Sunday, October 31, 2010

かれのgothic girlfriend

It's Halloween so I shall indulge myself with lyrics from a Tommy heavenly6 song called Pink Gothic. 好きな人に (^^,) *1おくぐらいキス*

"When you can see the cherry moon
"baby come to my room tonight
"yami wo nukete
"yeah baby if you love me"

"celebrate me
"under the bloody sky"

"baby my scary things
"I'm gonna hide
"into a pink grave in my head
"juicy sweet light shining over me
"watashi ni sashizu shinaide"

"I sleep like dead in bed
"in my nightmare
"reverse of me under the cherry moon
"the shadow of you is coming
"baby, like a princess, hold me up okay?"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

日本の本 (^^,)

This morning was our final exams - thankfully I managed to read all the lessons in the book by the time I went to sleep. I was no longer able to review the vocabs and the kanji (though I finished the initial review by Sunday for these - it was the vocabs I was poor at), but I am really glad that I still got good scores (^^,) I am surprised that I got a good rank because although I studied the book, I discovered so many things that were not quite clear to me and I always have difficulty understanding compound or run-on sentences. Anyway, I am still glad with the results, and because of them, I got a prize! (^^,) I got a book: 「いい家」が欲しい」. I still have a LONG way to go and there are still many many characters I cannot read, but I browsed it already and was able to pick out some phrases. One of my goals is to be able to BOTH read and understand the book (^.^) いつか!(^^,) がんばります!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boo-berry is Back XD

After a long break from blueberry cheesecake, my sister made some again (^^,) My parents ate most of it though. This is some of what I had yesterday (^^,)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ukay and Karinderya - Simple Joys in an Old Town

Last last month, my mom, my sister, and I went to visit my grandmother because she was quite ill. My sister made her some roast chicken. We cheered her up until she told us that it was the first time she laughed again after almost a week. Her knees have been quite weak and painful, so we also helped her with some things around the house. It was also the first time my sister visited the house after a long time since she was not with us last August when my mom and I visited. I showed her around and she took some photos for her own collection. I also took some for me:

Afterwards we went to check out the nearby ukay shops and I was able to buy several nice pieces (^^,) When we grew tried, we stopped by a Korean Karinderia and ordered spicy, soupy dishes. I forgot what mine was called, but it had pork, seafood, and egg. It was really good.

Sweet Milk

Sweet milk. I love sweetened milk. I love it in Vietnamese coffee, I love it on bread (just like Winnie the Pooh), and I love it mixed into other desserts (^.^)

Sweet milk from Cafe Juanita, served with their Vietnamese Coffee

Church, then Cafe Juanita

On the last week of September, it was my parents' wedding anniversary. So in the early evening, my mom asked me and my sister to join them for mass and for the short blessing conducted by the priest for them after that.

Some photos my sister and I took in the church:

After mass, we went to Cafe Juanita for dinner - we went to their newer place, the one right beside Shunji Matsuo. It is much bigger than the one we used to go to, and it is much brighter, and all the decors are more organized and easier to view. For that evening, this was my favorite piece:

For dinner, we ordered Gyoza and Calamares for appetizers, Bagnet, something like fish fillet (I forgot what it's called), Pork Sinigang, Pinakbet, and rice. After dinner, my sister and I ordered Vietnamese Coffee and shared Creme Brulee. (I was not able to take photos of everything because of these things called Hunger and Excitement.)

It was a really nice evening (^^,) And I am thankful that our family is still together (though not physically since my sister has moved out), despite everything in the past (^.^)

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