Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eating Well at Well Beach

During our stay at Well Beach in Dumaguete, we also enjoyed their freshly-made, deliciously cooked meals.


Pork Sinigang


ALL their vegetables were so fresh and sweet, and everything was thoughtfully served. We often ended our meals with their brewed coffee (^_^)

Tomato Mouse

Pork Adobo

Coffee again.

We shared most of our meals, except for breakfast, for which we ordered separate meals. It was also part of our stay package so we picked different orders.

Breakfast Steak

Beans and Sausages

Because of their thoughtfully prepared food, they can actually turn an everyday meal to an amusing and entertaining one :D 

Fried Chicken

Their ingredients were always so fresh that the pizza still tasted great after we placed them in the fridge. The tomatoes were still sweet, the bell peppers crunchy, and the onions juicy.


Everything seems to be freshly prepared and handmade in the kitchen. The pancakes were made with fresh bananas and the humongous size of one pancake and its fluffiness feel like it's nicely made from scratch. It was really good.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Somewhat Megane, Dumaguete Version

Megane, like, no phone signal, total peace and quiet, friendly people, good food, and the feeling that it's just you and the sea.

Of course, in the city, we still had phone signals, but for some reason, once we entered the resort, which is basically at the edge of the country XD all connections were cut off.

While that would be total hell for people who love reporting every inhale and exhale on Twitter and Facebook through their mobile, I realized it was a chunk of load off my mind. It turned out to be an honest to goodness time AWAY from everything.

I had never been to Dumaguete so I took in every bit of the experience and even the simple ones made me cheerful and feel free.

It had also been a long time since I went someplace province-like where everything is paced, quiet, fresh, and simply happy.

A Long (but cheaper than taxi) Tricycle Ride to the Resort

The Pool

The Path to the Beach

Stepping Out to the Beach for the First Time

An Old Boat That Has Become a Shore Accessory

Looking Forward to the Waves and Long Walks

Resort Entrance from the Beach

My sister and I are not hallucinating about being on the beach.

The weather was perfect!

The Dog Who is So Used to Being Adored

Looking for Some Luck

Looking for Giant Garlic, Crackers, or Nuts

As Though Beneath Glass

Low Tide

Quietly Sitting and Watching

I've never seen so many in one place (or plant)!

The Morning Sun

Made me think of Handmade Paperweight Craft Land

Flowers That Grew Along the Shore

A Community of Conversing Coconut Trees

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cat Commitments

About a couple of months ago, for the nth time, we heard newly born kitties crying out for dear life outside our home. These kittens are usually left to die outside the home across ours, or by the corner of the street where the garbage is dumped and picked up every weekday. We don't know who leaves them there. The home across ours has already taken in a kitten before, but the kitten they found could already eat on its own so it survived and grew up. However, most of the time, the kittens left to die near our homes are newly borns.

Before, we always took them and we were often lucky enough to find people who were willing to care for them. But of course, eventually, we ran out of people who had the time and space to care for more pets. One time, when there were young kittens left by the corner of our street, we hoped someone would take them in and care for them (we cannot keep pets in our home now due to certain conditions, plus we have turtles already), but no one did, until for five straight days they were constantly exposed to the sun and the rain (the weather was harshly flaky that time). So eventually, we took them in. Only two out of four were left. One was run over by a car apparently, and the other, perhaps someone took it away. By then, the kittens were sick already, so I cleaned up their eyes and nose and bodies, and tried to bottle feed them. Later on, my mom found someone who was willing to try to take care of them (they eventually died though).

So the last time someone left kittens again, we found 4 healthy and clean newly borns crying out helplessly, though they were a little soiled already because they were rolling down a muddy slope on the sidewalk. But they were still relatively healthy.

So I cleaned them up a bit, then tried bottle feeding them. They were super hungry but most of what I gave them was water with some milk because it was just processed milk. After each meal I helped them do their toilet-stuff, since they were no longer with their O-cat-san who would do the training for them. In between meals, they either slept or cried for hours. We swaddled them in thick cloth and let them snuggle close to one another since it comforts them. They were about two to three weeks old.

Later on, one of the older kittens, an orange one, started eating less and less, and never stopped crying unless it sleeps on my hand. (They were that small.) Wrapped in an old face towel, it slept and purred in my hand. However, after that, it never fed again, and it was eventually the first to die, together with the second youngest kitten, who had a very soft voice since the start. They died while I was away on vacation.

When I came back, the remaining two were still alive, but they were less warm to the touch and have been eating less and less. When my sister and I held one each in our hands while sheltered by soft cloth, they grew quiet and just slept. They cried when we put them down, and no longer wanted to eat. The next morning, they were cold and dead, hugging each other when they died. My sister felt like they only waited for us to return. My mom took it the hardest, as she was immediately drawn to them.

My mom buried them properly and when she did so for the last two kittens, I went with her. The first two were buried while I was away.

She cried a lot, and my sister did too, even if she didn't live with us, because whenever she visited when the kittens were around, she always helped in feeding them and tucking them in.

No one can say that they did not want their cats to give birth, or that the cat just happened to have her kittens in their garage, or backyard, or something, and that is why they are throwing the kittens away. While I agree that it may not be their responsibility to provide blankets or food to the cat family (especially if it isn't really their cat), it does not mean that they have every right to throw the kittens away. Any one of us could at least wait until the time the kittens are big enough to go off and hunt on their own. But not when they are still too young and will only suffer until they die. It does NOT accomplish anything.

Moreover, these cruel people leave the kittens in an area where there are residents who will constantly hear the kittens crying. It is no different from putting their junk in front of someone's yard. They don't want it, they make somebody else get rid of it or put it away for them.

Especially if the parent of the kittens is a household pet, one should seriously stop and think before throwing out or murdering kittens. Or owning a pet at all. Having a pet is not just done for fun, or because one needs a companion when he or she is bored. If he or she is bored, there are books to read and places to go to and other things to learn. A pet is not merely kept for entertainment reasons, and when things require a little more time and responsibility, or when things seem to become inconvenient, the pet is neglected or thrown out. A pet is a commitment.

A person or household who does not properly care for a pet is hardly any different from those people who deliberately hurt or stress out stray animals or their neighbors' pets. I've heard of horrible stories from and about people I know (or used to know) who did cruel things to animals even a few times in their lifetimes, and I can only take a deep breath, hope they never do it again, and trust that their karma will catch up to them.

If you are a pet owner and you are reading this, take a look at your pet/s and give them a hug. (In my case, I can only rub the underside of my turtles and give them banana bites.) Remember that they are not just there for fun, they are your commitment.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Singapore Love

On the summer of this year, my sister and I went to Singapore - and I totally loved it! We've been planning to go to Singapore since 2008 but never got around to it. Then early this year, we booked our flight for the summer. (By the way, this is a slightly longer post than an initial one, which I forgot about, hence this slightly longer post XD)

We hardly slept on the night before the flight but when we got there, we immediately took a walk around the area where we stayed. It was quite warm but I enjoy the heat. The air was also clean compared to here, so the heat did not make me feel sticky and grimy XD

We stayed in Hotel 1929 - a very lovely place - and it was across another nice-looking hotel where my sister was considering to stay for our next visit. I told her I am not sure about that yet because I loved 1929 so much (^_^)

After a bit of walking around, we stayed in the hotel's waiting area as they prepared our room. It was so cozy and felt more like home than a hotel lobby.

As with most of our travels, we took a leisurely nap after putting our things down XD Our room was small but very beautiful. The space was totally maximized and it was very comfortable to move around. The bed was tall because the "closet drawers" and the safe were under it. The TV was set on the wall over the dresser which also served as the writing desk, next to which was the Tiny Fridge, the water heater, and the coffee set. Of course there was still enough space for the lovely chairs from their collection (^_^) And did I mention I love ALL the colors in that hotel? The colors were all like my happy moods.

On our first morning, I stood on the bed and looked out the window *excitement buildup at that time* (I slept on the side of the bed which is against the window.) I found Dating Birds XD

By the way I brought Junko with me and she likes the yellow chair from the hotel's collection which is in our room. I LOVE this kind of yellow on soft chairs.

There were so many places we still wanted to check out, but perhaps next time when we come back (^_^) But this trip was all so much fun and every minute counted. We were kind of scrimping but we were still able to buy loads of stuff, and I was able to buy her my delayed birthday present from her when we went to Ikea. It was also great that we found very cheap food places which served really good food, and we discovered a nearby iced desserts place where we ate a mountain of flavored ice each. More of our nomnom experiences in Singapore are in another blog post

We also planned to check out the side of the area we frequented. Most of the time we walked around the area near this beautiful temple, but we were no longer able to explore the other food places and stores on the opposite end of where we stayed. We WILL go back and see them all!! XD *determined*

We also took time to take plenty of long walks, although during one of them it suddenly rained so hard XD I had to buy an umbrella from 711. Before it rained though, we were able to take a leisurely stroll and got far from where we stayed. I think this building is awesome.

On our last night, I was already starting to miss Singapore but we made a promise to go back, so it's not the last time I will see the beauty of 1929 at night (^_^)

Our flight back home was in the afternoon, so after checking out, we still used the time to go around and visit more stores. Mr. Bear here told us to be back in time for the cab which will bring us to the airport.

I love you Singapore XD I will see you again! *wave* XD
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