Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fruitful Friday

Actually, both Thursday and Friday were very productive, but Thursday was really just all about writing articles all day, so there's nothing much to write about that, except that my brain felt fried after. Late in the evening my sister bought us ShareTea (I got the Ice Blended Taro with Pudding - it's good, but it tastes exactly like Quickly's, so if I'm in the mood for iced taro I'd choose Quickly over ShareTea. So far I totally love the Rock Salt Cheese with Oolong Tea and Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa.)

I was having about a gazilion typos by midnight, so I decided to rest and just finish the last two articles on Friday morning.

Friday was even more fruitful - I wrote articles, made myself a necklace (a variety of what we will be selling in our shop), and hand designed plain notebooks which we will give to a friend as a Christmas present (^_^) In the evening I made a long blog post, and I mean Long Blog Post, about my old blogs which I have said goodbye to. (This is apart from my blog posts / page updates in the morning.)

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I've always been drawn to the Lady of Guadalupe (I have an image of her over my bedroom door which is also where my travel corner is.) and when we found trinkets with her on it, we bought them both for selling and for personal use. 

I also organized the materials we have just bought into their new containers, then I proceeded to designing plain notebooks which we will give to a friend of ours as a Christmas gift. She is crazy about notebooks so we always give her at least one whenever there's an occasion. 

Plain notebooks about to have some character

We have not seen her in a while so we will just drop by her place anytime soon to give her the gift.

Playing with Magenta Ribbons

Which reminds me, she has not been to our bazaar yet and we have not checked out her store in a while. Maybe it's time to check out her merchandise too when we give her our gift (^_^)

Lace and Layers of Sequins

I totally enjoyed designing the notebooks especially when I was layering the sequins :3 It was so relaxing (^_^)

I put some decorations on the back too! (^_^)

I just had an early dinner and will log off now to prepare to go to church. For some reason, despite some things we've had to deal with this year, and despite some ongoing concerns within our family, I think this is the most relaxed holiday season I have had so far. Of course I got really tired with all the pre-bazaar work and preparing our handmade gifts, but things were not as tense and exhausting as the previous ones. I think this is also the calmest I have ever been in welcoming the New Year. I still feel excited, especially since I told my friend Lia that I can feel 2012 having So Much, and I mean SO MUCH, in store for me, but somehow I do not feel the anxiety that normally goes with welcoming the New Year and saying goodbye to the previous one. It's like I just feel that I am finally ready for the coming of the New Year, hence no feelings of having to rush and put things in order, unlike all the New Year's Eves that I've gone through since I became an adult. For once, I am just quietly and peacefully waiting for the New Year to arrive, as the arrival of an expected friend. 

Choco & Mint

As I mentioned in my Goodbye Old Blogs post, I will be transferring the contents of an old Choco & Mint blog into its own page (click on Choco & Mint tab above!) in this blog. As of now I've just put the previous blog's title image in the Choco & Mint page, and I intend to post one "episode" each day until I finish all 42 of them. (42!)

Choco and Mint

Tomorrow I will probably post a portion of the old blog in the page, then on Monday I can start posting one "episode" per day. If I start on January 2nd, all the posts will be complete just a couple of days before Valentine's Day :3


Finally, there's McDonald's closer to home, as in walking-distance-kind of close. :D

It opened last Wednesday, and since they were giving away freebies from morning til afternoon, there was already a long line of people at 6:30 am. My sister and I just got out of bed at that time (I slept over at her place Tuesday night) and we looked out the window (she lives much closer to McDonald's than I do - it's practically her neighbor) to see how the opening was doing. 

View from above: There's Ronald shaking hands with a seemingly puzzled kid.

The air was so festive that we thought about riding down in a parachute. We couldn't join the festivities though, because we had plans for the day and we had to get to our house, then run at the park. (I know that with Running Vs. McDonald's Breakfast, McDonald's Breakfast has more points, but we had to stick to our plans :3)

Ronald was totally in character. He was waving at everyone, even at the cars passing by in the street. (For some reason, cars did slow down when Ronald waved.)

My sister and I though, being a bit uncomfortable around clowns, realize that it's nice to look at Ronald just right from where we were - from a safe distance :D

Nope, the priest isn't doing some weird dance. He is just trying to hurriedly make his way between the cars and into the store. I guess they will hold the blessing before letting everyone else in. 

After a while the priest came, and hurriedly made his way to the store. The line had grown longer by that time, and we could feel everyone's excitement for the free Big Mac (they gave out free Big Macs for every purchase from 7 to 7:30 am). 

A zigzag of hungry people :D Oh i love McDonald's :D

The excitement of the festivity was so great that they rose like smoke towards us. We were thinking parachutes, giant umbrellas, and pulleys :D However, we left by car around 7 am and headed to our house to stick to our schedule. McDonald's will just be there anyway whenever we feel like going for burgers or sundaes (^_^)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye, Old Blogs

I have been blogging since 2003.

In the process I have created, revised, deleted, emptied, restarted, and abandoned blogs. After the workshop I attended last September though, I realized and decided that I need to gather all these selves up, and not leave behind me a trail of scattered pieces of my self, especially when it does not contribute to my being Whole.

But then it was not just all about gathering my selves up, but weeding out those that I thought were mine, but are not after all. So there came the weeding out of blogs (since I used to have different ones for different topics/interests) and the incorporation of the remaining few into this blog (still in progress, since there is Further Weeding Out of posts within each blog).

I did not realize how many of them were out there, both emptied ones and those which still had content for until last year - until I heard the other day that will be closing in half a year or so.

Many of my blogs were created in blogspot or, but most were in Eventually though, it had way too many glitches so I stopped blogging with it and went back to blogspot. Still, now that they are closing down, I checked back to see how many blogs I have created and how many still had content, and to see how much work I have yet to do in reviewing, deleting, and incorporating posts (^^U) (Note: Blog templates, backgrounds, and title images in the screen shots below were also from, except for a few title and background images which my sister designed or put together for me.)

cerealkiller: One of my earlier blogs (The title image was designed by my sister, but the template and background were from

My cerealkiller blog was one of my earlier blogs. It was my "regular" or "daily" blog where I wrote practically everything. Right now though, it has been emptied. Most of its contents have been deleted, and the remaining posts were transferred here. (Or is it still in progress? I have to check ^^U Anyway, I temporarily transferred them to another blogspot account where I will "review" them again before posting here. I need to "review" because some may be deleted and not make it here :D) I only left behind one post which was an inspirational quote about being thankful for everything.

Colors of Chaos: A Collection of Old Doodles and Paintings (Template and images from

I started a blog that was supposed to contain old paintings, collages, and drawings. I never got around to uploading everything though. And until now some of those "artwork" are still sleeping in my bookshelf. Very few though have been uploaded in my Artwork page. One of them, Mr. Pebbleman, made it to my sister's home. So as of now this blog has also been empty for quite some time. (I never actually deleted blog accounts from because I tried that one time and it was a long process which created too much of a hassle. Besides, I thought I might as well keep the domain name.)

The Story of Choco and Mint: A Love Story (Template and image from

I created a blog for a one-time love story, between the characters Choco and Mint. Although this story has ended a long time ago, I still think it's nice to look at every now and then, and to share it with others. So I created a page here in this blog just for Choco and Mint. Images from this blog were generated from

The Other Chokomochi (Does not have buttons for eyes like Coraline's Other Mother; template and images from

Obviously, this chokomochi blog was the blog from which many of this blog's content has been transferred. After cerealkiller, I created chokomochi under, but moved eventually for reasons stated earlier :3

Food Mania was taken so I settled for Food... Maniac :D (Title image and background put together by my sister)

I created a food blog in, which I eventually transferred to another blogspot account, which will then also be incorporated into this blog. This is also a work in progress, as I am just incorporating selected posts, instead of all of them. 

The health blog that says it all :D (Template and images from

In one of my previous jobs as a ghost writer, I wrote an ebook about meditation and what it can do for one's health. During my research I ended up reading so many materials about health which I learned so much from. I was so happy to have learned them that I created a blog which talks mostly about being healthy and happy. I did not cover topics which require people to eat practically nothing or to spend a lifetime in the gym, and instead I wrote about keeping a balanced lifestyle, focusing on the bright side of life, eating right (not Not Eating) and managing stress - basically being healthy by being happy and taking things in moderation. Eventually though, I got way too busy and was not able to update the blog regularly, plus I started focusing on practicing the health tips instead of just writing about them. So one day, I emptied the blog and changed the title to a one-liner that basically sums up what one should do to keep healthy: Take everything in moderation. 


I know it's kind of weird to come across an empty blog with the title suddenly telling you to take everything in moderation :D But as I said, I did not delete the blogs anymore. Besides, they will be gone in a few months after closes down.

Old writings which should just remain old... and forgotten :D (Template and images from

This old blog which I believe should be forgotten has actually been forgotten, until I started digging up my blogs. :D This blog was a collection of selected diary (diary ~ how.... new :D) entries from way back in college when I used to write them in notebooks. It has been emptied a long time ago, but it was an unpleasant process because I had to re-read through all my teenage drama and so-called poetry before deleting them, and I even found an old "confession" letter I wrote for someone and at that moment I re-read it I wanted to be anyone else who has nothing to do with me :D Anyway they're all gone now and this "old chest" of a blog can start rotting into nothingness. 

A Horoscope! Would you believe this? :D (Template and images from

I also had a job a couple of years back as a horoscope ghost writer :D My boss told me to just invent them, but I did not feel comfortable with it and what I did was really take my time and think about what I was going to write, then I shared the link with some friends. Suddenly, many of them messaged me back telling me how I was able to write horoscopes that were so timely and practically answered questions in their minds :D Feeling like some kind of Glowing Girl of Greatness, I made my own horoscope blog which my friends regularly visited. Sometimes they even followed up when it was horoscope day and I had not posted yet :D

When I started taking my Japanese classes though, I got busy with homework and studying, and wrote less and less often. So what I just did was delete the old (expired) posts, and left behind a general advice/reminder for whoever comes across it. 

My Wish List (Template and images from

This colorful blog was a collection of things I wanted - basically like a pin board of things in my wish list. It had clothes, bags, makeup, plush characters from the games I played, shoes, and home stuff. I kept adding to the list, but when something comes to my possession already or I just didn't want something anymore, I became too lazy to go back through all the posts to look for them. So I just decided to delete all the posts. Besides, I found a more efficient way of acquiring the things I want, instead of just curating them. 

By the way, it may seem like I create a blog, post for a while, then decide one day to just delete all the posts :D These things took place over a long period - it's just the way I talk about them now that makes me seem like The Flakiest Blogger Ever, but I'm not, honest! :D (Especially after my sister's effective workshop, and I am now blogging about more specific topics, not just about anything that comes spilling out of my mind in a totally random manner :3)

Now, just five more to go, I promise!

A blog of tiny worlds (Template and images from - excluding Mihara of course :3)

My pink flamingo was a collection of photos with Reina (the girl in the yukata), the toki doki cactus pups, the Catherine Mare cats, and Mihara-san. Their photos were taken in such a way that they appeared to have a smaller world of their own, or create their own little world within our big one. As with my old food blog, only selected posts from the pink flamingo will be incorporated into this blog (another work in progress). 

Unlike the contents of the Choco & Mint blog, the contents of the food and pink flamingo (What a weird phrase - Food and Pink Flamingo - like, what do you want to eat? Food and Pink Flamingo.) blogs will not be in separate pages anymore, that's why I will only select some posts to incorporate here. 

Game Quirks (Template and images from

The quirky side of my game play is what I wrote about in my quirky gaming blog. Me & My Katamari collection lists, weird screen shots from the Sims, and Elder Scrolls loot and strange observations, were just among the topics in my posts, apart from updates on my progress in the games. 

The thing is, even though I diligently took photos and listed down the status of each game I would be playing, I would not be as diligent in posting them. By the time I can post, I have again moved on to another part of the game and I would end up having to make a looooong update (with pictures) on my game progress (on top of the quirky comments). 

One day I woke up buried in delayed updates and I hacked my way through it. When I got to my feet I started rolling them up into a katamari. So, there were my supposed game blog posts. (^^U)

I have yet to go through this neglected blog and see if there is anything I can make some revisions to and incorporate here (another work in progress ^^U)

See, that's why I just need to stick to one blog!!! XD

A Sticker Blog (Template and images from

I collect stickers, and since I had a mountain of them (now it's just a small hill, since I sold some of them, and decided to use many of them instead of just keeping them), I decided to "document" them using a sticker blog. I was able to upload only some of them, since they were really overwhelmingly plenty. Just looking at them back then made me too tired to lift a finger already :D

Neko (Template and images from

Years ago I wrote part-time for a blog specializing in anything Japanese. I never got paid for it though, so I used my own articles to build my own blog on various Japanese topics. However it was not sustained because I think that was the time I was working in an office where I did the work of four people and hardly slept anymore. (Good thing those days are over :D)

All about dreams, inspired by the game Yume Nikki

This was a blog I did not share with anyone I know (this and the blog which should be forgotten) because I only used it as a venue for me to record my dreams and easily refer back to them later on. Sometimes I see patterns in them that's why I wanted to keep track of certain dreams, but on other occasions I use them as basis for some of my doodles, plus I think some of my dreams sound like those really weird but interesting stories that I read which were written by other people, so it makes me feel like I am writing one of them, except that mine was just pulled out from the strange scenarios that surfaced in my head as I slept. 

I have discontinued this blog because most of my dreams are waaaaaay too long (as in my mom is so amazed and sometimes thinks I am merely inventing the stories in my dreams) and after I started this blog, I would always be in a hurry in the mornings to get to work. Sometimes I would get to write them in the evening but most of the details have been lost in my mind along with loads of work stuff (>.<)

And so I bid these blogs goodbye *wave* From now on it's just gonna be The Happy Peach (^_^)

It "Seals Your Sandwich" :D

I eat the crusts of breads so I never take them out, nor asked to have them taken out, even when I was a kid. But somehow I've had this odd fixation on having a sandwich sealer ever since I first came across it, realizing there was such a thing, more especially when I read that it "seals your sandwich."

Japanese Sealed Sandwich Maker (Photo from J-List)

And then! :D My mom gave me one the other day as an additional gift for Christmas XD (Her "actual" Christmas gifts were stuff from the Echo Store since she knows I love that store ^_^) It's not the actual sandwich sealer from Japan - we found one at Howards (^_^)

Sandwich Sealer - It SEALS YOUR SANDWICH :D

So this morning I had a Sealed Ham Sandwich for breakfast :D But of course I ate the crusts ahead :3 *no crust issues* :D (Memory flash: When I was a kid, and we would eat in a Chinese restaurant, my parents would order siopao, and then I'd eat a layer of the soft white part because I wanted only the "bready" part and not the meat inside :3)

The Happy Peach: With More Colors, and Brighter

I really liked my blog's previous look and color, but I realize it is too dim and not quite living up to its name of The Happy Peach. 

The Happy Peach, belonging to the Purple family with a bit of Turquoise

I think it's a nice color and I like the Japanese style background, but it does not look as bright and happy and uplifting as the blog actually is for me. Plus I saw how bright and sunny-morning-like my sister's blog is, and I wanted mine to look sunnier too. 

A Happier Happy Peach

I took screenshots because if I change the look of the blog again in the future and come across this post I will not be quite sure what I'd be referring to :D

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Purple Green Planner

It's a Green planner in purple, that's what I meant :3

My sister gave it to me as a Christmas and New Year present, among the many many other gifts she gave me :) 

Eco Things Planner (the flap that seals the planner shut is purple that's why I said it was purple :3)

My current planner (which was also a gift to me by one of my other friends, Precious) ends with January 8th (these planners have no specific dates so I can start using them at any time) so this new eco-friendly planner came just in time for January 9th (^_^)

Plenty of writing space for daily To Dos and other accomplishments :3

This is one of the perfect gifts I have received because I have just been coming up with a new way to mark dates, map out plans, set goals, and get things done. This thoughtfully gifted planner is now one of my companions as I move forward with fulfilling my plans and goals :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Slice of Christmas

So yesterday was a slice from all the Christmases I've had and will have in my entire lifetime. Yesterday was one of the thicker, richer, and yummier slices (^_^) And I hope and feel that the next ones will keep getting even more so :)

After midnight I opened plenty of really nice, useful, and pretty presents. (^_^) Despite some difficulties we've been having, I received plenty of presents from my family and each of them is very much appreciated and treasured. (^_^) 

We all slept quite late, but I had to get up early the next day to wrap some presents which we will give to our grandma and our cousins. 

Mr. Christmas Bear waiting for people to arrive

Sometime before noon, we went over to my grandma's house for lunch. We were the first family to arrive so my sister and I helped our grandma a bit around the kitchen in bringing out the food and putting things in place.

Cherry tomatoes for garnishing the dishes

She asked us to eat ahead, since people basically eat in batches at her dining table. We were hungry and looking forward to enjoying her cooking, so we ate ahead :D

Colorful plates which we always use in my grandma's house for parties (^_^)

Since our grandma had not fixed herself up yet, we placed her gift on the bed first. She said she wants her picture taken while she opens her gift XD That means she only opens her presents when she's been dressed and made up :D 

Gift on Grandma's Bed ~ She is the one who usually sews her bedsheets, pillow cases, pillows, and stuffed toys. These days though our aunt helps her out since her hands are all arthritic. (Note: the cat was a gift; she did not make this one XD)

She likes everything red so we wrapped her present in red cloth-like material. (This also explains why almost everything in her bedroom is red ^^U)

Dressed up and ready to open her gift

Our grandma is one of those old people who no longer acquired the habit of using a computer and a digicam. On rare occasions, she takes out her camera (with film) when she remembers to. But otherwise, she gets her picture taken by family and rarely gets to see them or have her own copies. 

Surprised and happy about her own photos - seeing them for the first time! (^_^)

So we gave her a huge album with most of her photos - those taken in reunions, her birthday parties, and other family gatherings, especially those times when she really dressed up, whether formally or in a costume. We wrapped the album in a nice, dark red fabric with flowers, and we posted first her most recent photos (from the latest reunion) where she happily posed for my sister in her handcrafted Christmas hat. She was so happy and pleased to see the photos, especially those which she happened to have never seen before from previous parties. 

Towards the middle of the afternoon, my sister and I gathered with some cousins and our aunt C (the one who has helped us a lot with our sewing) for coffee, snacks, and some catching up. Later on my mom called on us to visit our grandaunts who lived within the same compound - they are the ones who practically live surrounded by all sorts of old things which they chose to Never Let Go. As my sister put it, it's like anything that goes inside never comes out again. The household just continues to acquire things, and sets aside anything that Might Come In Handy JUST IN CASE (That means EVERYTHING).

An Antique Home that continues to acquire more and more things each season (that's my mom Literally Looking For Our Grandaunt, because she can hear her but does not know Where The Voice Is Coming From)

So for every visit I make to this house, it gets more and more crowded and stuffy. It all feels kind of exciting though, because I like going through the old house, surrounded by ancient energies, with its walls and windows still the same ones from the time of the war, and all the corners as I remember them from the time I was a child, only with More Things. Going through the house's "secret passages" always feels like a movie or a game or being in a book, that it all feels almost magical instead of ghostly. 

The same corner I visited over a year ago, but this time, I could not go near the antique Japanese-made air cooler anymore. Last year I was able to look at it closely and touch it, but now, so many things keep us apart. Such is the fate of myself and Japanese.... stuff. Fine, and maybe men. Hahaha.

We toured ourselves around the rest of the house, looking at each piece of decor or furniture as though we were in a museum, then started heading downstairs where their kitchen is. 

I passed this carving on my way out, and for a while I stepped back.

My mom decided to check out the old kitchen too, and I found the exact same dining set which we all used when we were kids. I passed by their fridge and found really old magnets on them, and then we went further inside to a huge kitchen filled with Even More Things.

Old Fridge Magnets

We then found several old wooden cabinets and wardrobes in some dark dusty musty corridor. My mom opened some and we found huge bags of clothes no longer worn. We found rows after rows of old glass jars and jugs. We found things we can't even recognize. We found old books and magazines, ready to fall apart if pulled out. We found cabinets after cabinets of dinnerware and tea sets and party tools, thick with dust. I could not resist touching the pretty cups even though my fingers turned dark sticky gray after I did. These were really old, pretty stuff.

Pretty Cups, though thick with sticky dust and their cabinets smelling like death

After getting lost in time and remembering I am still alive and there is a world of life and new things out there, we stepped out into the sun.

A tree with mini-orange-like berries growing from them

We headed back to my grandma's house and spent more time with our cousins, then went home for naps. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Crafting on Christmas Eve

I spent the whole day crafting! (^_^) 

But before that, lemme give a quick update about the week. Actually, apart from posting about the week-long update from the previous week, this week is mostly about running Christmas errands and doing a bit of work on the side. Only today was I able to sit down and really do some crafting. (^^,)

I went with my sister to the mall last Wednesday to buy some materials for some handmade gifts and to look for additional Christmas tokens for certain people. We had some leisurely breakfast in Seattle's Best until the mall opened, and we went around and shopped until we decided to have some late lunch at Teriyaki Boy

Meltykiss on my Teriyaki Boy placemat

I had chirashi and I really liked it, but because we were so hungry already we ate some Meltykiss Green Tea Chocolate (^_^) She gave them to me and I shared some :)

Green Tea Chocolate (Received Version as opposed to Given Version XD)

Thursday afternoon, we stepped out again to buy some things from the supermarket, and then came back home with the intention of getting started on our handmade gifts. However, there was an impromptu dinner with our friend PW, and since the thought of Eating Out was quite attractive to us, we dropped what we were doing and checked out the new ramen place nearby, Ramen Cool. 

My sister checking out the Ramen Cool menu

The place looks really bright and cozy and interesting, and its colors and design were very pretty. It was only a soft opening perhaps that's why they served the house tea in Thermos tumblers (I assume it's only temporary since it does not go with the whole pretty-Japanese-put-together style of the place ^^U) But otherwise the place is really cozy and their food, with their generous servings, is really good. My sister thinks so too (=^_^=)

Spicy Alaskan Duo

PW ordered Sukiyaki, plus the Spicy Alaskan Duo for sharing, and although it was not spicy at all, I would say it tastes really great for Just Alaskan Duo. (The wasabi did not help much because it seemed like it was an old-stock wasabi because it crumbled and was not wasabi-hot anymore. I hope though they serve better or a "fresher" stock of wasabi next time.)

Shoyu Ramen

I really enjoyed my Shoyu Ramen though. The noodles, the pork, and the soup were all really really good and tasty, not salty. The texture was perfect  and all the flavors perfectly blended together. I loved it (^_^) 

We were supposed to check out ShareTea after dinner but it closes early (10 pm) and we were quite full from the dinner XD 

Friday was mostly work. I dropped off gifts in the morning for my sister's clients, then in the afternoon I had my English tutorials for my student. I was planning to sleep late and do a lot of crafting, but for some reason, this season makes me really sleepy early in the evening (like now, and it's only 7:20) and wakes me up automatically after 6 hours (as opposed to the usual 8 hours which my body is conditioned to). So I just went to bed early. 

I woke really early though but was too sleepy to get up so I went back to sleep. I got up around 8 am after a horrible dream, so I just practiced a bit of kendo to shake it off then had breakfast with my mom. 

After we ate I proceeded to working on our handmade gifts. First I cleared up the working area since I could not work when it's too messy, then soaked and hung our new fabrics outside to dry while I worked. 

Some new fabrics

I finished adding the eyes and mouth to a stuffed cat which my sister made for our niece, then proceeded to redesigning some hair clips for some of our cousins, whom we will see tomorrow for Christmas lunch (^_^)

Some materials for prettifying (looks like petrifying haha) plain hair clips

They were originally plain black or brown clips, and we first thought about adding a button or a flower or a ribbon to make it unique for each of them, but as I worked on them I thought it would be more interesting to add a layer of fabric or ribbon, Then add the button or any other design. 

Hand designed clips made by yours truly (Why do I always remember the King of All Cosmos whenever I say "by yours truly"?)

As I made the clips my mind gave birth to more ideas about my OWN clips :D and making my own hair accessories XD (Which reminds me, my hair is currently at its longest, like seriously, the longest in my whole life, ever. It means I have grown patient enough to wait for it to grow, plus I have not been having any desire recently to cut it short nor trim it or anything :D)

Six sets of hand designed hair clips ~ (^___^)

When I finished the clips, I took all the hanging fabrics from outside and kept them in their container, then soaked and hung out the next batch of fabrics. Last on the list was the gift bag for one of the dearest people who helped us with our sewing, buying of materials, and learning many other things related to them. We were planning to give her a bunch of goods to be placed in our small eco bag, but I realized they won't fit, so I took one of the bigger ones we will be selling next month. This batch of bigger eco bags have no designs yet so I designed the first one which I took. I was thinking a pineapple would be nice against its orange color, plus we've never done that design before. 

Pineapple Eco Bag! It was fun doing the pineapple (^_^)

Actually, I made a booboo so what you see in the photo is actually The Second Pineapple. The first one (without the lines and the beads yet) was accidentally cut (a.k.a. destroyed) as I cut out the "leaves" - I didn't know the "fruit" was trapped under the cloth (>.<) For a while I stared blankly at my Slightly Smithereened Still-Smooth Pineapple, then decided to Keep Calm and Make Another Pineapple

Pleased with the finished eco bag with a Whole Pineapple, I placed all the goodies inside and set it aside for my sister to see later tonight when she comes by before we all go to church. (^_^)

Speaking of church, I need to take a shower in a while then get dressed. I might do some reading later tonight, so maybe I'll post again by tomorrow. 

Enjoy your Christmas Eve and your Christmas, everyone!!!! (^___^)
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