Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bruised by Desire

Haha "Nobody Like You" by Echobelly was on loop, hence the avalanche of emotions as I painted this woman :3

Nobody can touch you, she says.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Way Street

I was listening to a mixture of Deftones, Bjork, and Asobi Seksu as I painted this contour experiment and while I imagined her walking by herself along a street and not looking back, Bjork's "I'm your one way street" from Bachelorette  kind of stuck to my head. 

"Leave me now, return tonight~" (Bjork)

And then when I was finished and I moved on to other things, all that replayed in my head was the part where she sang "I'm a tree that grows hearts, one for each that you take." 

Walking along a one way street, growing hearts for the taking

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I ♡ Tea

Cups of teas drawn on scratch paper (copied from 100 Pounds 100 Days) ended up being colored and cut out and pasted onto another scratch paper with colored squares. 

Today and tomorrow are my rest days for this week and the next, and I intend to have some quiet tea time along the way (^^,)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Writing On Your Wall

Playing with artPad, throwing paint on the wall, writing on a wall, thus, a Wall Post.

Friday, September 21, 2012

First Bag :3

I made my first bag :D

Bag of Kitties and Strawberries

As with the experimental pouch, I did not use any specific pattern, but just followed how I imagined the simplest pouch or bag would be put together. I am more after the feeling of Just Making Something as well as practicing with my sewing machine use since I had not used it nor practiced for a long time. 

This bag has no zipper or clasp, and I just wanted to make something like my sister's bag which was recycled from old cloth sacks. Just cotton fabric, and something easy to fold or carry around as a spare bag for anything. I also wanted a perfect size - something small but wide enough to contain some of the books I frequently bring with me or reread. The length is also perfect - it's easy to sling onto my shoulder and it stops just at my hip (^_^)

I used one of my favorite fabrics, and then I just grabbed some plain ones for the lining. I decided to put a pocket for small items and to add "character" to the bag XD I proudly showed off my first bag to my mom and my sister, although it still has some rough edges (^^U) Not bad though, for a first XD At least it is something actually usable :3


Underwater, or across a meadow, whichever works for you XD

Another few minutes of having fun with artPad:

They are supposed to be water fairies actually XD

Suddenly, A Girl Observing You

I tried out SketchBook Copic Edition, and after I downloaded it, a nice blank slate appeared before me and I doodled the usual image that pops into my head, which practically ends up as the art (dot com) girl's friend. One day, there'll be a bunch of these girls, looking all odd and colorful. 

Observing (maybe she thinks you're pretty interesting even if you might be so cold)

I seem to have a thing for big, messy hair. Mine isn't really big, but it's messy XD Anyway, apart from that big head of hair, what I really like about this picture is the wall. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swallower of Sins

Sins. Thirsty gulps. 

Recently I decided out of the blue to re-read Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros. Later on as I doodled I recalled some lines that have been replaying in my head, hence, the painting above.

"I am the swallower of sins.
"The lust goddess without guilt.
"The delicious debauchery. You bring out
the primordial exquisiteness in me. 
"The nasty obsession in me. 
"The corporal and venial sin in me.
"The original transgression in me."

(Sandra Cisneros, "You Bring Out the Mexican in Me")

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sea of Paint

"All Just Wrong" inspired by constantly listening to Asobi Seksu music especially "Red Sea"

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Experimental Pouch

After creating a Pear Purse for the first time, I have not tried making something similar again for fear that I might mess up and end with about 900 more deformed creations XD

Besides, I have been quite busy (or perhaps chosen to be busy than risk making Sort-Of purses and bags) and have been reopening old dusty sketchbooks to face my drawing and painting issues XD (I have resolved that with practice, I will get there, eventually...) 

So anyway several weeks ago I tried creating a small purse from scratch, following a pattern I put together in my head, and then after the initial trial, the unfinished purse lay neglected by the sewing machine for an eternity, until I decided to pick it up again yesterday and try to finish it. 

The Experimental Pouch

Despite the uneven parts and the "rushed" quality, I am still glad I was able to make Something That Can Actually Be Used XD I think it looks pretty acceptable, though Thou Shalt Not Dare Look Inside XD 

Trying out The Happy Pouch :3

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Illusion (see the recent post on Fuel for Productivity), now finished. (Wow that can have a number of different meanings :D) 

I remember starting this while watching Majo no Takkyuubin (^_^)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fuel for Productivity

Yesterday and today came and went so quickly! it was mostly fun though (^_^) And PRODUCTIVE :3 

I decided to make the couple of compulsions I mentioned the other day add up to Top 5 compulsions I should avoid starting yesterday until forever (or until this "spell" is broken), and so far I have been successful. 

1. No odd, random messages that are pretty much like tugging someone's sleeve while he is being all grown up and the virtual tugging is not really supposed to do anything important except catch his attention

2. No writing of kanji nicknames on my hand as fake tattoos

And then I added


I forgot. 

Oh I remember XD

3. No more "loitering" around his page 20 million times a day (oohhh shamelessly XD)

4. No more of doing certain things simply because I Couldn't Stay Away 

5. So I have to: Control all frenzied aspects of myself when he is around. Or close by. Or Very Near. 

As mentioned, I need to use all these urges and anxiety as fuel to being productive and not causing trouble to myself and anyone :D So I busied myself with work yesterday with occasional naps, and then in the evening I went to kendo. Then I had my sister sleep over so we ate and watched until late at night, and then today we went to the international book fair. I just got myself an art book which I felt I needed as my guide for a certain style I have been trying to create. I also found this very interesting book on a complete beginner's course in the Vietnamese language that also focuses on everyday phrases and conversations, but the book costs around 3,000 pesos, which is way over my budget for ONE book, so I decided to let it go. Sniff. 

Most of the day was still quite fun though because for a change, I had absolutely no plans for the day and I was out with my family, and I saw so many nice books. We also had lunch together and both my parents were in high spirits so we all had fun (^_^)  

Moving forward, I think I am being Good for resisting the compulsions and will do my best to continue it *determined face* Besides, I have a number of unfinished pieces and a few new ones I need to put down onto paper. (Actually I have finished the first one but I have not looked at it again since :3) I also have a number of books lined up for me to read and finish.

Illusion, unfinished

Makes me feel like it's hard to fly XD

August doodles

PS. It is not that I am avoiding him like the plague. It is more of me making sure that as life goes on quite normally with him around, I don't get carried away by these feelings that are Just Suddenly There. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coffee and Compulsions

Yesterday morning, I promised myself that I will fight the compulsion to entertain any frenzied thoughts, at least for the rest of yesterday and the whole of today. As of now, I intend to extend this plan until forever XD (Okay, the frenzied thoughts part is not very easy, but at least no one knows and sees that.)

To keep my hands busy and my mind focused rather than frenzied, I made something postcard-sized:


So far, so good at not giving in to compulsions since yesterday. I don't want to keep doing the wrong things D: So I will just use all the occasional anxiety as fuel for doing more productive things that have nothing to do with bugging anyone. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stern Bun and A Wish Coming True

Meet the Stern Bun.

While he looks all stern and puffy, I am quite happy upon realizing that some wish I made yesterday actually came true, and it was even a much better version of what I imagined. Even the details I did not express clearly in my mind but I know I still somehow wished for also came true :3 I just need to be less frenzied though when I am in such a wish-fulfillment state because it exhausts me and makes me crash afterward. 

Oh the trouble. 

You see, there are really just some things you have to sit through and wait for to be over. Meanwhile, there are things to do like read books and paint and listen to music. Lalalalala 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pretty Dress

My sister and I like making lists, and one of the lists that I have is a Tiny Wish List (^___^) I got the idea from her, but while she has a longer wish list in a cute little notebook, I made mine TINY. Just five items off the top of my head at the time I'd written the list, that I surely like. And then as each wish gets fulfilled, I cross it out, until I have gotten all five. And then I make another wish list :3 The idea is to look forward to something that you wish for and invite it into your life! :)

In my first list, one of the items was a pretty dress. Then, the other day, as I was walking by my parents' bedroom, I saw my mom holding up one of the dresses she has on sale, and I liked it so much that I tried it on and bought it XD And so I have checked one of the items in my Tiny Wish List. 

Speaking of pretty dresses, I just added this image to my Artwork page. It has pretty dresses on them that I would also like (*^_^*) I made this when I wanted a pair of eyeglasses so badly and I ended up drawing other things instead. 

Brought about by a pair of wished-for eyeglasses

I remember one time (it was my birthday actually!) when I was told by someone who calls himself a friend that I was "too old" for making wishes. I don't think anyone is too old for wishes. Or any lady to be too old for pretty dresses. Or even grown men to be too old for believing in wishes. 

And so I will wear my dress and make a wish for today! :3 

Monday, September 3, 2012

To Do List: Ignored

Even though I tend to be obsessive about making and following my daily To Do lists, I occasionally have moments when I just choose to ignore it completely. Sometimes, I end up not following it because something comes up, but these occasional moments when I choose to ignore them are more like, a "calling" from somewhere inside me to do something else instead. 

So last night, when I was still feeling... normal, I made today's to do list (I do my list the night before so that my mind is set on how I will go about the next day) and was planning to go to sleep...

However I could not sleep (this is rare) and started feeling somewhat anxious at the same time. So I just decided to draw something. 

Kocchi wo mite

It came from all these thoughts about someone who caused me a recent frenzy

But then again I decided I should not even be bothering about this thing, so I thought of taking back what the previous drawing said.

These Are My Glasses So You Can Still Look

But then again I figured it was I who should not be looking and so I decided to make those glasses mine so that I wouldn't / couldn't look. 

Eventually, I felt sleepy and so I went to bed, but it was already quite late, and I ended up waking up very late, and I woke up anxious, and all I wanted to do was watch movies all day, or paint all day, or re-read all of my Sandman. 

Watching movies was very tempting but I need to work in the afternoon so it wouldn't be much of a marathon, plus I am fully aware my To Do list for the day feels neglected. At some point while I wolfed down homemade apple-and-pear pie for breakfast, I thought about finally finishing a painting I started some time last month. It is all about being pursued and not even bothering to compete insanely for anyone's attention. Thus it also speaks of a man having to know what he really wants (even if there is some noisy chirpy skippy girl making noises beside him all the time to endear herself to him). 


(Note: the subject of Pursuit is different from the subject of the mentioned Recent Frenzy :D The Recent Frenzy is Not Readily Available, while the subject of Pursuit is Readily Available but also seems Readily Eager to Run Away from Me.)

So finally I was able to finish it, and in the process I also happened to check out the other pages of my sketchbook and realized I have not finished a number of them and have not been taking pictures for posting. Anyway I have already uploaded some of them into my iPhoto and I just need to post some more next time. 

And so as I finished this, I decided that apart from my work in the afternoon, I will just re-read my Sandman. Besides, I made some revisions on how I go about my 16-hour day last night, and I will be applying those changes starting tomorrow. So I intend for tomorrow to be my usual sticking-to-my-schedule-day :D
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