofu (We also ordered Chicken Yakitori and Grilled Sanma. The Grilled Sanma was really good ^_^)

Nihongo Class Heals XD

Okay, I KNOW that sounded weird XD

But seriously, my last two classes resulted, or perhaps, preceded, major improvements regarding my health.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m happy when I’m in class, and I’m excited to learn, and I’m laughing a lot, and I am relaxed at the same time, but I do feel great right before, during, and right after class. So last Sunday, I’ve been sick, right, and I hardly slept Sunday night, and was quite feverish when I went to class Monday morning. After Monday class, I noticed that my temperature became lower, though I was still experiencing bodily pains. By Tuesday, the fever was gone, though my headache remained and my sore throat was worse, and my spasmic stabbing muscle pains still occurred, though less frequently.

Tuesday night I did my homework, and felt more relaxed, so I was able to sleep, and only woke up about 20 minutes before my alarm went off. Then this morning, I was still having a hard time swallowing solid food, but I had breakfast before class. So, class started, and when we took our 10-minute break, I took my meds, and I realized that the sore throat was just, almost gone. I didn’t have a hard time swallowing my medicine at all. By the time class finished, my bodily pains were gone, and my headache occurs much less frequently than before.

So, it might just be a coincidence of course Xp But in any case, I was thinking it might be the class because I am really enjoying each one so much (^^,) And usually right after class I just suddenly feel much better from my sickness XD

So, even if I wasn’t able to go to kendo today (I was planning to, last weekend), okay na rin that I feel better now. I hope I’d be fully well enough to attend on Saturday. But tomorrow, normal skeds na ulit! Full hours plus makeup hours!!! (>.<)


There is a Siamese cat in our neighborhood, notorious in the neighborhood-cat-community, for being playtomcat. Apart from the fact that we frequently hear him miaowing his feline heart out, we occasionally witness female cats frantically running away from him, or risking their lives being trapped in some tiny opening in a wall or whatever, just to get away from his dominating powers. On one occasion, I was distracted from work by angry miaowing from outside the house, and I found the notorious tomkitty cornering a thin white cat, who was deliberating on risking her neck by jumping from our roof. In the end, she jumped, leaving scratch marks on our windows and kitty poop on the ground (yes she was that terrified), just to get away from him. I looked back up at the notorious chaser, and he GLOWERED at me.

I think he sees me as some kind of disturbance in his exciting kitty-chase, because whenever he chases a cat near our home and I come out to check on what the miaowing is all about, he gets distracted and the kitty he desires manages to escape for those few seconds. So whenever he sees me, even when he is merely resting (and not chasing anyone), he glares at me that I feel holes burning through my skin. So, I stick my tongue out at him and grin. Sometimes, I happily wave and I think it annoys him even more.

Kasi naman. OA na ang kanyang desires ha. And when he miaows, para bang Lonely Cat na Lonely Cat ang dating. E lahat ng babaeng pusa dito tinatakbuhan sya. Palayo ha. XD

So anyway, some time last week, as I was waiting for my sister to pick me up for class, I heard some rustling of leaves and I turned to find Mr. Glaring Cat on our garden wall. He was grooming himself and I was about to take a photo when he saw me and glared.

He lost weight, I noticed. He used to be chubbier and FLUFFIER before. XD Anyway, at least before we move out, I managed to take a photo of my Feline Friend (Feline Fiend). I’m sure he only thinks of me as “Interrupting Idiot” XD

By the way, I think what makes him hate me even more are those occasions when he is emotionally miaowing like an emo-cat, and then I step out of the house, and then he stops, hoping that some female cat is being let out, but then I step out, grin and wave at him. During these times, he glowers at me then walks away, and I can feel cat-cuss-words emanating from him.

Anyway when we move, di ko na sya makikita. UNLESS, he becomes desperate and really lonely and starts checking out the cats there. XD

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yay for Coffee and Tea Cookies!

My dad brought home a tin of assorted cookies that are perfect for coffee and tea! (Yay.)

I especially like the ones below. The flower-shaped one at the top is so buttery that it melts in your mouth. The one on the bottom left has a thin layer of some kind of apple-ish jam which compliments the crumbly goodness of the soft cookie. The one with a thin layer of chocolate on top is pleasantly crunchy and has just the right sweetness :3

The ones below are quite good too, though the ones above are my favorite :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Realized Vision

Sometime in January, I posted an entry about a vision I had of the future. It was about my sister walking by the beach:

And, true enough, I saw her walking by the beach looking exactly like that XD


Friday, April 9, 2010

Mihara Jun Overfeeds the Cat...

... and finds joy in it for some odd reason.

Junko overfeeds Mr. Cat with sushi...
Poor Mr. Cat can hardly lift a paw or even an eyelid...

And yet Junko manages to point and laugh at him (^^U)

Mihara-san Visits Toro-san (formal version :3)

Mihara-san: Gomen kudasai!
Toro-san: Mihara-san! Yoku irasshaimashita! O-genki desu ka.
Mihara-san: O-kagesama de!

Toro-san: O-hairi kudasai!
Mihara-san: Shitsurei shimasu!

(Toro-san no longer offers house slippers because they are a barefoot cat and a barefoot bunny. XD)

Junko Seeks Her Fortune

I have had my share of being told what my future holds, and most of them were read to me by officemates or friends of friends who were recommended or offered to read me for free. So far no one has made me feel amazed by how accurate the readings were; some "came true" but then those were very generic circumstances and any perceptive or analytical person would have guessed the same. Some were just totally way off course. Anyway, if anyone wants a really good reading, they say the good ones often cost a fortune, but then why would I want to spend a fortune just to seek my fortune? :D (That felt brilliant though it is actually lame.)

Anyway Junko maintains that she wants her fortune read so she went to see his fortune teller. (I was the one who painted her nails black.)

Junko's fortune said her tummy is big because she has been eating loads of onigiri, tendon, burger, fries, and dango

Junko figured the fortune teller was right, as she found herself in the kitchen again. (The fortune teller and the crystal ball table are actually salt and pepper shakers which I got for my sister years ago.)

Tamad na Tamad Series

I napped a lot with Mogget and this is one of those lazy moments. No need to take my photo because Ganito Rin Katamad Ang Ichura Ko.

Wut. I'm tired. I.... walked to my food bowl and back.


One of the best things in staying with Mogget is that we get to take naps together XD Here is Moggs before one of our many nap times.

Big Round Eyes Series

So I was Mogget-sitting from Tuesday night til earlier this afternoon, and I took the liberty of taking his almost-annoying photos XD

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pancakes, Pot Roast, and Plenty of Other Food

Ever since the blueberry pancakes, that was it XD I decided to compile and share some of what I have been cooking up in Cafe World XD They all look so good, food-wise and game-wise :D

A World of Food (Images captured from Cafe World)

These are just a few of the dishes you can cook up. I guess what makes the game so addictive is that you keep wanting to unlock more dishes so that they can all look good on the counters, one dish after another XD Or maybe that's just me XD In any case, I wish Cafe World releases an official Cafe World cookbook XD
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