Friday, May 28, 2010

Kanji Game XD

In class today we had a Kanji game, and it was SUPER fun XD Of course, deadma na kung bata ang kalaban ko - it was all about WRESTLING (and screaming for us girls) for the right Kanji card XD I have this funny memory in my head of screaming and grabbing one of the Kanji cards from Ryoma-chan XD Anyway our team won XD We took home Dairy Milks XD

Prior to that we had our famous (at least in our class), or one of the famous dialogues, the one with Miraa-san and Kimura-san XD My partner was Louie-san and at first he has decided to be as stoic and spaced out as the actual Miraa-san. So we went to the front and brought props (cell phones) and he rang my phone to make it realistic XD

However, when the part came for Kimura-san to decline Miraa-san’s invitation for the date, Louie-san started acting weepy and crushed, and Unintentionally Turned Into A Goat XD

Today was super fun (^^,) Well, every class is fun but today was super because of the Kanji game excitement XD And it has been extra fun ever since the invisible barriers were taken away unknowingly by A Fateful Day XD

So anyway, one thing I learned was to target the bombugu-ya XD

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Town

We went to the older part of Pasig during the Election Day to vote - it’s the older part of town where I grew up. Most of its historical spots were still there, including the really old gift shops and school supplies stores and bakeries that I remember from early childhood. The streets are more crowded now, though, with more fast food chains lining the streets.

So anyway on our way to the public school where we were supposed to vote, we drove by the old library and museum (though now it is just a museum):

Back then when I was a kid, this building wasn’t that yellow. It was the Pasig Library and Museum. Before it even became a public libary, it was HOME to an actor or actress, I just forgot the name. It was a mansion in the middle of the town, and at some point there was a railroad somewhere there. Anyway I only heard that story when I was kid, because I was so amazed at how huge the inside of the library was, and I couldn’t remember my way around when I was inside. I remember visiting this place with my sister, and we would borrow plenty of books, and sometimes we would hang out in there and just go through the huge hardbound books that we either cannot take out, or do not want to bring all the way to the house because they were too heavy.

I remember going to the children’s section, but only enjoyed looking at the pictures in the books, but I would prefer to go to where the “grown-up” books are~ the romantic novels, dramatic stories, or suspense thrillers. One time I looked at the pictures of a huge book of medical studies and diseases, but I was so disturbed by what I saw, and I felt awfully sick. I think we went to buy some burgers and snow cones after so I’d feel better (^^U)

So anyway, when I was a kid, my sister and I would spend a lot of our summer days visiting this public library, which is now just a museum. I have no idea what’s inside it now, and what it looks like. I remember visiting the museum part of this when I was a kid, though I cannot remember what were on display.
Beside this library was the town plaza, as in your traditional plaza across the church, where there are lamp posts and benches and plants and flowers, though I am not sure if I remember correctly that there is a fountain in the middle of it. I wasn’t able to take a photo, though, because we had to turn left towards the side of the really old Pasig church, on our way to the public school.

This means I wasn’t able to take a photo of the church too, except for one part of the bell tower.

Sorry about the reflection XD

The church I grew up with, until I just stopped going. This is a really old church, and it is so beautiful from the outside. Inside, it still looks nice, but I think a greater part of the altar and the niches have been redesigned, and most of it has been gilded, taking away the old, traditional, homey, wooden, simple look. Personally I think it was more beautiful how it looked before - when everything was either in stone or in wood - rather than having everything gilded or encased in whatever ornament.

So anyway, we got to the public school, lined up for almost four hours, and voted.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Always Beef Pepper Rice

Whenever I go to Pepper Lunch, I always think I would try out something new, but I always, always end up getting their Beef Pepper Rice. I so love it :3

Pepper Lunch Beef Pepper Rice :3

To A New Home

Junko drinks to her new home!

Kampai! (^_^)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meiji! XD

So we got our midterms results today XD As our teacher promised, those whose scores fall within specific ranges will get a chocolate of choice, the size of which depends on the range the scores falls within. I chose Meiji XD I was among those whose scores fell within the highest range and within that range I got the highest score XD It was like Six Sigma class all over again XD So anyway as expected, I did not do so well at the listening exercise but I’m happy that I got it all right in the writing, comprehension, and grammar exercises (^^,) (I remember Ryoma-kun saying “nerd” XD) May pinagkalagyan ang paggi-geek over Ateneo Nihongo and self-study Nihongo XD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Early Day (^^,)

Today, I started my day really early (^^,) I mean not because I had to, but just because I wanted to, and was able to XD

Well last night I slept really early (^^,) I was in bed by 10:30! I just read a bit of Sabriel then fell asleep instantly! Partly because it was a very tiring day due to the elections. (>.<) Sunday night, I had my Sunday syndrome and was wide awake until around 2 AM. I woke up at 7, then went to vote, where we had to spend precious time looking for our line. Then we spent 3.5 hours in line. Then we had lunch, then went home, and I worked for over three hours, did some meditation, then studied for Nihongo. After dinner time I was really sleepy already, so I shut down my computer and watched “The Indian Witch Hunt” at Nat Geo, then watched the Wanderlei and Liddell match in UFC Unleashed. Then I washed up, read a bit of Sabriel, then slept.

So, I was awake at 6:06 (^^,)

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, chugged down Gatorade (ganun kainit ang panahon - I wake up thirsty), then practiced kihon and kata, then went to do yoga. Before 8 AM, I was already having boiled eggs for breakfast (^^,) 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chihiro's Japanese Restaurant

For the nth time, I redesigned my Restaurant City restaurant :D I keep redesigning because I want to be able to use up all the available decor for every theme that the game introduces XD So anyway this time I decided to shift from a magical Egyptian theme to a nice Japanese one. 

I'm calling it Chihiros' Japanese Restaurant. (Image created from Restaurant City)



All I Want to Do


My entire evening yesterday was spent studying. I would rather study the whole day today, but I have work to do (>.<) I wish I had all the okane that I need so that I don’t need to work and I can just study for the next several months. (^_^)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goodbye Trees

I took these photos Sunday of last week, my last Sunday in our former home. I also picked all the ripe Jamaican Cherries and ate them on the spot XD

The bigger tree at the corner of the backyard, beside the water tank.

The smaller tree, the one that serves as shade to the entire grotto area.

This is from the smaller tree. Of course I ate all the ripe ones XD

This is from the bigger tree. (^.^)

And then sometime earlier this week, my mom and one of our helpers went over to the old house to get some saplings from the tree and to get more soil and some of the vegetables they planted. My mom told me of how she felt like the trees said goodbye in their own way. As they picked more aratilis and the helper held on to its branches, the smaller tree just came off. It was uprooted and fell to the ground. And for some reason my mom felt much better and less attached to the old house. I also told her and my sister about the afternoon I said my goodbye to the trees, when, after I said goodbye, the wind started blowing and I kind of freaked out when a long branch from the bigger tree, with its leaves spreading out like hands, brushed against my head then down to my right shoulder and arm, and then the wind stopped and the branch moved back up again to its original position (^^U)
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