Friday, February 11, 2011

Resisting Cuteness

Even in the act of resisting hugs, Mogget is still the cutest cat ever! *gigil* XD

On New Year's Eve - A Year-end Kitty Squeeze

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coffee and Crepe

So I had:

Asparagus-Bacon-Cheese Crepe



from Cafe Breton. 

And now I feel lovely. 

Mr. K Stickers XD

I used to have like, a Mountain of Stickers, but for the past couple of garage sales that we held, I sold about half (or even more) of them. Among the stickers I sold were these cute Korean pieces that are made of thick plastic and very strong adhesives at the back. I have these in yellow and white too, but they are too thick to place in my planners or basically anything else, so I sold the sticker pads that were still untouched. As I put them away I noticed that some sticker pieces had messages like these:

XD. Made me think of K-san XD (*^_^*)
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