Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Happy Peach + Pear

Haha finally XD 

The Pear Purse. 

My Slightly Deformed Pear (^^U) 

It is the Mod-O-Pear version hence it is not your typical pear-shape XD But I could have done better especially with the tiny details (^^U) Anyway it is my first time to make a purse, thanks to Joanne of Craft Passion (*^_^*) I will keep practising on different things so that I will eventually get better :) Right now I am just glad I have finally started and finished with this project, and that I did not just get stuck at a partial pear XD 

A 30-Day Drawing Challenge XD

Wow, how brave of me XD When I could not even commit to Drawing Something or Drawing Anything once a day XD (And this is why my Doodles page has not been updated, and why the images do not seem to improve ^^U) 

But still, anyway, I decided to take on this challenge: 

A 30-Day Drawing Challenge I Stumbled Upon (Just click on the link to see the page)

It does have to look like a really good drawing XD (at least in my case :D) Anyway I shall try my best and please bear with my output when I share it here. Okay, I have to share it here because otherwise they might all just end up in the trash hahahahaha XD 

For all these drawings I intend to use just my fountain pen and some color. I will let my pencils rest because I also want to make my self feel "sure" about any lines or strokes that I draw :3 I think I need to practice being more Certain about drawing (or any other thing for that matter, as I wrote in my Morning Pages this morning ^^U), otherwise I will end up with 5 thousand doodles that do not make sense or perhaps a mountain of eraser bits and loads of paper in the trash XD

And so I take on this challenge XD (for the whole month of April which exactly has 30 days :3)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Partial Pear

Tonight, I came up with a Partial Pear.

Partial Pear from the DIY Sewing Kit sent by Joanne of Craft Passion

I have yet to attach the clasp and "clean up" the edges and attach the stem and leaf, but that will be for tomorrow XD I am tired from trying not to mess up this really precious project! :3

It's been ages since I first received this kit from Joanne, a really nice, generous, skilled, cheerful, and inspiring artist and crafter - but back then I had no idea how to sew yet using a sewing machine, and it took me time to learn and practise. So I decided to learn first and practise on some experimental pieces before working on this one, since I do not want anything wrong to happen to it XD However, practising did not take place everyday, since I also had to hand-sew some designs on clothes and shoes for our store, and then there was the kendo exam to prepare for, and there were the gazillion articles to write. So now, finally, after finishing my part in a recent project from my sister, I decided to finally give this Pear Purse a try :D

And so there it is, unfinished and just Somewhat Pear-like XD It took me a long time to do each part because I kept reading and rereading the instructions and trying to imagine what it's supposed to look like after each step, just so I am sure I am doing it correctly (^^U) So far I think I was able to manage even though it is my first time to actually make something that looks decent XD Before it has mostly been redesigning items, but not quite yet on the area of actually Making Something. 

Anyway tomorrow is the challenging part of attaching the clasp (^^U) I shall try my best :D

My Little Mouse of Hope (=^o^=)

Before I got my well-deserved, long overdue massage last weekend, I would often have nightmares, and they usually involved people dying due to very violent causes T_T After I gave myself a break though, my sleep has been better and my dreams have become more ordinary, meaning they are no longer disturbing :D

However, last night's dream was kind of unsettling, although in the end it was balanced out by a very interesting element XD

(By the way, I normally dream in color and my dreams run along as movies do - oftentimes in sequence with occasional shifts, and usually following a similar theme or story. I just thought I'd mention it because my mom and a few friends are puzzled at how my dreams seem to go on forever, and they say it is no wonder I wake up feeling so tired after those that involve a lot of chasing or escaping :D)

So anyway, my dream. My cousin Jennie was there along with her daughter. I was at her house, but it looked different as with most dreams. It looked more like ruins right in the middle of a thick forest, and instead of low fences, the area was surrounded by high stone walls. I stood in the center of the house, and in front of me was a vast overgrown garden, with crawling plants covering most of the stone walls. No one stepped out into the garden anymore because there was no longer any spot to walk on and no one knew what rested on the soft dark earth beneath the gigantic leaves the occupied the area. I thought I saw water turtles though, like the ones I have at home, and I was briefly worried about how they would feed and survive if there was no water. I started wondering how there came to be turtles in such a garden, but my thoughts were disrupted by Jennie telling her daughter not to go down to the basement.

I turned and realized that there was a ladder right next to me that led to a dark and creepy basement, and I "remembered" in the dream that no one went down to the basement because there was a crocodile who is always hungry and would attack anyone or anything alive that came near it.

Then I saw some turtles. At the same time, the crocodile heard them moving and went to attack them, so I looked away and asked Jennie where all the turtles are coming from. She said they just appear out of nowhere, and because they enter her home and bother her, she either throws them to the crocodile or wounds them at the neck with a small metallic hook, and then throws them out into the garden to die in pain. I was so horrified and wanted to tell her to just leave them alone, but she snapped at me and said it's her home and that I could not take home the turtles anyway because they will grow to a hundred or more in no time and I won't be able to take care of all of them. 

Turtle enjoying a swim at Kowloon Park XD (and away from a weird overgrown garden)

Distraught, I sat by the ladder and looked down. The crocodile seemed to sleep, and I saw a dying wounded turtle near it. I could not bear to watch it so I just looked at the vines growing along a wall that turned out to be connected to the garden's high stone walls. At the bottom, I saw a small brown cute mouse trying to climb the vines. And suddenly, as it climbed on its "hands and feet," it turned its head to look back at me.

The mouse wore thick-rimmed eyeglasses. 

He put a finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. I quickly nodded and watched it climb up, then it turned to me again and I heard him in my mind, telling me to look away so that the crocodile won't figure out that there is Potential Dinner climbing up the wall. So I quickly looked away. 

After a while I just felt that he had managed to escape, and I just knew that he was off to a special journey, and he had to get beyond the stone walls first in order to move forward. Suddenly, all the sorrow I felt disappeared, and I felt that there was a chance for something taking place, because the tiny mouse was on a mission for that exact same thing. I felt so hopeful and happy even though I was not sure what that something was all about, but I just knew that I was soon going to be free from something that I always felt trapped in. 

Then I woke up feeling happy and excited about the mouse getting away, and felt that big changes are about to take place (^_^)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting Things Done


I know, I know, I have been quite busy :D But I think I am reaching a breakthrough in so many things. I've been so busy but all the exhaustion I feel at the end of each day is merely physical. Mentally and emotionally, I have been bursting with ideas and plans and swirls of color and happy feelings and inspiration from different people (=^_^=)

Especially since I got my long overdue massage last Saturday XD (I went to get a massage instead of going to kendo. I decided not to go to kendo due to certain reasons.) All the knots and stress have melted away and I was just ready to Get Things Done. 

(Angel in Kowloon Park) Ideas, ideas :3

This week I have given myself a set of three additional goals on top of those I need to achieve each day. I discovered things I could have done something about before but never managed to get around to doing; this time I intend to erase them from my list of To Dos so that I can make way for bigger things. 

And this is why I have not been able to update my blog; I was still adjusting to some changes that I did with how I schedule and do things, but now I think I am getting along fine :)

Off to put check marks on more items in my To Do list now! (^_^) Have a nice, happy Tuesday, everyone!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday Skies

Yes, it has been Ages. 


Instead of a book break, now I just want to get plenty of SLEEP XD As you can see, last Sunday... or the Other Sunday, I was hoping to finish the work I was doing so that I could finally bury myself in the books I am reading. However, the work extended until more stuff added to my list, and so I have been hardly home since that Sunday (without any book breaks!) and I have not been getting enough sleep and exercise too (>.<) 

To wake / cheer myself up, I occasionally reblogged posts in my main tumblr blog and pinned pretty and interesting images in my pin boards. Last Sunday though, the weather was like, PERFECT, and I so wanted to step out for a run, for a long walk, or for coffee, but I could only make do with taking a few moments to look out my sister's window (I worked at her place because the job was for her consumer research company). 

It was pleasantly cloudy and windy at 2:13 pm, though it drizzled a bit afterward. 

What I like about working over at my sister's place is that I get to take a good look at the city and enjoy the view especially when the weather is really beautiful. That, and I get to eat the meals she cooked :D

A really nice and sunny Sunday afternoon - most of the clouds have melted away by 4:10 pm.

Then, I was supposed to finish everything by yesterday (well not everything, but at least those that required me to access the video files at her home), but we got trapped by Dexter around the early afternoon, so I had to go back this morning to really finish the last of the work :D 

Now I am back home and will be starting another line of tasks, but at least these are things I can do here at home (^^,) It also feels great that I have finished the job that came before it (^_^) It's good to be back, and I am looking forward to do loads of different things I love to do (^_^) For one, I'm happy to be able to blog again :D 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Break

It is a wonderful, sunny, windy, and summery Sunday!

And I am working (^^U)

It's for my sister's project (for her consumer research company) and I intend to finish everything by tonight. I am just currently finishing my tea before it gets cold so I get to write something here and check some interesting Pinterest pins, then after this it's all going to be working straight until I go to bed.

Times like this, I motivate myself by thinking of the things I intend to do after. It shifts from gaming to drawing to reading to blog organizing to crafting, but right now, it is mainly just the idea of sitting out in the backyard or on my bed by the window, reading my books. I am further inspired by the memories of past travels, when my sister and I would take a break from a lot of walking or shopping by going back to the hotel, putting our feet up, and spending a couple or so hours just reading while munching on chips or drinking some milk tea or chocolate milk.

Kowloon Dairy Chocolate Milk from 711 across Eaton Hotel

I am currently reading five books as listed in my Good Reads account, and I can hardly wait to get back to them when I am done with this urgent job. So now, I shall go and continue, keeping in mind the books that are waiting for me (^_^)

Friday, March 9, 2012

HK: Past, Present, Future

I just realized that I never shared photos and did not really write so much about our trip to Hong Kong on October of last year (^^U) Anyway, it was basically a last-minute decision. Fortunately, we were able to book a room at a discounted rate in Eaton Hotel, and we totally felt right at home in the area. Next time we go back to Hong Kong (probably for next year's kendo), we will fly early again and come back home much later, and we will definitely visit our "home" spot near Nathan Road. Last month, we were near the area but I was tired and we came from all over the city, so all I could think of was to get back to New Territories and soak my feet in warm water and just bond with my sister. 

Anyway, while last October's trip was pleasantly warm and laid back and peacefully happy and made me feel briefly like I did not want to go back home, last month's was a mixture of a lot of stuff, in a whirlwind of cold weather and intense emotions. 

A nice, quiet walk in Kowloon Park

It brought with it plenty of realizations, though, and while falling in love brought about that pleasant, giddy feeling, it also caused me tremendous pain that has now propelled me to move forward faster and to work even harder to move Away from that emotion and Towards what I really want to do and where I want to go. 

Taking long walks and exploring places with my sister in a foreign country is always fun and liberating.

So anyway I am already thinking of flying to Hong Kong next year at least a couple of days before the actual kendo days, and then extending for at least three nights after. I intend to go back to our "home" area near Nathan Road and find time to just really sit or walk and enjoy the weather. 

Temple Street - where we were caught in the middle of some kind of magic spell in October

I know it's too early to think about next year's Hong Kong when I have not even gone to the beach for this year's local trip. Speaking of which, I have booked my flight going out of Manila but I have not booked for the flight home. Maybe later. (^^U) I can't wait to go back to the beach! After that it's either Malaysia or Vietnam (uhm yeah Malaysia is back in the picture although Vietnam still makes me catch my breath, mainly because of the fact that Vietnam makes me catch my breath), and then our annual Singapore. (I really have to work hard because I intend to shop again in Singapore! I rarely shop so much, except maybe in Singapore. I am already thinking about Kinokuniya and Rose Citron and HMV, among other places.) 

Yesterday I have reached some kind of calmer state than the one prior to and during my birthday. I still feel the ache from the T-etch on my heart, but I feel I am starting to move on. He still does inspire me so much, though. Maybe in my next lifetime I will seek him out. Or make sure he finds me, before anything else takes place.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Prayers

Today is my birthday :D

My godmother sent me mail - it was a card that supported St. Bonaventure Indian Mission & School, and inside was a very special message:

I like gifts like this (^_^)

And because today's my birthday, I declared it a Free Day - meaning I do not have to work and I get to do as I please :3 (I got to watch some TV after about 45 million years.)

I still went running first thing in the morning, because it calms my mind among the many other things running does for me. Before that though, I dropped by the village church to catch the early morning mass, though I still had to look for it so I came in just as the priest was saying his homily. I don't really go to church to hear mass, so mostly I just sit there and listen and quiet my mind and find peace when everyone sings. After that I went running as I do on other mornings, then I went home to make the most out of my Free Day. 

I was supposed to do kendo tonight but I decided not to go, because at some time in the afternoon I had some kind of anxiety attack about something else, so I felt that it was best that I stay home and continue doing things that are not according to schedule, that way my mind feels more quiet  and less tied down, so that I can begin the process of letting go of something. 

It's a tough thing that I have to do right now, but the best way to do it is to just carry on with whatever I need to do each day, focus on goals that I can do something about, prepare for my next trip, and try my best to not think about things that I need to let go, until I just grow out of them, and they are just effortlessly out of my system. And then I will have room for better things, better people, and better experiences. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lemon Life

When life gives you lemons....

...appreciate them with chocolate XD

Conveniently, individually packed sticks of lemon chocolate :3

I had this Meiji Fruity Lemon (the one I got from Okashi Land) for the first time yesterday and it was really good and pleasantly... lemony XD It's such a "cheerful" taste and I think it's perfect for today's perfect sunny and windy weather (^_^) Makes me want to bring it with me on a nice quiet walk in a park :3

This park is more like what I have in mind (^^U)

In any case, life gave me an avalanche of lemons yesterday and I'm still struggling to move forward despite their still ongoing avalanche, rolling down at me from a mountain of lemons from everywhere. However I need to see that these lemons were necessary to make really good lemon chocolates. So I guess I just have to wait for the chocolates that will come after the lemons. I may not understand yet why-so-many-lemons and why they made me cry so much yesterday but I will continue to try to move forward. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


As of this morning my voice has improved (been hoarse since the weekend due to the cold weather in Hong Kong) although it was aggravated by last night's practice (^^U) In any case I hope I get my voice back fully by Saturday so I can practice kendo properly. Last night when my voice would falter, my actions somehow got affected too :T And I didn't sound fierce at all XD

Anyway I have to get back to work now, have loads waiting for me. Despite my busy schedule and my impatience for getting my voice back, I have something that keeps me smiling and feeling all girly inside XD

As girly as ever (^^U)

It's not something so huge, but it does make me smile from time to time (*^_^*) 
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