Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Waiting to be filled

I've been kind of restless since yesterday, though yesterday was mixed with an odd kind of lethargy that made me feel a little lost and not quite up to the things I usually do. I realized this morning though, before I went for a nice, comforting run, that I might have been unusually lethargic because I really wanted to be someplace else. 

That "someplace" is a stage or phase where I have yet to be, but I feel that some things have already been brewing inside me, things which are starting to give way to that feeling of needing to do something and make things happen. 

At this point, though, I am not quite sure of the exact How of it all, but all the ideas are already there, waiting to be released, for me to recognize them and sort them out so that they make sense, and I would know what to do. 

So right now I kind of feel like I'm moving about as quietly as I could, so that I would hear when something rings or calls out from inside me, and I am keeping my eyes peeled for something that might show up and point me to the right direction, though I am not sure what I'm supposed to hear or see. But I know that I will know when I hear or see it. 

It's kind of exciting, because I feel like something great is about to take place, but I am also kind of holding my breath so that I won't miss the thing that will unlock the next level I am headed to. 

Monday, January 30, 2012


Someone Like You is one of those films that my sister and I often make references to whether as part of a serious conversation or as a source of funny remarks. During one of our chat conversations, "Dreamsome" started playing in my iTunes, and since Someone Like You, I have always associated it with evening baths (and cucumber slices on the eyes) and getting an unexpected call from a guy you like, who will ask you out for a bite until you end up walking and talking all night and having cereals in the morning, as what happened in the movie. So I told her that the song was playing.

The Dreamsome Daya Train of Thought


Oh but wait, he asked her out for a bite of hotdog when they were at work. When she was in the tub he just asked her for a walk :D 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Been Like Forever

It feels like it's been AGES.

I so miss my bed and my computer and my bathroom and folding my clothes. I'd been sleeping over at my sister's place since Sunday of last week, due to a couple of projects. Tonight I get to sleep in my own bed again so yay. And I get to actually SLEEP :D (I worked all night last night after kendo, until I started hallucinating about severed cat's paws and women dressed in Victorian dresses walking outside the window, and slept at 6 am this morning.) 

It's still good though because that means I earn extra, especially with my expenses for next month's trip. It also means though that I did not get to craft all week and I missed making pretty things.

I missed our Crafting Corner!

There's another project coming soon which I will need to do right before or right after the trip, and although I know I will be quite tired, I like to think of it as a good source of money for paying my bills and taking care of trips. (^_^) Until then, I will be doing regular work stuff and blogging and crafting. 

The week was quite busy, but a part of me still enjoyed it. I got to spend plenty of time with my sister and her cat Mogget, and these occasional jobs for me can be refreshing sometimes as it requires me to get out of the house and my routine. 

Yesterday was kendo and in kendo I realized that it's been quite a long time since I last saw a person's face Totally Light Up at the Sight of Me. I don't want to think on it too much, but it is quite refreshing and it somehow makes me happy too. It makes me happy remembering it now. (I'm not sure if it's me talking or I am just too tired.) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cats Talking

Some cats I found one morning:

I just had to XD

Okay now I shall move on and have a normal, grown-up day XD

(Of course I didn't mean that XD)

This is dedicated to Crowley Tuna, the stray cat whom I used to feed, who was recently run over by a car. He is now in kitty heaven where there is always a Fancy Feast and Friskies buffet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Futile It Is XD

So this is one of Those Conversations my sister and I have.

I was organizing some Evernote content, particularly my notebooks on home design ideas. I categorized them according to different areas in the house, but I suddenly couldn't place "Utilities" in my head. All I could think of was the Petville store and its different departments, with the "Utilities" being blank in my mind.

So I asked my sister:

We both used to play Petville so she knows what I was talking about.

To which she replied:

Yay it was "Utilities" :D

Suddenly recalling that it was the right word, I realize that it does NOT start with an F, and if it did, it would mean something totally different:

Suddenly, Thoughts about "Futilities" :D

And then it was just:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Beauty Board Evolution

For a certain project, I was asked to create a couple of Beauty Boards or Beauty Mood Boards - basically these boards should show how I perceive beauty, what represents beauty for me, what factors enhance it, and what associations I have with it. I was supposed to create two because one should represent a Beauty Board I would have made over 10 years ago, and one should be my current Beauty Board. If they were just the same thing then I only needed to do one. 

However, I realized as I thought about the contents of my current Beauty Board that my associations with beauty from 10 years ago have changed so much, and that my previous Beauty Board showed things that put a lot of pressure on me before. Of course, up to a certain extent, they inspired me to look great, but they were not very realistic and only showed me what I am not or cannot be. And most of them were focused on how a girl should look on the outside.

On the other hand, my current Beauty Board contained images that went beyond the physical and were more inspiring. Generally, the Beauty Board of my current self showed more aspects of happiness and health which in turn allow beauty to radiate from a person. 

I cannot post the Beauty Boards here as I just grabbed the images from everywhere (^^U) But in a nutshell, here are some basic points I noticed as I filled each board with images of my beauty associations and perceptions from over 10 years ago, and beauty associations and perceptions now. 

Beauty Associations from Over 10 Years Ago:

  • Being thin or skinny
  • Having long, flowing hair which make a woman look 500x amazing when she flips it
  • Because one is thin or skinny, she can wear even the tiniest of clothes and get away with it because her thinness or skinniness IS beautiful
  • Swimwear, tiny skirts, and tube tops on Hed Kandi images
  • Going to the gym to reach a state of perfect thinness
  • Dieting - oatmeal and smoothies - to prevent weight gain

I was never skinny so it was such a struggle. I also had a boyfriend back then who made me enroll at the gym and told me what I could and could not eat. I tried to follow everything because being a young, needy girl, I wanted to be like all the skinny models he dated. (Plus, prior to that relationship, I had a boyfriend who broke up with me because for him I became too fat.) 

The clothes I owned back then were mostly short or small, so it was a problem when it was cold. Those occasions were rare though because I was always at the beach tanning myself away. (I always made it a point to stay or hang out in places where I could feel as close to my goals as I could.) 

I'm not saying that it is not beautiful to be thin or that I have anything against long flowing hair now (my hair is actually at its longest, ever, and the natural waves are coming out, and I love it :D), or that wearing tiny clothes is far from charming. I actually still watch my weight, though I have never gone back to the gym. I sometimes wear short skirts and still love buying swimwear. I don't diet, but I make it a point to make more healthy choices when eating. So the points above are not all wrong; it's just that they are no longer my associations with beauty at my age now. And when I exercise or watch what I eat, I have intentions other than trying to be skinny. I just grew out of it. And when I did, I somehow set myself free from the constant depression about never achieving the perfect skinniness or being unable to wear the extremely small sizes of clothes in some stores. 

I have small wrists, and that's about the only thing I was happy about myself over a decade ago. Now, I'm just happy about how the whole me can do so many things regardless of my size.

So after putting together the Beauty Board that represented my associations before, I made the one for Now:

  • Being smart and knowing it
  • Caring for one's skin and body through natural and safe ways
  • Wearing pretty dresses that enhance one's natural shape or figure; the dresses do not have to be tiny or tight
  • Running or exercising to be fit and healthy, not just to be skinny
  • Dressing up for the style, not to show skin
  • Enjoying the right kinds of food, and not fussing about calories or that they would go to one's hips
  • Being able to laugh out loud and enjoy life with others
  • Seeing the humor in little things
  • Wearing the right kind of makeup for one's skin color and type
  • Being able to step out of the house without any makeup on without feeling embarrassed about it
  • Finding acceptance or being at peace with one's body type
  • Generally feeling happy and healthy, which reflects on how a woman carries and presents herself

My current beauty associations still have a lot to do with a person's physical appearance, but they have extended to her mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well. In a nutshell, beauty for me isn't anymore about being skinny and wearing clothes that show it off; it also has so much to do with inner happiness, confidence, acceptance of one's natural / genetic body type, healthy habits, and being able to use one's brains in dealing with various situations. It is not about trying to be beautiful-like-someone-else, but finding one's own beauty and letting it shine. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reboot Needed


I worked last Sunday (not craft-related though T.T but good enough to pay for this month's bills) until tonight (under the same job/project source) and I feel really tired and needing a full night's sleep to be able to fully recharge for another day tomorrow. 

A cold piece of dragonfruit totally wakes me up in the morning after a nice long sleep (^_^)

Tomorrow of course I still need to work but they will be the usual jobs I work on everyday. Sunday til tonight's work was mostly for projects with time constraints so we had to work on a specific schedule. However, what made a huge chunk of it tiresome was the nightmare I had Sunday night :T

Wait... come to think of it, work started Sunday night, which started the whole domino effect of tight schedules :D We were supposed to start work Sunday noon, but ended up going to the mall to shop for some stuff, then we had dinner out, so we only started work late in the evening. My sister slept over because it got too late, and we went to bed around 1:30 am. 

Big Centipedes: Stuff some nightmares are made of *kilabot* (I found this one in our backyard though :D)

We were supposed to get up around sunrise (6:30). However, I woke up a few minutes after 2:30 am, my heart feeling like it was going to burst, because I had a really disturbing nightmare.

My sister slept in my room, and about a few minutes after I was able to struggle out of my nightmare, I heard her make muffled sounds as though she was being tormented in her dream, so I nudged her until she quieted down. After about an hour though, I was still fully awake because I felt kind of afraid to get back to sleep, so for the whole hour I shifted from listening to music to making my To Do list for the day to reading my book. After a while my sister woke up, and I told her about my nightmare, and as it turned out, she also had some kind of emotionally draining dream that was on loop. We talked about our nightmares and entertained ourselves with other topics, until we fell asleep again around 5 am (^^U) We woke up at 8:30 am, and since then we had to squeeze in more things into tighter schedules. 

So yesterday morning we rushed some tasks until late morning, after which she worked on something else back at her place, and I worked on mine. At noon she came to the house again and we worked together until my student came for tutorials in the afternoon. After he left early in the evening, we proceeded to work again until late in the evening. Then, this morning until early evening, we went over to my cousin's place to work with her. We dropped by our grandma's house before getting back home to work on a few more things until after dinner time. Now, she is back to her place to work on more things, so it is likely for her to pull an all-nighter. I get to sleep for now because my next sets of tasks will come later this week. 

That is why for now, I need to reboot and work on other things tomorrow. 

Wait... I just received a message that there's something I still need to do tonight, but it shouldn't take a couple of hours, so I will be doing it after this post (^^U) Then, it has to be reboot time for me. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cleaning Up

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to clean up my room (I always clean, but I mean really cuh-llllleeeeeean it *Rachel Green tone about cappuccino machine*) because it looked as though Crowley played bad games in it while I slept. 

I decided to do it this way because I woke up feeling a little dead and remembered that I had a rare case of insomnia last night (>.<) I have a sneaking suspicion what it was about (which is also kind of the same reason why I felt somewhat dead when I woke up) but I choose to just ignore it for now :D

So I thought it should do well to really clean up and put some things in order and tidy up my mind in the process too and get rid of some bothersome thoughts looming over me. This really works for me because when I see and feel that everything around me is extra clean and organized I somehow feel more in touch with things and far from dead. (My friend Jen sweeps the floor when she feels stressed or preoccupied because Sweeping Soothes Her :D) I remember one time I was kind of depressed, and I couldn't sleep, so I decided to get up early the next day no matter what time I fall asleep, and do a major general cleaning. After that my mood totally changed and somehow many other things fell into place too (^^,)

Kon needed some washing too. (I didn't do this though, I was surprised to find him suddenly drowned and dead by the backyard sink.)

So now my area is super clean and I just took a really nice shower, and will hope for things to fall in place (and bothersome thoughts to dissipate gradually). I will just keep in mind that every little thing I do now should be in line with things I want to accomplish, and that I should not bother myself with things I cannot control, and instead focus on what I can do with the time that is given to me. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Wednesday

Last night was the first Wednesday kendo practice of the year, and as with most Wednesdays, it was very intense, especially now that some of us are taking dan exams next month. Many people practised, and among these were four of us girls (^_^)

One piece dress origami pieces that I made ~ representing each girl (^_^)

I was quite exhausted, but it was so much fun! After practice we talked about hotel bookings for Hong Kong, and since only three girls will be taking the exams and there are usually only two people to a room, they will see if they can arrange for us to stay in one room. It sounded like fun (^_^)

Yukata origami ~ Hopefully we can have a room arranged for the three of us (^_^)

Some of my other friends are going to Hong Kong too so it seems it's going to be fun (^^,) A huge chunk of me is anxious about the exam though, but I can't do anything but practise and do my best (^^U) *tense* がんばります!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Love

Even though there are reliable companions like Kindle and Nook, many book readers still choose to keep printed copies of specific books - books they will always love and read again and again. 

I thought it would be nice if these books we love were marked by hearts, so I made some origami Heart Bookmarks ~ perfect for Books We Love (*^_^*)

Some nice paper

A Big Heart Bookmark for the Bigger Books....

... and a few smaller Heart Bookmarks (=^_^=)

A Heart Bookmark in Use (^^,)

I will make more of these Heart Bookmarks using paper in other pretty designs (^___^)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Steps

Last Sunday, my mom, my sister, and I paid my grandma a visit. We got there in the morning, and then she made us stay for lunch. She said she wants to prepare us something nice, and despite her aching joints and feet, she happily and excitedly went to the kitchen and told us to Stay Away :D

Grandma singing something cheerfully as she walked with her cane towards her kitchen :D

Our grandma enjoys cooking and preparing food for family so she was cheered up that we decided to stay for lunch. It was also her break from making Valentine-themed decor made from recycled plastic bottles. She showed us the vintage-looking dolls which she intends to put on her handmade decor.

I used to play with these kinds of dolls when I was a kid :3

She'll get some for my sister next time, and my sister will give me one, which I intend to make into something I can use, or perhaps I can use it to decorate something I can use. Anyway I have yet to figure that out :D Speaking of making something, I spent the earlier part of this afternoon turning plain shoes into a nice pair which can be worn on a Valentine date (*^_^*)

Nice, everyday pair of shoes turns into...

Nice, lovely pair of shoes which you can wear everyday AND on a Valentine date (^_^*)

Just find a pretty dress to match ~ (*^_^*) Or maybe a ruffled top and a skirt! (^___^)

Mr. Music

My iTunes library is perpetually loaded with songs I love and songs which I just never managed to clean up / remove. As I listened to one of the tracks that I love (The Empress by Ancient Future, from Putumayo: Music from the Tea Lands), I happened to scroll down (the tracks were sorted by Name) and I came across four titles that sounded like a roll call of odd personalities, one after the other.

The Men of the Universe

Odd connections also formed in my head. Maker takes bones and covers them with clay and man was formed. Maker adds moustache to complete the picture....

I also thought about an odd group of friends where each character has a very distinct personality that corresponds to his name...

Anyway, how about Mr. Mogget?

Mr. Mogget is the Ultimate Mister Cat!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Narrowing Down My Color Scheme

I used to have all sorts of colors in my closet, until I kind of narrowed down the color palette in my wardrobe to a mix of just 25 colors (25 because there were different shades of pink and purple and turquoise and green which are the 4 main colors I love) over a year ago. 

However other colors still managed to sneak in until many pieces just did not go together anymore, which led to taking forever to get dressed. 

So I decided to narrow down my color palette some more. 

With the help of the wonderful color schemer, I picked five palettes I love most, and told myself to just choose one and stick to it. 

Here were my top five choices (all are screenshots from colorschemer.com):

These are cheerful colors and I LOVE them! I'm just kind of missing the purple. 

This palette is totally lovely.

Wearing these colors everyday will make anyone HAPPY!

All these colors are actually part of my previous color scheme of 25 colors.

This will totally narrow down my color palette, but each color is absolutely adorable for clothes and bags and shoes.

Because I cannot HOARD all the beautiful colors into my color palette, I picked the Mystic Color Scheme and will bring it with me all the time so it will be easier to shop for anything. This will also be my guide when sewing and making anything for myself. (Uhm, people can also choose from the Mystic Color Scheme when they want to give me anything.) :D

I will also be re-organizing my Evernote notebooks - I will transform many of them into actual doable projects and targets instead of a keeping them Notebooks Of Nice Things To Look At And Dream Of or Imagine Having :D I will also be transferring some of the images and content into mood boards which I can use not just for visualization, but as reference for various things. (For example, my clothes mood board will also serve as my reference for dresses or skirts which I will order in the future - this is great especially for pieces I might not be able to sew anytime soon.)

So... mystic it is.

My Chosen Color Scheme. (Actually, it goes with my current blog design too! ^_^)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fried Brain Gives Way to Some Sidebar Changes :D

Yesterday, I managed to finish just seven articles (^^U)

I know I said I was going to write after I finished the blog post, but after a while my friend Jowi (who flew back to Indonesia this morning) called to say she was finished with her errand and could meet me for coffee. I had not seen her in over a couple of years so I was quite excited to meet with her. Time flew and next thing I knew it was almost noon. She came by the house to look at some of our merchandise and bought some (^_^)

So I started writing in the afternoon, and for some reason I became so sleepy again. But I tried my best to write and finish the articles due at 6 pm, after which I rested my wilted brain by doing some laundry. 

I wrote until dinnertime, during which my sister came by and as usual, we ended up spending a long time at the dining table talking about stuff :D 

Anyway today, so far, I've written 13 (=^_^=)

I was planning to write again after dinner but my brain feels like it's been chewed by zombies, so I made some changes to my blog's sidebar instead :D Check them out!! (*^_^*)

I added a more colorful and attractive link to my sister's blog - my sister = my partner-in-.... craft! (Well oftentimes my partner-in-crime too :D At least mind crimes...)

You can now subscribe to this blog! Feel free to check out too those I subscribe to under The Happy Peach Likes :)

I made my tumblr accounts more visible so I took out the old links and made them into images instead. Finding Pretty is just my secondary tumblr account, and it is where I curate everything pretty (*^_^*)

The Happy Peach at tumblr is my primary tumblr account. The images I curate here are more varied, but basically they all trigger happy feelings and inspiring ideas (^_^)

Lastly, you can now stalk, I mean search this blog. (Oh yeah there's an option to subscribe so stalking is much easier there :D)

Now I feel tired and want to listen to music so maybe I will just write the six articles I was supposed to write tonight tomorrow morning. They're due in the afternoon but since I am going to kendo (first kendo class for 2012 yeiy) I have to turn in all the articles before noon. (^^U)

Been working so hard to save up! But when I think about traveling I start to feel happy so it makes me work harder than ever. 

More than that, I trust that things will go well this year - many of them will. Things will fall into place and what's lost will be found and old connections will be restrengthened again. (And the Universe will provide me with the things I need ~ it always has!)

Corn-sama = Abundance (I remember my witchy days when I strongly associated corns and grains with Prosperity :D) The Universe knows what I need. 

(O di ba biglang may corn :D ~ They will throw butter at the zombies trying to eat my brains.)

Anyway, some things have been quite tough lately, some of the things carried over from last year. But I trust that this year will take care of those things too. Maybe I am also just a bit too tired from writing that's why the Other Things are surfacing in my head (^^U) 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Write First, Read Later, Travel Much Later On

*yawns* -_-

Today was supposed to be my Book Day or Reading Day. Meaning, I will devote the whole day to just reading my books instead of just reading in between tasks or work...

... until I realized yesterday afternoon how much I need to save up for my trip on February (>.<) 

So a huge chunk of my Reading Day has been chunked off and allocated to writing a targeted amount of articles before I can get lost in reading :|

However I am beginning to get a bit sleepy T_T

But! I will not NAP!

FIGHTING MODE!!!!!! ~ My first Dragon Age II character (I had to restart my DA II game because the Pride Demons killed me about 5 million times, so I chose to just restart and shake the demons right off my head.)


And then I will write until I am free to read! *will keep the books waiting to be read in mind to motivate myself* 

So now I shall go and begin writing my articles. Perhaps later if I am still willing to look at a computer, I will update on how many I was able to write and if I made it to my set target :3

PS. I am no longer sleepy yay.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Large Eco Bags

A huge chunk of yesterday was spent redesigning our new eco bags - this time large ones (^_^) 

Redesigned eco bags fresh from the craft table :D (I like the one with leaves)

I made another pineapple design as with the one we gave to our aunt, but as with all other bags, it is still unique since we always use a different color or fabric for each shape/image and bag.

It's great to have them especially now that the supermarket near our place has already required the use of paper bags or eco bags - they have stopped using plastic! I was so happy to hear about it and felt that this better way of carrying your groceries and purchases is spreading and becoming a common practice for many people (^___^) When my sister and I were in Hong Kong last October, we noticed that all the stores we went to discouraged the use of plastics so it was good we brought eco bags with us all the time, or just stored small purchases in our bags. We were thinking it would be nice if the same thing was done here, and now it's happening! (^____^)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Early Start

Start, meaning, surprise, not just start-beginning. 


I woke up from a really disturbing nightmare (think Giant nails and screaming people in agony). I woke up looking and feeling like this:

*nervous breathing*

When I could finally move from total dead weight (hence the slight prolonging of the nightmare), I reach out for my phone to check the time - it was 4:08. I could feel the nightmare pulling me back, but I started looking at my world clock and tried to picture what it's like being in Japan or Mexico or Madrid at that moment, in their time zones. The thought kind of excited me so I was fully awake in a few minutes :D

I put on my glasses and looked out at the super empty and super quiet streets, and the idea that I could have an earlier start than yesterday (5:15 am ~ I was doing yoga stretches before 6) and can do More Things made me feel even more excited (^_^) 

Now, I shall go to the craft area and redesign eco bags! (^_^)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Flowers are for Moms not Mogget

Today, my mom and my sister are going over to my grandma's house to visit her. Before my mom left she showed off her redesigned shirt :D

Recognize that shirt??? :3

It was the shirt I sewed a handmade flower patch onto :D So now, I am thinking of making more flowers, smaller ones, to attach onto a collar and put around Mogget's neck. Or maybe an entire collar covered in small marigolds! However I asked Mogget one time how he would feel if I made him collars with frills and flowers and he gave me this look:

He was on top of the shelf and looked down at me this way.

What do you think? Do you think he liked the idea??????? Does he seem excited?????????? 


Of course I will not make him anything to put around his neck because I don't want to die by his claws :D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Productive Year (=^_^=)

I intend to make each day of 2012 PRODUCTIVE. XD

Not that I was never productive before, but I mean productive Each Day (literally, not just Some or Most days) of the year. That basically means no more asking:

"Where did time go????" *while in a state of shock*

Time does fly when you're having fun, but even then, you would always KNOW where time went - to a PS3 game, to a project you are so excited about, to crafting, or to shopping. But for a long time I've had days when I felt that Mr. Time ran off without telling me, and sometimes I would suspect he did not come by at all for an entire day.

The thing is, Mr. Time is always beside me except that it was I who was not making the most out of his presence (^^U)

And so, as with the last few days of my 2011, I intend to make All Days of my 2012 productive, i.e. I know exactly where my time went and I can go to sleep at night without thinking "I could've allotted more time doing this and that" or "I shouldn't have spent/wasted time on this and that." :D

My mom's request: I created a hand sewn flower design for her plain shirt yesterday - my last craft for the year and it was for my mom (^_^)

All these came to my head the moment I opened my eyes this morning. The thoughts pushed me out of bed and while still in tangled braids I was writing in my new planner - I know I said I would start using it on January 9th (since my previous one ends on January 8th) but starting a new planner felt more appropriate this time especially with my intentions and goals for this year (^_^) 
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