Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Things I Love About The Past Week

Since coming back from Jen and Peter's place last week, I have obviously been away from the computer and hence have not been able to post in my blog (^^U) Been so busy preparing for this week's Christmas bazaar - getting used to sewing (yes we already bought our sewing machine yay! XD), buying supplies and materials, redesigning clothes, paper crafting, and getting things organized, among other things. 

That means I am still quite in the middle of things but I wanted to post some updates before I go to bed (have to sleep early because we're running tomorrow a little after sunrise) - it's been a week! So here are the top 10 things since my last post, and I love each one of them, even the ones that seem so ordinary (^_^)

1. First, I received a package from Malaysia! (^_^)

Sent by Joanne of Craft Passion (*^_^*) ~ Thanks Joanne!!!

Joanne of Craft Passion gave away Pear Purse sewing project kits over a month ago, and I was lucky enough to receive one (^_^) Photos to follow, as I have gushed over this really nice freebie but have had not taken proper photos yet (^^U) Moreover, I have yet to improve my sewing skills before I even dare touch this kit and begin creating my own pear purse. I promise to share photos though, whether my purse turns out like a pear or something sort of like it :D

2. We bought our sewing machine (=^_^=)

We picked the vintage-looking Singer sewing machine and just had the sewing motor attached to it.

I got the Pear Purse giveaway came just in time - right before we picked up the sewing machine (^_^) Our aunt (the one who makes nice dresses for all of us girls) came with us and gave us a crash course. Photos of my sewing attempts to follow (^^U)

3. I planted some seeds.

Patola seeds :D

The same aunt brought us patola seeds to plant. Actually I rarely eat this vegetable but she told us how easy it is to grow them (she has plenty in her backyard) and since everyone in my family loves it, then it would be great if we grew our own (^_^) I was also inspired by Jen's homegrown vegetables :) I want my own garden of arugula though XD

4. I soaked and hung the cotton fabrics out to dry.

Lovely fabrics (^_^)

I took out the fabrics we bought and soaked them in some water one at a time for a few seconds then hung them out to dry. The weather has been great - very sunny and windy - so everything was dry in about a couple of hours. 

5. I took care of some clothes and other merchandise.

Cute buttons on a lovely top

I made some repairs on a few pieces of clothes and redesigned some - making sure that the buttons are sewed on firmly, and that there are no holes or damages, and adding some character to very plain pieces. 

6. I figured out how to make and sew on flowers on certain pieces of clothing.

The black flower adds more charm to this lovely yellow tank :)

I was eventually able to create a flower from nice fabrics and sew them onto pieces that could do some livening up (^_^)

7. I enjoyed sewing on flowers that I did the same to my shoes.

My shoes, made even more Peachie by yours truly.

I got this cute pair of shoes but have never worn them because I wanted to add something but was not yet sure what exactly. After redesigning some clothes and discovering some fabric with lovely colors, I decided to add some flowers that will stand out from the prints (^_^) 

8. Had tea with friends.

An attempt (which failed) by my friend PW to take my picture - I think my ring looks nice though XD

Again, I did not attend kendo last Saturday (^^U) I heard great news though that they have finally, finally, mixed the girls in with the boys, both in practice and in shiai. I seriously hope and wish it stays that way *contains excitement* Anyway after their kendo practice, my sister and I met up with some friends for dinner and tea. (I hardly ate though because prior to meeting up with them I wolfed down Caramel Krispy Kreme and totally enjoyed their coffee.)

9. I get to hug Arthur again *love*

I love you Arthur!!!!! *hearts* (Face looks swollen but I think I can deal with it ^^U It was the lack of sleep!)

After a long time, I got to hug Arthur again (we used to date). XD I also got to pet his daughter Eva, but I can't hug her because she tries to pounce on me whenever I get near her. 

10. I designed / decorated some envelopes.

Envelope with an origami yukata which I made months ago (*^_^*)

Apart from taking care of the clothes, I also began working on some paper crafts. Each envelope comes with a unique design so they were all so much fun to do (^_^) 

Today I did more sewing and redesigning, hence a super busy day. Tomorrow after running we will pick up more clothes (^_^) Good night and promise to post more next time~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Shower of Pleasant Surprises

After the sunny humid days comes a cold, rainy day. While many people I know dislike the rainy weather, I happen to like it (^_^) (It's true though, that I like the weather whatever it is XD) It started raining last night, while my sister, our dear friend Jen, and I were so engrossed in our conversation about our childhood and the thoughts we had growing up about being poor, getting to college, and working in an office. It was the last of our long series of conversations since Sunday morning, when we went to the home she shares with Peter, for a sleepover that turned out to be totally fun and inspiring. So last night, we sat in the living room and talked some more while we waited for our dad to pick us up, as it rained outside.

Even before it had started raining though, a shower of pleasant surprises has already begun for me. They're snippets of surprises which, put together, make up a wonderful couple of days (^_^)

Receiving Kit Kat (Green Tea Flavor) from a kendo classmate = Pleasant Surprise (^_^)

A pleasant surprise can just be a tiny fraction of your day but it can wipe away a huge chunk of events that can make a day seem miserable, or it can turn any ordinary day into a really great one. 

Leaves (one of my mom's plants) Wet from the Rain -  Even the rain was a pleasant surprise (^_^)

If I look back, even before last Sunday and Monday's sleepover, I will realize that snippets of nice surprises have always colored otherwise seemingly blah days, or made great days even greater. From a green tea chocolate given by a classmate, to a pleasant change in the weather, to being brought a box of six donuts when I only wanted one, any pleasant surprise can totally change my day ~ especially if I let it. This is why it is always good to take each pleasant surprise as a reminder or an assurance that there is always, always something good in anything at any day. Look back at any recent incident when an unexpected nice thing seemed to change your entire day, or even your outlook on life. 

Seems this dino-friend has switched to being donut-saur

The past couple of days was already so much fun and was a perfect break from everything, and both days were made even better than sprinkles of tiny surprises. 

Sunday morning, we drove to Alabang to the home of Jen and Peter, stopping by McDonald's to grab some breakfast. Since I have not gone out for quite some time and we often just had McDonald's food delivered to our home (plus I rarely watch TV and local channels), I was surprised to find miniature McDonald's burger, fries, and coffee available for just 39 bucks (^_^) I've always wanted them since I saw then in Danny Choo's blog, although the freebies here are much, much bigger and are meant more for decorating than for attaching onto mobile phones. I bought one (the coffee) anyway, because it is so cute XD

Mini McCafes next to the real thing :D

While we ate, my phone rang and it was quite an unexpected call from someone at kendo, asking if I was okay, probably because it was the first time I was absent from kendo for two consecutive Saturdays (^^U) I just told her I've been busy with work-stuff and that I was feeling tired, since I was not prepared to answer the question (^^U) (Actually I have not been feeling up to it, more because I have not been mentally prepared for it, but that is another story altogether and I just like to let it sit in my head for now instead of here ^^U) She also informed me of next month's tournament, as well as our previous sensei coming over to visit from Japan on that day XD It was a really pleasant surprise, because many of us have been missing practice with him and his method of practice, where everyone gets to practice together, meaning the women are mixed in with the males, and we do rounds at keiko, instead of lining up for a sensei or motodachi and only ending up with 2 to 3 keiko sets, or 4 if one is very, very lucky. Anyway moving on XD He will be here for the yearend tournament so there would be no keiko on that day, but it is still a great thing to hear. Actually, the call itself was also a nice surprise, though I have yet to wait for the day or the right time to be able to speak up about Those Things Currently Sitting In My Head. The important thing now is that the call and the news cheered me up. (^_^)

Eventually we finished eating and headed to Jen and Peter's home, where Peter welcomed us since Jen had to go back to sleep for a while. The entire morning was spent catching up with Peter in their backyard, until we moved to their super cozy living room when it became too warm outside. Later on Jen woke up, and Peter stepped out to buy food while we caught up with her. 

After not seeing them for what seemed like ages, especially since I felt at some point that we might have grown apart, it was a great surprise to find that when we started talking to Jen, it just felt like we picked up from the last time we were together. (^_^) 

Towards the evening, my sister and I gave Jen's new foosball table a try, and though I ended up helping myself lose the game, we still ended up bent over from laughing so hard. Jen and Peter cheered us on between laughters. (The following evening, Monday, we played it again while Jen worked upstairs in their study room and Peter toiled in the office, and the game still seemed like a comedy show.) After one round we all went up to the study room where we bought some clothes and accessories from Jen's store merchandise. She also gave me some Japanese tea cups and jelly soaps which she herself just made. The soap I got totally smells like fresh watermelon and I love it (^_^) 

Neatly hair brushed men who can only move sideways and always kick the ball with both feet at the same time :D

From late dinner to around 2 am, we sat around the dining table with food and wine and even more laughter. Even when we talked about family issues and relationship matters, it was surprising to find that everything still felt light and fun, and each one of us always managed to find something funny in any topic, so we always found a reason to make light of everything, while providing each other with helpful insights and inspiring reminders. 

Monday morning, Jen made us breakfast since Peter had gone off to work, and won't be back home until the wee hours. Jen was worried for a while if we would find her cooking palatable since she usually just cooked invented dishes for herself XD However, as it turned out, and probably to her surprise, we both loved everything she cooked and prepared for us (^_^) I actually find Jen-food delicious and comforting XD

Breakfast was great, but drinking from Mickey's lower body was superb :D

Breakfast extended to another long conversation until early afternoon, during which I did my nails while my sister wrote part of her blog post and Jen cleaned around the house. Later on, Jen sat with us, bringing out her nail care set, and did her nails while I did my sister's, while she read me and Jen an inspiration book by Jack Canfield. Soon after that we were talking about having another workshop which will now include the three of us, as well as forming a support group wherein we would keep each other inspired, motivated, and able to Get Things Done. 

Later on, Jen had to retreat to the study room to work on her online job, while my sister and I did tons of other stuff. Anywhere in the house was cozy and relaxing, time just flew by. Actually I was always surprised to find that a couple of hours had passed whenever I happened to look at the clock, because everything was just so much fun. 

Around 7, my sister and I had some dinner ahead and washed the dishes quietly so that Jen wouldn't come out and insist that we don't do them XD Then we stayed at the living room with just the lamps on and it all felt so perfect that we started talking about how the sleepover, their home, and Jen and Peter themselves, helped make things lighter, clearer, and better. 

After about one and a half hour, Jen came out and made us her own version of toast pastries, and we totally loved it. (^_^) We then talked some more, until our dad came to pick us up. Jen showed him around the house and he was very impressed at how big and beautiful their home was. :)

Since Peter was not home, I just sent him a thank you text message mixed some funny remarks which were born from our conversations, so he almost spat out the coffee he was drinking in the office XD 

I am so happy we spent time with them ~ I felt like tons were lifted off my shoulders and some burnt out lights inside me are lit up again. It is also great to see them and talk to them after a really long time. It reminded me how we were like before, and this time, it's even better (^_^) 

It pays to focus on pleasant surprises and see how their effect can expand - take note when they happen to you and let them inspire you and remind you that something good is always bound to happen wherever you are. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Wish List

When I was a kid my parents made me write letters to Santa where I would list down things I wanted to receive for Christmas. They made me write them early on so that they could have enough time to look for whichever they decide to pick from the list. :D I remember wishing for a sewing kit one time, with all the colorful threads and tiny scissors and everything ~ talk about simple joys XD So it would be the highlight of the season when it was time for me to write those "Santa letters."

Origami cards, or money/check/handmade coupon holder, which I made ~ One can write her Christmas wish list in it and pin it onto a vision board or mood board

Ever since Santa stopped coming by though, I still made lists, though not in letter form anymore (^^U) Sometimes my parents would ask me to still make a list they can choose from, so that they are sure they are getting me what I would really want :D On top of that, my mom often adds a little surprise on the side that is not on the list, and they are often things I find very very useful (^^,) 

My sister told me about her own Christmas wish list for this year, and wrote about it in her weekly blog feature called The Baker's Dozen. I realize that while I feel like I want so many things, it can be quite tough to name 13 Things I Actually Want. I realize that some are just Things That Would Be Nice To Have, but not necessarily things I want :) 

Now, inspired by Inspired-Everyday's wish list preparation (which also took some time because she realized the same thing XD), I now proceed to make my own XD

1. An Amazon gift certificate

2. The new Kindle XD

3. A trip to any place I want

4. Continuation of my Japanese classes 

5. Plenty of Moleskine sketchpads XD 

6. PSP-3000 to replace the (really old) one I have XD

7. An e-course (or two) that I want to take

8. The new iPod Shuffle to replace my current faulty one :T

Any color would do *hearts*

9. An Appetime watch (^__^)

Sweet Time (^_^)

10. An order of three to five (or even more! XD) A-Line dresses sewn by my aunt, so that it also helps her out (^^,) 

11. Two or three extra pieces of women's practice shinai (size 38) (=^_^=)

12. A selection of craft and sewing materials ~ think fabrics, notions, patches, trimmings, and paper materials (among other things) which I choose and pick - for free! XD

13. A Popcorn Hour media player :D

That did take time! XD Anyway it was fun :) No more letters to Santa, but consider this a letter or list for the Universe XD

Friday, November 18, 2011

Going Through the... Notions XD

Notions, fabrics, and our childhood hometown ~ that was what most of yesterday was all about (^_^) 

As I mentioned the other day, Thursday was scheduled for visiting the local market in our childhood hometown. In the morning, my sister and I met up with our aunt in our grandma's house (where she fed us champorado and dried fish ^____^), because she said we might get hungry on the way (as though we were going someplace really far XD)

The local market totally looked different from how I remember it..... uhm, 23 years or so ago (^^U) It was more spacious, brighter, cleaner, and friendlier. Way back it was dark, muddy, and borderline scary depending on the crowd. Everything was also more organized and the stores were more inviting to shoppers. 

First off we headed for the section of notions, laces, and trimmings. The fabric section was scheduled for after lunch. We were totally stunned at the numerous varieties of buttons, laces, patches, ric rac, trimmings, ribbons, and velvet materials available to us, all at crazy affordable prices.

Stunned. The lady said the buttons are sold by the dozen ~ at 5 pesos per dozen.

The man who sold us plenty of lace and other materials also threw in a lot of freebies for us, including those large vintage diaper pins with animal heads. XD As we bagged our purchases we couldn't stop thinking about the designs we will make on the clothes hanging in our dress rack back home. 

Next stop was the fabric section. We selected various designs and bought some lining too for the other items we will create. My hands are itching to sew and make pretty things. 

After buying all our dry goods we went to the wet market so our aunt can buy some things which our grandma asked her to buy. Seeing all the butchers and all the fresh meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits, brought a flood of childhood memories, and for some odd reason I felt hungry. 

To further overwhelm us with vivid images of our childhood, our aunt brought us to the section where they sold party sweets and snacks, the kinds that I only see now in small stores within old neighborhoods or provincial areas. We tried to look for the powdered candy in small plastic containers with soda labels, which you take through a tiny straw, but there were none (^^U) We saw loads of sweet breads though, as well as colorful hard candies, cookies with iced gems, bags of rainbow sprinkles, and plastic miniatures of dinner and cooking ware. 

Before heading back to our grandma's house, we stopped to buy some watermelon, mangoes, and Japanese corn. With our eco bags bursting with purchased goods, we took a jeep. 

Stairs going up to our grandma's home; those are our grandpa's paintings.

In our grandma's house, we found our mom suddenly there XD She was having a really late lunch which was prepared for her by our grandma. We left them and our aunt to catch up, while we stepped out again (after dropping off our bags) to check out the nearby ukay stores. 

A Nice Skirt from an ukay shop

We were only able to buy a few pieces, since most of the other items were not very interesting, so we headed back to our grandma's house. The whole house smelled like dinner, so we realized it was already late in the afternoon. We were exhausted but it was all so much fun. 

Back home the first thing I did was take a bath XD I thought I needed a nap but I was more cheered than drained by the whole trip, so I proceeded to reviewing some Japanese notes while eating the chocolate I mentioned in the last part of my other blog post - and it was GOOD (^_^) I really like it. It's a burst of different tastes and textures and it's the kind of unusual taste that I will seek out later on XD

The pleasant combination of melty bittersweetness, "rough" sourness, and grainy saltiness XD (Chocolate from Echo Market!)

Today, we are not going out, but instead we will have a meeting about everything in our inventory so far and what we will need to do (and make) the whole of next week (after a weekend sleepover with our friends). I think we are also getting our sewing machine next week!! XD That means next week will be Very Busy but Very Fun (^___^)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thrift Trips

Today was all about visiting Thrift Shops :)

We decided to have our parents come along so we could also spend some family time. In the car on our way to the shops, I reviewed my Japanese notes while eating some gummy bears.

Gummy Bears

We also dropped by home decor stores, but most of them sold Christmas items, so we were not able to buy as much for what we actually need at the moment. The trips to various thrift stores were more interesting. We found vintage typewriters, cameras, radios, records, and soda products. Some of them cost a lot so we just took note of what to save up and come back for. These items may either go to my sister's personal vintage collection, or to our shop when it grows, so it's good to know where we can get them. 

There was a bookstore that we checked out, but we didn't stay too long because our parents were starting to want to go and see some other place, so my sister and I will just go back next time, when we can stay for as long as we want with all those old books. I managed to find and buy two though.

I know I totally judged this book by its cover.

The first one is a children's book, and it caught my eye because it looked pretty and interesting, and I am an Asia-lover. It was also one of those books that I felt I had to buy, not just because it was pretty, but also because I felt it stored an interesting world inside it. I browsed through the pages and I liked it even more, with all its pretty artwork. 

Pretty Asian Themes

The second book is by Truman Capote, whom I've heard of about a hundred times but whose books I have never read.

A Penguin Book, with the "k" torn (or bitten) off XD

It was wrapped in plastic and no one was allowed to unwrap those in sealed plastic packs, maybe because they are the really much older books and they might just fall to pieces when constantly browsed through (^^U) When I got home, I unwrapped it, and found that it was a gift from someone to someone else, in January of 1972. 

The message read: Happy Three Kings (made me think of Happy Tree Friends)

I know I said to myself that I will refrain from buying too many new books because I have a number which I have bought before but have not read yet until now, but it is nice to find really old books like these, so it's okay to buy them (^_^) 

Tomorrow, we will go back to our old hometown and scour the area for shops where we can buy sewing materials and supplies. Our aunt will come with us, and we might eat in the food stall of one of our cousins (^^,) 

Banns and Boys, Basically The Same

In Dragon Age: Origins, many thought that the momentary flirting of Bann Teagan would lead to something else, but after all the challenges and success of the heroine, Bann Teagan had not budged. (Translation: Despite the flirty remark, Bann Teagan had Absolutely No Intentions of taking things to the next level. Level up all you want, but Bann Teagan stays where he is. Hahahaha!)

This kinda looks intense, but don't be fooled - Bann Teagan just LOOKS intense. And that's it XD

As I mentioned in my Cold and Sweet blog post, the talk of relationships has been kind of springing up here and there. Around the same time, as I passed the bookshelf outside my room, the spine of He's Just Not That Into You sort of jumped out at me, so I took it and re-read some of the pages, highlighting sections that seem more relevant now, not just for me but for those whose stories have been brought up lately to me.

Yesterday, before my sister and I went on our material-shopping-trip, we dropped by her old office and got to talking (after a long time) with her old friends, most of whom are also known to me. Two of them, who are really great women and are in very happy relationships (one is very happily married and the other has just been engaged last month), apparently just summed up and reinforced what I too have been discussing with those whom I have been speaking to recently about relationships. Talking to them further encouraged our resolve about dealing with and handling these relationship issues. Although what they said were not very different from what we have been discussed and analyzed and learned, they were still quite refreshing and very much enlightening. (In a nutshell, it was about the roles men take, from the Pursuing to the Providing.) To add to that, their cheerfulness and positive demeanor were energizing, and they looked even prettier because of the happiness that radiated from them. It was all inspiring, really. When we stepped out of the building, I actually felt glad that we got to spend time with them. Even when we talked about someone else's relationship or history, I still found them all relevant to me too in one way or another.

So just to make sense of why this post has that title - how are Banns and boys the same? Basically, even if they flirt, or become extra nice, or seem to be very interested, it does not mean anything as long as they have not actually taken steps to pursue. If they are already in the relationship with you, there is the question of Where Things Will Go if they do not show any signs of heading in any specific direction after a few years. 

Around 2 pm, we had a (super) late lunch of chicken, potatoes, and pizza, then bought loads of materials for our crafting. It was so exciting to look at (and pick, and buy~) all the pretty, colorful things. We were dead tired as we rode the cab home late in the afternoon, but we felt like we have accomplished So Much. We actually failed to visit some stores due to the prolonged conversations in her old office, but we strongly felt that all happened at the perfect time, which is also why we felt we accomplished more than we intended to.

After getting back home, we just dropped off our purchases then stepped out again for some coffee and More Conversations, though it was just the two of us. I was exhausted but it was really pleasant to just sit down and have coffee and a totally interesting conversation which allowed us to process our thoughts and think out loud.

I slept not too late but I guess due to the over fatigue, I had bad dreams about a girl I really admire totally hating me and preventing me from even looking at her pictures, and was furious when she found out I had one with me (^^U) Anyway it was all just a horrible, horrible nightmare, and I woke up this morning excited for today's scheduled scanning and shopping (^_^) See you in the next post for what today was all about!

Busy, Busy, Busy

I was supposed to post last Monday night, but was very tired so blog posting was moved to Tuesday, but I was even more fatigued than Monday, so today, finally, I am sitting in front of the computer again (^_^) I still have tons to do after this however, and more to do tomorrow. This whole bazaar planning puts so much into our hands, but it's good because it's exciting and it involves a lot of Pretty Things (^^,)

So we have things lined up for this week, and first off was paying our grandma and aunt a visit first thing Monday - they are the ones who mainly do sewing compared to everyone else in the family, like All the Time, or whenever they can. The idea was for our grandma to pass on her craft to us, which she was also quite excited about. My aunt sews mostly clothing and bigger, more difficult items to sew, so we have yet to reach that skill level (^^U) For now we just intend to learn the basics and create smaller versions of the many pretty things we can make, and we already have specific items in mind. We also wanted to pay our grandma a visit because just as our Unusual turtles find comfort in being patted on the head and Run After Us to ask for more petting, we also find comfort in being in our grandma's colorful, cozy home and cheering her up when she feels sad. 

Patting the turtle on the head (which the turtle likes)

Our aunt also took us to our grandma's craft room, where our grandma sews and makes home decor and prayer cards by hand. She taught us how to get started with using a sewing machine, and as I sat on the chair and sewed away (just practiced keeping the stitches straight ^^U) I felt this burst of cheerfulness in me and it was like I could hardly wait to practise on my own, and then be able to create new, pretty things (^_^) Later on, before heading home, we stopped by this old shop which sells sewing machines and we checked out what we will soon buy for ourselves *heartbeats*

In the evening after dinner, we proceeded to creating a mood board for our shop to get a clearer idea of its colors and look and feel. Here are some (pretty) snippets (^^,)

A Happy, Sunny-feel Mood Board (^_^) (We had the compulsion to include a representation of Mogget with a Lucky Poo XD)

With clearer images and color schemes in our minds, we were excited to shop for more materials the next day ~ the next day being the topic of the next blog post (^_^)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Crafts and a Cat

After yesterday's deliberation and chatting with my sister about it, I did not go to play kendo. Instead, I did an inventory of our craft supplies and whatever stock of merchandise we already have for the bazaar we will hold soon. After that, I went over to my sister's place, with some samples of items, then we had a meeting about everything we need to prepare, check out, and do as next steps. 

A Handmade Gift Card

In the early evening we started preparing for the birthday dinner with Allan someplace in Makati. As we waited for the others we visited some art galleries and picked which ones we like and which ones we would never want to hang on our walls. 

When everyone had arrived we all walked to a nice Japanese restaurant and had plenty of grilled stuff on sticks, until we could barely walk out of the place without our stomach weighing us down. (^^U) 

I climbed to bed as soon as we got home because I have actually been quite restless and anxious lately, with my sleeping (quite) and eating habits (mildly) affected. However, I hope that with a new exercise routine and with yoga back in it starting tomorrow, I will no longer be out of sorts and unusually agitated. 

This morning though, I woke up feeling drunk because I slept fitfully (with nightmares about a criminal teacher who wanted to punish me for getting low grades in Math) and I had to get up early because we were going to bring Mogget to the vet for his regular checkup and nail trimming (think Soft Paws). 

Because Mogget hates going to the vet, it is very likely that he sought advice from Cubby, the only toy he plays with which he does not destroy, maybe because Cubby really comes to life and they have all these deep conversations when we are not looking. 

Cubby Counseling; Mogget Refusing to Accept Having to Go to the Vet

Cubby is exhausted; Mogget has chosen to shift his attention from Boring Counselor to Interesting Traffic

Inevitably though, Mogget still HAS TO go to the vet. The morning was suddenly filled with Angry Miaows. 

In the car, he looks at me with the perfect "HALP!" look.

HALP! I will be sweet to you for a whole hour if you stop this Nightmare!

The vet clinic was full of friendly, fluffy dogs, and Mogg was Suddenly A Very Behaved Cat. XD The doctors did not have a hard time at all in trimming his nails, cleaning his ears, and giving him some deworming meds. His flat ears and angry face told us everything he feels about all of us though. 

Furious Cat (with newly trimmed nails so he is Fluffier than he is Furious XD)

We then brought him home and my sister showered him with treats and some Fancy Feast XD After that the whole family had lunch out and we checked out some craft materials and the organic market. I got a bar of Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Sea Salt XD (I will post about it when I have tasted this Curious Chocolate XD)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some Thoughts and Some Tea

When in need of quiet time, or when very, very anxious, maybe some tea will help, especially when enjoyed on a quiet, windy afternoon while playing Mozart's Andante (Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major). 

This will do when you're out; otherwise take out your best china and brew some fruit-flavored tea (^_^)

A part of me wants to just stay home today and enjoy some blueberry tea in this nice cloudy afternoon, instead of going to kendo. I just feel like I want some time alone and do the things I was not able to do the whole time I was working over at my sister's place. However, I also remembered that we will have to go to a birthday dinner so I will still need to go to the dojo either way because that's where everyone will be coming from. So perhaps I should go after all. 

Hmmm lemme see...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cold and Sweet

I know (^^U) I have not written in AGES. I spent most of this week at my sister's place, because there is an ongoing project ~ well now there WAS XD ~ she sent the report this afternoon. So anyway, I spent most of my week there and only slept in my super tidy and organized room (I cleaned up my room, spending almost all of the first day of November at it) last Tuesday night. Since Monday night I had been sleeping over, and we only slept like four or so hours each night. And hence, when I took a nap this afternoon before my Japanese student arrived, it totally felt like a nighttime-kind-of-sleep with a nighttime-kind-of-dream, so that when my mom woke me up I started wondering what day it was and where exactly I was. Anyway I'm back home and I have been so tired, though it is all still pretty manageable. I just wish I had this nice tub of pretty colorful Ice Kachang (or Ais Kacang, or Es Kacang) to end the weekdays with~

Ice Kachang from Orchard Road (the one in Megamall XD)

Ice Kachang which is a common dessert in Singapore and Malaysia is basically like the Philippine halo halo or the Japanese kakigori (mmm kakigori). Apart from the fact that I like almost anything with shaved ice especially if it is sweet (or tastes somewhat... curious), I like it for its pretty colors (^___^) 

Cold-and-Sweet is nice, but only if it is dessert being talked about. I don't think Cold-and-Sweet would be so great if it were a guy. The occasional shift may seem interesting or even adorable at first, but it is no longer quite funny when it prolongs to the point of Bipolar. 

Of course, it is a totally different story when a guy just Seems Cold But Is Actually Very Sweet (*^_^*) In any case, he has to make up his mind and be clear about it, right? XD

Relationshippy thoughts springing from relationshippy issues. Have just been having conversations with some people about relationships - theirs and relationships in general. It is just good to be reminded that no matter how "ideal" a guy or a series of events concerning that guy may seem, it still boils down to "he's just not that into you" if he is totally Not Pursuing you (or is not adding anything into a relationship anymore). So even if some guy is being nice and sweet to me most of the time, if he isn't taking it to the next level, I can only: Keep Calm and Carry On XD 

And maybe have More Ice Kachang ~

Cold and Sweet (^_^)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Air Balloons in My Room

My room has plain green walls, and I wanted it to have bits of red and pink all around to go well with all the greenness. It took me a while to decide what to put up on the walls and which walls (I want to keep at least one wall empty), until I came across really pretty wall stickers in Ikea when my sister and I went to Singapore

Summerside Green Walls

Two Large Sheets of Wall Stickers (I initially named each animal, but I forgot most of them eventually, except for a frog called Mr. Purple Pants, a duck called Hatchy, a cow named Tamago, a mouse called Stardust, and a giraffe named David XD)

I cut out the stickers and temporarily placed them on the wall using tape. 

The Stickers in Place (Sorry for the glare T_T)

They've been on my walls now for months, and since that time things have been much more cheerful in my room. (^_^) I read somewhere that it helps to have more things in a room that are upward in their orientation rather than hanging down since they tend to "lift" the energies in it, and since I placed air balloons in my room there are more things now that Lift the mood rather than bring it down (=^_^=)

By the way, the animals in vehicles made out of tea cups, couches, or shoes are also riding across my closet doors and outside my bedroom door. So from outside walking in, it is as though one is following a traffic of Furry Friends in Odd Cars. (^_^)
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