Monday, July 30, 2012

A Swim Through My Thoughts

A quick swim across my thoughts:

1. I just ate cake with my mom and I am happy. 

2. I know I said in a previous post that I would be posting more of my colored drawings "in the next few days," and it's been a week and I am just posting the second one here. 

3. I want to travel to Hong Kong and create new and better memories than from the last couple of times I was there (last October and February). 

4. It would be nice to have a date with someone I like in this kind of weather. 

5. If I were to cut my now waist-long hair, I would make it like Spencer Reid's hair on the earlier episodes of Criminal Minds. 

6. I want Derwent INKtense blocks. 

Fish. Also posted in my Doodles page. Swam through my thoughts and now resides on this paper.

7. Why am I so tense?

8. I think that chocolate and mocha cake did me good. 

9. I wonder if I will see a certain tall man ever again. 

10. I want to go shopping for some makeup. Not in unholy amounts of course. Just the exact ones I can use. I don't hoard makeup. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Clothes, Cleanliness, Curiosity: Part 3

Part 3: Curiosity

This morning my sister and I got to talking about occasionally having "black hearts and black tongues," which basically require a person to do some cleansing ritual or meditation to "detoxify" from all the bad energies and thoughts. Having "black hearts and tongues" suddenly reminded me of the poetry of Sandra Cisneros, and next thing I know I was re-reading her poems from the Loose Woman which I took out from my shelf to read for the first time again in over a year. 

My copy of Loose Woman is old and some poems have many multi-colored underlines, marked at various points and phases in my life. Suddenly, I found some lines that have no mark yet, but have perfectly captured what I have been basically feeling since the weekend: 

"I like the possibility of anything, 
the little fear I feel
when you enter a room. 
I haven't a clue of the who of you."

"And what if you do like me? 
And what if you do? 
I can't think."

"Listen - cars roar by. All night. 
I'm waiting for the one that stops.
All my life. Listen - 
Hear that?

(From "Waiting for a Lover," by Sandra Cisneros)

So, the curiosity. The not having a clue. The what-if. As I wait for the car that stops. All my life. And yet through and through there is that tiny fear. 

In any case, I can now only keep moving on with my life and not hold my breath for something I am not even sure about, right :3 I was just wondering. I was just, uhm, curious. 

Clothes, Cleanliness, Curiosity: Part 2

Part 2: Cleanliness

I did not do any general cleaning XD Well I did, but that was early last week, and I do not really talk much about it because I go into some kind of trance when I do any major cleaning and when I come out of it I barely remember anything and just magically find everything very clean. So, no, it's not That kind of cleanliness. 

It's just that last Friday, as my weekday student toiled away at the very long quiz I prepared for him, I decided to revisit my old pencil sketches and color them. Actually, even before my student came I have been coloring the afternoon away. So as he answered his quiz, I colored some sketches. First off was something called Clean, Godly, hence the title of part 2. 

Also posted in my Art page, replacing the older version without the color

This piece became the title of the second part of this series of posts because it took me forever to debate with my other selves on whether to even bother to share these colored drawings (this one and the others in the posts for the next few days). In the end I did, because it is all part of my practice and hopefully I improve someday XD 

Clothes, Cleanliness, Curiosity: Part 1

Part 1: Clothes

After re-organizing the vintage LPs and reposting them in my Facebook and this blog, I moved on to re-organizing and taking pictures of some of the clothes we have on stock. I actually love some of the pieces, but they either do not fit me well or do not blend in with my wardrobe color scheme. (^^U) So it is better for me to let them go so that others may buy and wear them :D

This top makes me think of a Korean dress I saw way back   


Soft, comfortable dress

I am not finished yet, though, there is still so many to go through! I am loving it however, and I wish I had one of those torso-mannequins to put the pretty clothes on to. I hope I find one soon, so all the clothes would look better and more attractive in the pictures. Anyway more of these clothing pieces when I get back to working on their inventory (^_^) Next up, some attempts at artwork again :")

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Merry Music and Merchandise

After I designed our little notebooks last week, things got busier than usual ~ I decided to take out all the vintage LPs still in the house, and instead of inviting people over to take a look at them, I took pictures of all of them and posted them on my Facebook wall so people could more easily go through them and make reservations before they come over to pick them up. 

Some of the vintage LPs

While some people left me messages about which they want reserved for them, one of them actually came over to take a look and purchase some of them (^_^)

Aya meets the turtles for the first time :3 

It was Aya who came over to check out the LPs - she is quite into them and knows her stuff. She has been to the house before but it was her first time to meet the turtles when she came last Sunday to pick her LPs. They seem quite fond of her too XD

Perfect  fit (^_^)

When she came the first time, she bought a couple of really cute dresses from us and they fit her PERFECTLY. She is wearing them in both photos above. My mom was so amused by how pretty she looked when she came last Sunday wearing the orange dress (^_^) As for the second dress that my blog wore to welcome July, Aya saw my post and loved the dress immediately, so when she came over she tried it on right away and bought it XD 

Then, yesterday, in between tasks, I started playing Animal Crossing: Wild World again. Since I have not visited by AC town since forever, I decided to erase the existing town and re-start everything. It was so pleasant arriving in a new town again and meeting everyone. I named my town Booktown and my first character is a girl named Mio. One of my first neighbors is Anchovy, and he claims to be better at kendo and eating than anybody. I will give him the kendo part, but I am sure I can beat him at the eating part XD

I want to see Anchovy wearing his bogu. That is one big men and very small kote and do. :D

In the evening, after my last job for the day, I spontaneously decided to go to my sister's place for dinner and some of Skyrim. Before that though, we talked while listening to some of her own vintage records, pretty much like Isabella, Henley, and Milla of Herbert and Friends!!! It's really funny because I was about to write this blog post and then I came across Torunn's post so it was like, so apt to share it here :D 

So anyway after we listened to the music I decided that I will also buy myself my own turntable and pick some LPs from our own merchandise XD 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Notebook

Little notebooks finished! :3 After that preview last Sunday on what I was going to do, I got around to measuring and cutting up the colorful felt on Monday after I made my new friends :D 

Felt Covers (there's also a layer of felt at the back cover, with the same color as the front cover's second layer)

Then this morning I finished up their designs:

Each notebook specially hand-designed

Now I'm off to lunch! *wave* :3

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Friends

I made a new friend. Really,  I MADE him. 

It's the Coffee-drinking Tree-dweller (left).

The Coffee-drinking Tree-dweller (coffee not included) and the Kid with Friends

This Coffee-drinking Tree-dweller only lives in tall trees in large estates where the rich people living in its mansion hardly leave their rooms, and only do so to get into their shiny cars to go to some important event where they are treated very much like very important people but where they all basically look alike. He likes living in these trees because he can enjoy good-quality coffee from the rich family's kitchens and he can spend his days and nights in pleasant, peaceful quiet. Sometimes he ponders on eating the birds at the nearby trees but decides against it. 

I drew him on a old but unused sketchbook I found in a bargain bookstore near our home just last week. Each page has a quote from an artist, and the sketchbook is still in very good condition. I got it for less than a hundred bucks :D

I was not the only one who made a new friend; that little girl on the right also made some. I do not know their names but I am sure she is safe with them. 

You can find them on the Doodles Page of this blog shortly :3

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Felt It

Just to give an idea of what I will be doing :D

Plain notebooks + Colorful felt = Fun (and excited critters)

I picked three small-sized plain notebooks and cut out some colorful felt for starters. And I just decided to show off my new glasses that is why they are in the picture. Hehe. 

I have some work to do this afternoon until tonight, so I will get around to designing these notebooks by tomorrow. For the meantime, I like the sensation of felt on my palms... 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Grocery Bags

Just a few more samples/ideas for designing your own grocery/shopping bags for more OC, I mean organized shopping/grouping of purchases. 

Oh here are the carrot and eggplant designs I mentioned previously :D

With carrot lines

I love eggplant.

I also spent time drawing yesterday and the other day, but I realized I have not posted anything here nor in my Doodles page as my sister pointed out. I will be taking their pictures soon and will post a few every week until I have shared all of them here :3

Monday, July 2, 2012

Funky Grocery Bags

With the increasing practice of using paper bags in supermarkets and encouraging shoppers to bring their own shopping bags, we now get to see different kinds of these being carried around by people in the stores. Supermarkets and malls also sell their own versions of these eco-friendly bags, and then of course, YOU can make your OWN version(s) :D 

A red-apple-eco-bag for fruit purchases :3

This small-sized eco bag has a hand-sewn red apple design on it, the design made from scrap fabric. We've sold this one and we only have a few eco bags on stock, but it would be twice as fun and exciting to make your own too!  The idea is not just to make your own shopping bags prettier or more colorful; you can also choose and make designs that will mark which shopping bags go to which category of purchases. For example, this adorable red apple eco bag can contain all fruit purchases from the supermarket, or maybe it can "represent" all fresh produce. 

We also had carrot and eggplant designs before so maybe you can create a design of layered green fabric to make a lettuce - for a separate shopping bag for vegetables. Then perhaps you can create a milk carton design for dairy products or a fish (or steak) design for purchases of fresh fish (or meat). This way, you can have really cool eco friendly shopping bags while keeping your grocery items stored in their respective bags for easier organization and storage. (I know, it all sounds OC, but it will make grocery shopping and storing much easier! You will also prevent placing your fresh meat in the same bag where the detergent was placed last time, or vice versa. Oh, which reminds me, you can create a washing machine design for purchased detergent and cleansers! Or maybe a shirt hanging to dry on a clothesline with clothespins. Loads of ideas, really. And of course it's all quite fun ^_^)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello July!

Oh hello, July (^_^)

To welcome you, my blog is going to put on this pretty vintagey dress with a hand sewn flower design. 

As I mentioned, a flower can make a big difference :3

Anyway now that my blog has it on, it is another month that I need to face bravely while doing the best that I can. Things have been quite tough and sometimes I want to just buy milk tea from Chatime or chocolate-flavored frap from Starbucks and just get away and have a nice conversation someplace far away but right now I don't have the luxury to do that T_T (I guess unless someone steals me away)

One step at a time though, one step at a time. As Julia Cameron said, "Follow your strange creative cravings and you will be led into change a step at a time."
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