Friday, June 24, 2011

New Year

"It's a new year, a new year; a new year because this time it has you. And you are new, so new; very new to me, and the newest best thing."

(For a girl.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Futari no Red Sea

The music filled my head with an image of me, standing by the edge of a reddish sea, holding her hand, enjoying the wind.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy

I had a very strange dream and it felt like I was roughly torn apart from it when I woke up and realized I was dreaming.

It was all mixed up as most dreams, but the most vivid parts are a different kind of wonderful. I feel like my heart is so warm and glowing.

There is this special girl and when she held my hand, I just knew everything was going to be alright. I notice she always shows up in my dreams when I am in some kind of uneasy state.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Top 3 Happies

I was chatting with my sister and I realize, these are the Top 3 Things that make me so cheerful, as in Kilig-sort-of-Happy. *writes while eating a chocolate cupcake and drinking COFFEE*

  1. my paper crafts
  2. my nice new clothes in my colors
  3. my yoga practice

(Oddly there is one usual thing absent there. I'm actually thinking of stopping for a bit. Anyway, will think about that next time. Or maybe just let things show me the way.)

So I keep finding new ideas that I am bursting with them XD And little by little I am replacing my wardrobe. And my yoga practice lately has been intense and makes me feel much greater than usual. (^^,)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nighttime Tokyo Inspiration

I have shared before that sometimes some words or phrases that I come across suddenly trigger certain thoughts, feelings, or memories from me, and then I am propelled to do something about it or to drop whatever I am doing so that the thoughts can lay themselves out before me and then I can figure out what they are all about. (I just focus on the elicited thoughts or feelings, and not on their connection with the words or phrases that elicited them, because more often than not, they are hardly connected.)

So I was reading an art book and came across this paragraph:

"Hard pastels are also available, though in more limited ranges. They are good for final definition and for applying highlights, and are particularly suited to linear work."

It was the second sentence that did it. Suddenly I was in Tokyo, at night, and all I could feel was the desire to finish my current projects or at least move forward at a significantly large rate. And then I just knew that if I maintained my current pace if not faster, I will be able to actually create something big out of them. And suddenly I was so inspired. I felt that I could really do it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sisters in Singapore

A couple of months back, my sister and I went to Singapore for a short vacay. We were there for four days and three nights, which we realize are quite short for all the places we discovered and would have wanted to spend more time in. Anyway, there' s always a next time, and we are seriously thinking of going back there at least once a year.

This was around the corner from where our hotel was.

I think it's really fortunate that my sister and I have the same ideas of a vacation most of the time, so we get along quite well when it comes to making plans, whether they are plans we made together or one of us made and the other one simply rode along. We also get along really well when it comes to food - apart from the both of us being Masarap Kumain, we are also not too picky, too paranoid, nor too diet and weight conscious, all of which can kill the joy of eating a good meal.

The Lobby Bear - his position changes everyday XD

We stayed in Hotel 1929, and we absolutely LOVED the place. We loved the hotel, and we loved its location. In its area in Keong Saik Road, there are plenty of cheap food places, nearby shops (We found an Etsy shop! Rose Citron is a place of lovely, beautiful items!), and it is not too crowded. There is a nearby 711 (which we always frequented when we saw TV ads of candies and chocolates that look yummy but which we don't have here) and within a walking distance, there are many interesting places to check out. Maybe they are not so interesting for most people, but my sister and I have certain kinds of places in mind and the idea of what's interesting and lovely that we share may seem a little odd to some. All in all, it was a really wonderful trip.

Hotel 1929

Of course I bought loads of stuff, but it's great to shop when you have been doing a lot of clutter clearing prior to the trip, so you are confident that you will not splurge on unnecessary items. We went to Ikea and Ion knowing exactly what we would need and not need, so even if we saw mountains of beautiful objects, knowing what would suit our homes, wardrobe, and lifestyle back home kept our panic buying and over spending at bay.

Red Dot Design Museum - We were taking a walk toward Robinson Road.

In Kinokuniya and HMV, I did not hold back, especially in Kinokuniya. IN HMV I thought twice about one of my supposed purchases, because the item cost too much, but I bought the rest I took. Kinokuniya was almost heaven because I found books that I don't see here, although the two guys at the counter gave me a curious look when they saw one of the books (^^U) At least I won't have to see them again and even if I did, we wouldn't know each other anymore XD

Saw this from our window one morning. I just woke up and looked outside to say good morning to Singapore (^_^)

Food. A huge chunk of our time was spent checking out food places and eating and eating again and buying snacks to bring back to our hotel. We also talked about the food we ate and how we love them both during and in between meals XD Food photos though are in a separate post.

One of the chairs from Hotel 1929's collection - this was one of the chairs in our room.

As we waited for our cab which will bring us to the airport on our last day, we were already creating a list of where we would go next time we visit, and how we will schedule them. By the way, that day, it rained so hard as we rode the cab and were driven to the airport, so I joked that Singapore was sad to see us go, especially after our love for it grew even more, and that we were just as sad. (^^U) We will go back though. I love Singapore.

Hotel 1929 at night. It was our super cozy home while we were in Singapore.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Green Shop

I would just like to share The Green Shop with you - it is where I now buy most of my cleaning products and personal care. Here's some general information about this wonderful store which sells natural and eco-friendly products: (pasted from their message to me)

The products are earth /eco friendly , natural, biodegradable.

Current Product Line:

  • Powder Detergents from premium coconut oil and banana essence, fruits, vegetables and herbs with essential oils. Products are anti bacterial, germicidal, anti fungal, and anti microbial
  • Bar detergent
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Liquid handsoap
  • Personal care products : soaps from dayap, papaya, lemongrass & patchouli, patchouli, eucalyptus, banana essence & carrot; feminine wash soap from lactic acid; toothpaste
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Insect repellant
  • Vegetable & fruit wash
  • Fabric freshener
  • Sports spritz
  • Cleaning solutions- natural alternatives to chemical based cleaning solutions with multi fuctions including deodorizer, anti fungal and anti bacterial, insect repellant, waste water treatment, sewage declogger, can be used to clean stoves , grease cutter or degreaser, plant fertilizer, compost activator .
  • Cold pressed castor oil
  • Alka thyme mouth wash
  • Toilet paper
  • Sanitary napkins & panty liners
  • Eco bags - We encourage you to BYOB - bring your own bag, but we also provide biodegradable plastic bags & we recyle used plastic bags.
  • Coco nectar

Current Brands:

  • Victoria
  • Daila
  • Plantex
  • Messy Bessy
  • GreenCare
  • EcoPal and Fresh toilet papers
  • Anion sanitary napkins & panty liners
  • Organix Asia Malunggay tea, lemongrass & malunggay tea
  • Heritage- cold pressed castor oil & Alka thyme mouth wash
  • Dr.Gerry's coco nectar
Brands to be added:

  • Human Heart Nature
  • All Organics

Due to the limited space at the venue, not all products will be on display or available. Please email us for a price list.

Other products like biodynamic vegetables and salad greens (from a biodynamic farm in Bukidnon), free range chicken, pork, beef, organic eggs, organic rice, and moscovado sugar will be available soon at the main kiosk in Brgy. San Antonio by special order. The Green Shop is sourcing other products to help communities in the provinces of Antique, Negros Occidental & Quezon.

The Green Shop is a green and wellness advocacy and an initiative inspired by Nicanor Perlas' M.I.S.S.I.O.N. network,the green party Partido Kalikasan & the Eco Sustainability Institute and the Edgar Cayce Study Group of the Association for Research & Enlightenment. This is also a project of the Serenity Healing Center and the Inocencio V.Ferrer Foundation, Inc. 10% of the shop's net profit is donated to environnmental, educational, and spiritual organizations.

Lets do our share to keep our environment and Planet Earth clean and green for future generations, to minimize our carbon footprint, to mitigate climate change and global warming and live a healthy, spiritual, and sustainable lifestyle. Lets create awareness that there are alternatives to chemical based products and Genetically Modified (GMO) food products.

Love & Light,
The Green Shop- Nurturing You and the Planet with earth friendly & natural products. Gawang Kalikasan para sa mahusay at masayang kabuhayan.
The Green Shop Team
Cecille Ferrer
Green Entrepreneur
Katz Altamirano
Jay Pefianco

email-thegreenshops at gmail dot com
telefax 6345058 tel 6344580
10 Gen. Lukban St. Brgy San Antonio Pasig City

Sometimes Cecille sets up a stall outside of St. Francis Church in Mandaluyong. My sister and I dropped by one time. It was almost evening by then, so sorry if the photo is dark (^^U)

I bought some rolls of tissue, herbal toothpaste, and a multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant. Other things I bought after that were personal care products. I use the multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant mostly for my bogu and my gi, though I diluted it with water and bring it in a smaller spritzer.

So, please do check out The Green Shop - feel free to get in touch with Cecille Ferrer using the contact information shared above. Let us all help the environment and help ourselves to all these natural products!
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