Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Clear Mind

Yesterday morning, I woke up agitated. I realized there was something I needed to change about how I set my goals and how I went about trying to accomplish them. Suddenly, an idea came to me on how I should do it better, so I got up and totally skipped my morning exercise, and immediately settled in front of the computer, putting into writing the idea that came to me, and in the process, changing the manner of how I tried to achieve my many goals all at the same time. (Basically, it involved listing down all my set goals and reviewing them, adding some and taking out some, then listing them by priority, then by category, then listing down action steps, reasons for wanting to achieve that goal, current practices being observed, etc. etc. - feel free to leave a comment or message for those of you want to learn more, or are having trouble with goal setting~) After about two and a half hours, I was done, and I immediately felt so much more peaceful and so much lighter than I did when I woke up (and apparently, when I slept the night before). 

One of the things that help clear my mind

I did not realize I had been quite anxious about the little things I noticed recently, particularly those that did not seem to work or "feel right" to me anymore. So finally, after yesterday morning's sudden idea and unplanned reorganizing of my goal list and resetting many of them, I found myself feeling much lighter afterward and more focused on whatever I had to do. It made such a huge difference to have cleared my head. 

A number of things help clear my mind especially when things seem to have gone awry or when I am totally blinded by all sorts of negative thoughts. Some of them include:

1. Reading the Tao Te Ching
2. Clutter-clearing or Seriously Cleaning parts of the house as though an evil spirit lurked in it
3. Stopping to "listen" (or Doing Nothing, or like in the movie "Megane," "twilighting")
4. Spending time with pets
5. Talking a long walk or stepping out for a run

Anyway I just feel quite relieved from yesterday. However, in other news, my mind has gone beyond clear when it came to my Japanese adjectives and kanji (>.<) More specifically, my mind has gone blank (^^U) I have not reviewed in a long time and only managed to do so very few times since my last class. So this morning I opened one of my books and reviewed for a while. Somehow, studying gives me a different kind of peace and happiness too (of course as long as I like the subject).

Kawaii = lovely; cute (You know, like my pencil and my bookmark :3)

With regard to my goal to go back to school for this, it has been placed after the more urgent goals that concern by bills and finances; same with my travel and home goals. It seems quite a long way to them now after I have reorganized everything, but at least things are much clearer to me now in terms of what to prioritize and what specific action steps I need to take. I trust that eventually, possibly even sooner than I expect, I will get there (^_^)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Out For A Run

After a long time of not running (apart from the super busy schedule, it had been raining so I could not go running in the morning), I was back in my running shoes today (^_^) 

On the way to the park early in the morning, listening to Taiyou by Asobi Seksu ~ how apt (*^_^*)

Being able to go for a run this morning means I was able to get to sleep early last night :3 Yesterday in the afternoon, I came home from my first job of the day for my tutorial, but it turns out my student was ill and could not make it. So I went out to the backyard instead to say hi to the turtles and show them I just brought them a new container of food. The whole time I've been busy with work outside the house, I have not been spending time with them, so I cheerfully showed them their supply. 

She says: Finally, regular food. All I had this morning were bananas. (Actually, I also gave her papaya but she probably forgot because it was a very tiny piece.)

Since I suddenly had extra time in my hands due to the absence of my student, I had a leisurely burger time with my parents in the dining room, then I proceeded to re-organizing our craft corner. Previously I just cleared away the mess, but this time, I completely separated our Materials from the Merchandise. The next step would be managing the inventory but that would be for next time. I think it would be best to put Everything in order first before I proceed to sewing and making and experimenting. Hopefully, I will have more craft-related posts soon. 

Buttons as cute as.... buttons. 

Because I was back home early I was able climb to bed before 9:30, which allowed me to get up in time for my run this morning (^_^) Tomorrow morning would be my 20-minute sun salutations, though. Unlike before when I 'd run daily, I now take extra care because I have occasional knee pains :T So I alternate the running with sun salutations, and I think I need to get new and better running shoes. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Managing the Munchies

I spent most of last week working at my sister's house, and for some reason, being in her home makes me hungry more often than I normally get (^^U)

Cup Noodles with Shrimp. The pink daruma is astounded. 

When I would arrive in the morning, I'd bring some snacks like cup noodles and easy to cook chicken ramen and fruits and bread, but when we've gobbled up everything, I'd raid her fridge or I'd ask for sweets :3

Too-milky Milk Chocolate. Best eaten when Cold and Crunchy from the fridge :3

Just so you know, we allow for enough space between snacks. Otherwise the floors would crack and we'd end up in the basement parking :D 

Anyway, here is a new week, and I am kind of craving for turkey sandwiches and milky oatmeal. Speaking of milky, the milk chocolate above is not exactly something I would eat again because it is too milky in a way I do not like D: 

Have a great week ahead, everyone! (^___^) 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tempting Tuesday

I KNOW. I have not been around for over a week, but before anything else I would like to share this long due post that was supposed to follow the ones about our Spider Sunday and Mermaid Monday :D I call it Tempting Tuesday because after we have checked out and while we were watching the sea, we briefly thought about extending until whenever :D Tempting as it was, we didn't, and we were back home by Tuesday night. 

From our suite balcony; that's about the area we would swim in, when the tides are high (That jutting rock would be completely immersed, and I would hold on to it to "rest.")

I woke up really early, eager to go for a swim, though the water would only start to rise around midmorning. So I spent some time reading and having coffee at the restaurant that overlooked the sea while I waited for my sister to wake up, and then we could have breakfast together. 

Mr Crab saying good morning (This is the part beneath the resort floors, near the area where I saw Ze Zee Znake.)

Eventually she came down and we ate, then we spent the rest of the morning swimming. By then the water has risen and it was safe to swim without having to step on the slippery rocks and sea grass at the bottom and possibly disturb striped creatures (^^U)

Around noon, we took a shower and packed our things, and checked out. 

And then since coming back from that vacation, things have been very busy (^^U) It is part of the reason why I had been away from my blog for so long. Starting this weekend, things are hopefully back to their normal pace again. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mermaid Monday

My second day at the beach shifted from an Encounter with Many Spiders to an Encounter with a Sea Snake (^^U)

Though we spent most of our (Spider) Sunday away from our resort, we decided to stick around the following day. After having a long and leisurely breakfast, I decided to go for a swim (and check out the many crabs that were hanging out by the rocks under Spider House. (The rocky area below the resort was where I saw the stripey sea snake :D)

Monday morning breakfast

So I climbed down the ladder that led to the deeper part of the sea. I said hi to the crabs who were resting on the rocks. Most of them were gray and small, but I found a big and reddish one which was hiding inside some tiny cave, and it made me think of crab with chili and coconut milk. 

Swimming in the deep but clear waters of the sea was so much fun :D (Plus it is away from the crowd) 

And so that was how I got my sunburn :3 I was practically in the water all day. I only came out of the water to eat and rest for a few minutes but after a while I went right back in. I held on to the ladder though when the waves became too strong because I have no intentions of hitting my head (or any body part) against the huge rock that was jutting out from under the resort building, but otherwise I was in the water all the time I could turn into a mermaid. 

The late afternoons: Low tide

The tides were at their highest during the late part of the morning until the early afternoon. By the late afternoon until evening, the waters in front of Spider House were only ankle deep. We could practically walk over to the other resorts through the water, though we decided against it because I accidentally stepped on a "rock" which got scared and crawled away after scurrying across my foot. We also did not want to walk on the grassy areas and possibly disturb a sea snake XD So anyway, I was out of the water by mid-afternoon, and my skin has totally burnt, but I had so much fun being in the water the whole day (^_^)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spider (and Scorpion?) Sunday

I was up on the wee hours of Sunday - I was taking the first flight to Caticlan so after kendo the night before, I took a bath, had milk, finished my packing, and immediately went to sleep. I was up by 2:30 am of Sunday for last minute preparations. 

Checking in and everything was super quick (^_^) It was my very first time to travel without any check-in baggage so I was surprised to be finished with everything in just half an hour. Since I had plenty of time to kill before boarding time, I just read from my Kindle, listened to music, and watched the sleepy people around me. 

I was traveling alone because my sister had been in Boracay for a Friday wedding since Wednesday. Eventually I got to Diniwid Beach where our resort was. 

Spider House Resort - a great getaway from the city, into the arms of... spiders. 

We always stayed in Waling Waling before, but apparently it has now become Estacio Uno, and the place now feels different. So my sister decided to look for another resort. Since we want to be away from the crowd and where the parties are, she specifically picked a more quiet location where we could just be by ourselves. 

The door to our very spacious room :D

There were only a few other guests in the resort, most of which were European couples or small families. Like we, they smiled a lot but mostly kept to themselves, so even if everyone was hanging out by the restaurant that overlooks the sea, the place was quite peaceful, quiet, and very relaxing. 

Our balcony (where I met a tiny purplish spider who took the liberty of exploring my arm and shoulder)

Before I flew in on Sunday morning, my sister shared the "suite" with a guy friend so we had two separate beds - one at the balcony and one at the "main" section of the room. Her friend slept on the bed by the balcony, but when I came over I slept beside her because it was cooler in the upper part of the suite. (He flew back to Manila Saturday morning.)

Our neighbor's balcony :D 

So upon arriving at the resort, I just put down my things and then we went to have breakfast, and then we went to swim for a bit and to hang out at the beachfront of the other nearby resorts :D (We didn't exactly have our own sandy beachfront - you go down the ladder and ta-dah, about 12 feet of water :D) After a while we headed to Station 1 for late lunch. 

The way out of Spider House :D

To get out of Spider House Resort, we had to pass this rocky stairwell which led to a narrow corridor which housed many different spiders :D After this trip, and after staying in a room where you find some of your things coated with some webs overnight, I am now no longer so jumpy when I see a spider :D

Spider (and sea snake) refuge - and yes I met the sea snake (on the other side of this area, while I was IMMERSED in the water)

The spiders do not really bother anyone (as long as you don't bother them) so it's easy to get used to them being everywhere :)

Oh hello spider. I didn't notice you were right in front of my face because I was looking at the water. (That time, I jumped :D)

Anyway so we went for a long walk to enjoy the sun and to check out Station 1 for whatever we felt like eating and to buy some snacks from Budget Mart to bring back to our room. 

Nami Resort - we intend to stay here next time (but still eat and hang out at Spider House Resort); it's next to the area of Spider House.

This trip made me realize how much I've missed the beach so it was really great to be back (^_^)

Going to the more populated areas of the beach

So I just found out that to get to Station 1, we had to pass a narrow pathway on the side of a small mountain which kind of made my tummy feel funny, uncomfortable things.

We had to walk by the edge to get to the other side and walking by the outermost part is not quite funny. 

Getting to Station 1

It was still a very pleasant walk though. I really love being near the sea. 

The sudden change in temperature when walking under the shade was pleasantly surprising XD

After going around (and eating so much from ) Station 1, we headed back to Diniwid Beach where our resort was. It was only my first day but I felt like I have done so much already, in a good way. And I was so excited to sleep (for seven or eight full hours) and then wake up to the sound of waves XD

We could actually choose to go through that hole instead of going around the edge but the uncomfortable feeling kind of grows on you and you oddly seek it. 

My sister, almost back to safety XD

In the evening, we went this same way again to stuff ourselves with Oyster Sisig from Two Seasons Resort on the other side XD But since I got dizzy from too much oyster and she got lightheaded from her Tequila Sunrise, we just took the tricycle back to our area. We did not want to risk walking back this way when we could not walk straight :D

Oh hello little... scorpion.

Back in our room, a tiny scorpion said goodnight before I tucked myself to bed with my Kindle, making sure there was nothing under the blankets with me XD 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I, New

So, as I mentioned last week, my old computer finally died on me so I had to get a new one. The new one was supposed to be delivered this week, at any time between Monday and today, but they delivered it much earlier - last Friday! :D However, I was out for work and was so busy until I had to leave for the beach on the wee hours of Sunday morning, so I only managed to unpack it last Saturday morning in between cleaning up my room and packing for the trip. 

Bye bye, old computer. I will always cherish our memories of Neverwinter Nights 2, Oblivion, swooning over Gavin Rossdale, and being my reliable partner in my home-based, freelance jobs!

I set aside the old computer for now and just have its contents extracted later on, then I will include it for the e-waste recycling program

I opened the delivery box and just had to peek at the iMac box inside before leaving for work again :3

So I came home from work Friday afternoon before my tutorial job for that day, and found the delivery box in my room, but I had to take care of other things so I had to let it sit for a while. After my student left, I opened the delivery box to take a peek inside, before having to leave again after dinner to do a bit more work. 

Oh look. Someone is excited. 

On Saturday morning I was supposed to take care of other things but I couldn't wait anymore and did not want to see my computer desk empty any longer (I was without a computer for over a week). So I took the box out of the..... box XD It all felt like opening a gift XD

The keyboard and mouse box

I picked the regular keyboard and mouse instead of the wireless ones so that I can just plug and use them, and not have to spend for batteries and their charger. Besides, I prefer the keyboard with the numerical keys. 

Oh hello new beautiful thing.

This purchase was also quite unplanned so I wanted to spend as little as possible. The shipping was free so I also did not have to go out anymore and buy from the store and then bring it home. So I just picked the most affordable one and did not purchase any extra items anymore.

I didn't know that an iMac had baby dinosaur feet.

And so I just continued with doing everything else in my To Do list and my packing after I had taken out and set up the new computer (^_^) By then my computer desk was no longer empty and I was playing music again and have turned the computer into Completely Mine (^_^)

I change my wallpaper almost everyday and this time it's Brilliant Green :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My blog has been waiting for me to post something, anything XD

In a nutshell, I am currently living WITHOUT a computer. Right now I am just using up my lunch break from work to basically remind everyone that I am still alive :D 

My computer finally said its goodbye last April 24th, and instead of spending so much again for its repair, I decided to just get a new one. So on April 27th I placed my order, and it will be delivered to my house next week. 

So there :D I am still alive and I am just waiting for my new buddy to arrive. I never get bored though, because I work at my sister's place or, on my free time, I put things in order back home, read my books, and play games (^_^)

I will write again, and more frequently, when the computer has arrived. Besides, I also have loads of work that need to be done out of home, so I have been and will also be quite busy with that. 

More next time! :)
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