Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Butter Cupcake Breakfast

Butter cupcake and coffee for breakfast (^^,) Makes for a good morning (^___^)

Our Baguio Home

Further to my previous post about our Baguio vacation, here is Junko showing off our super comfy bed (^.^)

As with our previous stay in Baguio prior to this year's, we checked in at Microtel. Apart from its convenient location, clean rooms, and cozy waiting area, they have Free Flowing Coffee XD What joy XD

A Restart

Though this post is quite late, I think this topic on "restart" is still worth writing about. After all, even now, when I start sinking back into late last year's ways before I made my resolutions, I just remind myself of this "restart" which took place on the first week of the New Year.

On the wee hours of January 3rd, our entire family drove to Baguio for a long overdue family vacation. My parents are not really so much into travel, but Baguio they love. They love the weather and they love the ukay. My dad especially. My mom likes the long walks and being able to ride a bike for as long as she wants without the fear of being hit by a car or something which makes her afraid to ride a bike here in the city. As for my sister and me, we just love to travel and to "get away from it all." Needless to say, we love everything about it.

I love long drives especially when I am with people I am comfortable with and as long as there is My Music in my ear. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I am awake for 3 to 4 hours, completely relaxed and bursting with pleasant thoughts and emotions inspired by whatever I would be listening to.

That time though, on the way to Baguio, I fell asleep a bit because we have been mostly tired from all the Christmas events and responsibilities and pre-New Year cleanups. I woke up just in time for sunset. I checked my phone what time the sun would rise, and I brought a compass along to know where Mr. Sun would be coming out.

So, in Baguio, we seemed to be all in for a reset. Especially I and my sister. In a nutshell, since we only had what we brought and we would start our days early, we quickly got used to the habit of going to sleep and waking up early, eating full breakfasts, having more fruits for snacks, drinking plenty of water, and taking more walks. Until last year, we've gotten quite used to going to sleep at wee hours, getting up way too late in the morning, skipping breakfast, snacking on chips and junk food, chugging down iced tea or soda, and taking the car to go anywhere.

Of course we could still have chosen the healthier options even if we remained here, but we also always found reasons to just do them "next time," until our bodies forgot how much better it actually feels to push through with our plans to eat better, sleep more, and just Move more.

So we would get up around 7 in the morning, 8 at the latest, then have a leisurely breakfast. (Note: the breakfast was not consumed in front of the computer, as I did on days when I actually had time for breakfast.) We walked a lot and enjoyed the sun, and we felt how great it was to actually exercise and stretch our legs. In between meals, when we would get hungry, we bought strawberries and consumed them like chips XD And because we walked a lot, we made sure we chugged down plenty of water.

Apart from feeling the joy of being on vacation with family, we were also reminded how much better it is for us and how great it makes us feel when we do decide to go back into our healthier habits, which we have kept on postponing for reasons I cannot even remember (perhaps aside from us being QDTs* XD)

Early in the afternoon of January 6th, we started driving back home. I felt sick and dizzy at some point during the ride home, but I was already feeling better later on, just in time for me to see the sunset (^.^)

Back home, I briefly thought that I am likely to fall back into my old late-night-late-morning ways, but even after weeks from coming back home, my sister and I were talking and we both realized that we have quickly gotten used to our "improved" habits - we have no more trouble sleeping early, at like 10 or 11 pm (as opposed to 2, 3, or 4 am of before). We find it easier now to get up early in the morning so that we have time for breakfast. Moreover, we are again finding the simple joy of taking long walks or walking to places that are not too far anyway. There are also more fruits in our homes now because we actually eat them more often. It's like our vacation gave us the jumpstart we needed to actually do the things we have been meaning to do. So, though it did not take place right on the first day of the New Year, we still had the Restart that we needed to "start" the year right (^.^)

*Queens of Delaying Tactics

Saturday, April 2, 2011

On A Date

One morning, I found these two having a date right outside my bedroom window XD

The Green Shop

Early this year, Cecille, a friend of mine, was telling me about her plans to open a shop that sells environment-friendly and natural products. About a  couple of years ago, she sold Envirosax bags and we bought plenty from her! She also occasionally sold other organic products, and they are often products she uses herself. However, once her stock of items runs out, we all wait until the next time she gets hold of these earth-friendly merchandise. This time, she has decided to actually set up her own shop and sell regularly. She also aims to make more people aware of these products and actually use them. Cecille calls her store:

The Green Shop - Earth-friendly natural products & wellness remedies

My sister and I went shopping for the first time from her store last month (we brought our own shopping bags) - she set up a stall outside of St. Francis Church in Mandaluyong City. We found some of the products we are already using, such as those made by Plantex, Daila, and Messy Bessy, along with other new ones we discovered from her. 

These were just some of the items available last month, since she has just started, but there will definitely be more. In fact, my sister and I have decided to regularly shop for our personal care and household necessities from The Green Shop, especially those which we cannot find in other similar stores anymore.

She occasionally sets up a stall near St. Francis Church, but her shop is really located in Barangay San Antonio in Pasig City. Those who are interested to check out her merchandise may get in touch with her at

Let us help each other in taking care of the earth! :)
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