Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Workshop

Although I woke up to a dark, rainy morning, I feel so sunny inside and like I am about to start a totally new life (^_^)

Things since late last week have been quite different and unusual. At first, they were brought about by quickly made decisions, until they grew into small plans which further grew into longer, greater plans which made me feel like I was on my way to something better. So last week, many things were put on hold to Get Certain Things Done :D I also initially made plans for this week and the next month. Since I made those plans things just felt right. But some time on Friday morning, a conversation brought about a certain realization that kind of confused me again, but a solution surfaced right away - and that was the workshop I attended during the weekend XD

In a nutshell the whole of my weekend went into this workshop, which is still technically not finished yet, but is already working wonders into my life (^_^) It has also cleared up several things in my mind, and I am going about slowly but surely now, with a clearer Purpose XD

I have always wanted to do and to be so many things and go to so many places but what the workshop basically did was to make me calmly see which Ones really matter the most to me and therefore which Ones I should focus on. Many things which I thought were my passions were actually just means or tools to aid or feed the passion itself and I had to distinguish which is which. I had a tough time grouping and taking out things from my lists but in the end I felt much lighter and things are much clearer that before, though I am still feeling my way around. It's great though, because now I can see more clearly what the purpose is of every action I take.

The workshop was free because it was conducted by my sister :D I suggested she conduct one for me since I realized during that Friday conversation I needed one, and so she created this great workshop for the both of us (^_^) Waking up early and sleeping late during the whole weekend was tiresome but I felt like I accomplished more in those two days than what I did in the past week! (^^,) Thank you, my dear sister, because I am more excited to move forward now than I was after I made my initial plans last week XD Let us do our best together! (^___^)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Selling Some Clothes

A few months back, I decided to stick to a color scheme for all my clothes and accessories to make it easier for me to shop for them and to pick what to wear each time I go out. I love way too many colors so I ended up with a wardrobe of Too Many Colors that sometimes it is hard to mix and match them. And then of course there are The Clothes That Get Left At The Back Of The Closet, or in short, the Forgotten Pieces.

So I took out all the clothes which do not fit in, including some pieces I used to love, but won't be used so much anymore because they do not match the other colors. There were actually some pieces I have never worn yet T.T I bought them months prior to the cleanup though, so I might not have worn them anytime soon anyway. So after this cleanup and after deciding on a color scheme, I will be choosing the pieces I buy more carefully and each new piece should go along with all the other colors. I think I also need more basic pieces to play around with, since I also have a number of accessories (I love you Rose Citron) that are perfect for plains.

Yup, my Hoodie with Horns - SOLD

I now have not too many pieces, but I get to use all of them and it's so much easier to just throw on any combination since they all go well together (^_^) Idea inspired by the Savvy Chic. (^_^)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rare TV time and Getting Carried Away by Ads

Apart from shopping and enjoying our meals in Singapore, we also spent some rare quality time just watching TV in the evenings before reading and sleeping.

And then we got carried away by some local TV ads.


Mint Bubbly. Really, it kinda has a bubbly sensation. 

We were wanting to buy the Chocolate Bubbly, but the 711 near our hotel ran out, so we just checked out the mint. I actually don't like it so much. I love chocolate mint, but there are some mint flavors that make me feel like I'm brushing my teeth. The Kinder Joy is good, but it's best given to (kindergarten?) kids, because it comes with a tiny toy inside. (Hence, "with surprise." Hehe.)

We also checked out the grocery in Takashiyama, and I found chili chocolate!

Dark Chocolate Chilli

I didn't like it so much though, the bittersweetness is overwhelming, and the chili is more of a sensation that flavor. I didn't even finish it. I have yet to find chocolate with spiciness that blends well together.

There were a number of other snacks I bought from the nearby 711, and some were okay, but none made me want to take more of them home.

I bought some chocolate candies covered in white hard candy and packed as maneki neko. I gave most of them away to my student and some people in the dojo.

Sweet Maneki Neko

They were actually good, but I decided to share them. I wish I bought more, though. I got them from Nippon-ya, where they sell loads of other sweets and snacks in pretty packaging. They also sold teas and other omiyage.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Warmth and Vanillove

Coffee and pudding with vanilla sauce last night with my sister in the new Figaro near our place (^_^)

(Walking distance Figaro = happies)

Served very warm with really good vanilla sauce, this pudding was really good and Makes People Happy XD It is Perfect with Coffee and was great to have for dessert on a rainy night (^_^)

Banana Behavior

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