Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally (^^,)

Finally, done with the pre-garage sale preparations (^^,) Been cleaning, organizing, and pricing for days! Tomorrow I will take photos of some of the merchandise XD

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweetness in Shibuya: A Remembering

One evening, in Shibuya. We were walking back to the apartment hotel where I stayed. 

Somehow the others have gone ahead, and he asked if I wanted chocolate, and that I could pick anything I wanted from the store. I suddenly felt shy, so he led me to the aisle where all the sweets were. He picked one out for me, and asked me if I liked it. I nodded, and he went to the counter to get it for me. 

I suddenly felt awkward, and he probably felt it too, so he went back and said perhaps it might be better if we got something for everyone else. 

Everyone else had gone ahead, and I was suddenly very much aware of taking a walk in the streets of Shibuya, with someone I used to wish for. 

Then very immediately, I brushed off anything else from my mind. I remembered how someone waited for me back home.


About a couple of evenings later, at the Cerulean, over drinks.

Brief moments of an awed smile, which I pretended not to notice. 

Somewhere in the conversations that took place, he spoke.

What happens in Shibuya stays there. No one should know back home. 

I held back the gaze with the awed smile, which I thought was awesome. 

I thought of the right thing to do, smiled, and looked away.


Sometimes, a voice asks, was it worth it, since the one from way back home turned out to be someone who lived a life you did not know existed at all, with people you did not know at all, while making you believe otherwise? 

At the end of the day, even if that person whom I indirectly stood up for turned out to be a big liar, I still feel satisfied that I chose to do the right thing. Regardless of how this person turned out to be, I know deep inside that I never wronged him. 

As for the brief moments of endless possibilities in Shibuya, I guess I would always be curious, but maybe they are not for me to find out and live with.

I will always have the fondest memories of Shibuya, though. How the weather felt, how the silence seemed to stretch for a long time during the walk, and how often I saw that awed smile - especially when he came by to say goodbye one morning before he flew off someplace, just right after I woke up. It must have been the puffiness of my face under the early morning Tokyo sun, and it was the first time he saw it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Putting Up the Tree

Sometime on the second week of November, I found my parents downstairs all busy with the Christmas decor and lights (^^,) So it was why my mom and the helper were taking out the boxes of decor and cleaning their contents during that morning.

There were lights, Christmas tree clusters, gold Christmas balls, and Christmas flowers and ribbons for the tree.

The branch and twig-like decor was also replaced by Christmas flowers, and my mom was making some of the other decor:

Usually it's my dad who likes putting up the tree as well as the lights and decor.

Oddly, I did not get to take a photo of the tree when it was finished (^^U) My sister did when she visited the following evening:


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visiting the Dead

We visited the cemetery days after the traditional visit on November 1st. It was rainy and there were hardly any people, except for those who were attending a funeral. It actually looked like a nice, peaceful place.

Coffee and a Rainy Afternoon

During an afternoon of heavy rains, my sister and I enjoyed our mugs of hot coffee (^^,)

Breakfast Food for Late Lunch

I've been staying over at my sister's because we're working on something, and today we had breakfast food for late lunch.

Bacon and Hungarian Sausage :3

Hungry Halloween

October 31st of this year was supposed to be spent at home, working, blogging, and other indoor things. Some time before midnight though, my sister and I found ourselves hungry, so we had sisig and strawberry parfait at Icebergs XD

Sisig. With CRUSHED chicharon :D

Strawberry Parfait. It was good. I forgot to ask them to take out the nuts though. 

Chocolate Cupcakes!!! XD

Super moist and yummy chocolate cupcakes from Dessert Solutions:

I really like these cupcakes. They remind me of the earlier version of the chocolate cake in Figaro, some time in the early 2000. These cupcakes are like miniature versions of those old Figaro cakes, the ones with holes in the middle. Then I would request the baristas in Figaro to microwave the cake just a little bit so the chocolate would melt into that hole. Those cakes were so perfect - just the right softness and moist-ness, and the icing tastes just perfectly milky, creamy, and chocolatey at the same time. And these cupcakes are exactly like that.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


DAY (^^,)


The Other Strawberry

Most of the time, I feel like The Other Strawberry XD

Saigo no Shukudai

My last homework from my last class (^.^) - I know this is way too late XD Anyway, just to clarify, the coloring part was not the homework. There were questions below the image on where something is placed, hung, or posted. I just took the liberty of using my True to Life Crayola for coloring the image, just like in grade school (^^,)

A Ladybug!

My sister came to visit one day and as she talked to my dad outside the gate, a ladybug fell on my dad's shoulder; it must have fallen from the tree. My sister hurriedly took it to me, thinking it was dead. So I took it and placed it on my desk and took a picture of it next to Bastardino.

Bastardino and Bug

However, as I just left it lying there, it probably started feeling comfortable, which means it was ALIVE after all, and it flew to another spot of my desk. I immediately caught it because I don't want a ladybug INSIDE my bedroom, and it can die due to lack of food. So I caught it in a small plastic bag, ran to the backyard, and set it free. From my mom's plant, it flew to the nearest tree and I waved bye bye to it (^.^)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Productive Day, New Stuff, Aching Feet, and A Clearer Mind

Yup, all in one day. Most of which was spent walking. Hence, the aching feet. I massaged my calves and feet about a couple of hours ago, though, so now they feel more like feet again than embodiments of pain (^^U) So I woke up at 8 (after a really restful sleep) and got myself ready then my sister picked me up around 10 am and then we went to the mall. She was going to have a meeting and while she was at it, I was supposed to go around the mall for various errands, which meant a lot of legwork. All of them were inside the mall, though, so the walking part didn't seem that bad. I was able to see new stores though and where some moved, since it's just today that I was able to really go around the mall to look for stuff, even if it was all work-related.

Around lunchtime we met up and had wafu beef, tempura tuna tartare, tamago sashimi, rice, and chawan mushi at Teriyaki Boy.

And then there was shopping.

We had to check back on some errands again so we stayed longer, then had coffee and crepes to rest our feet. After that we went to another mall, this time for a specific store where we bought loads of organic personal care stuff.

I stopped over at her place for a while, and waited for my parents to pick me up since they went to someone's wake, and as I waited, we had dinner, and then I soaked my feet in hot water with some minty foot soak.

So it has been a really productive day, though I will just do my writing jobs tomorrow morning since I am dead tired tonight. I shall sleep happily though thinking of all my new stuff XD Of course it also feels nice to be able to stretch and sleep on my bed after a long tiring day, especially when my pillows smell of OLIVE AND LEMON (one of the new stuff XD)

Because it was also not a usual way for me to spend my entire day and I did a lot of walking on my own as I ran errands, my mind was also taken off Other Thoughts and though I feel physically tired now, my mind feels totally refreshed. And I've been kind of waiting for that all week.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


What do you do during a power outage? Most people nowadays, both kids and adults, seem to be "unplugged" themselves when there is no electricity. It seems to many that even a couple of hours without it is hardly any different from lying inside a coffin. Several people immediately run to the mall for "light and air conditioning," grab tickets to the cinema as a sweet alternative to "cable and series downloads," or grab their laptops and dash to the nearest coffee shop with free wifi to "keep in touch with everyone." Those who cannot leave the house whine about an upcoming period of agonizing boredom.

Where to go, where to go

What about the older ways of enjoying our time? There are MANY ways to kill time during a power outage. There are many things we can do actually. It is hardly boring at all. In fact, because we are limited as to what we can normally do if the electricity was running, we are actually given free time to do the Other Things we would have wanted to do, or could have done during other free times, but never managed to do. We can catch up on reading, engage in a relaxed conversation with people at home, cook meals on gas stoves and prepare the ingredients manually, and share the meal with the people we have around us - as opposed to picking what's microwaveable and quickly consuming it in front of the TV. Of course that is also a fun thing to do every now and then, but power outages sometimes give us the moment to be aware of the "other things" around us, the living, breathing people who are with us, and how we can actually slow down a bit with life. However, most of us feel that when there is no light, TV, cable, internet, computers, mobile phones, or iPods, even for just a couple of hours, there is no life as well. There is NOTHING to do. EVERYTHING stops. Time runs out, wasted.

Power outages do not always mean life has to stop. We are not electrical equipment or machines. True, our lives are made easier by electricity, but life is not run by it. Even during blackouts, life can still be fun and the hours during a power outage can still be productive.

We rarely get power outages now, but the last time we did because of a storm, I lit candles, put my feet up, and spent the whole hour of the power outage reading a book. When the lights came on again, I was glad because I could get back to work (I work at home) on my computer, and I could upload the photos from my camera, and do other online things. But the whole hour without electricity -  a whole hour of silence - did not seem like a drag at all. It was quite refreshing to sit quietly in my room without the sound of the TV downstairs, nor the voices from the nearby videoke bar. I could hear some people talking outside, those who decided to pull out chairs and chat with some neighbors. It was like suddenly, everyone was free, and had time to do what they would not be otherwise free to do if there was no power outage. In some way it was like a "mandatory" break time, after which, when the lights came on, everyone went back to the usual grind, though more refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Most of us may feel like life is on an awkward pause during blackouts, as though we were "unplugged" from life itself. But because we are not electricity-run beings, we are in fact being "recharged" during power outages. We just need to find the right "charging stations" for us. In my case, it was with a good book. For others, it was catching up with their neighbors. Perhaps for you it would be gazing at the stars or sitting by your window to watch the people passing by - it really depends on where you can find the "right place" which would remind you that you are not "unplugged," and that you on your own can make your life fun and fulfilling.
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