Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Japanese Fairy Book and Girl

While I am reading four different books in Kindle, I am also reading three other printed books. I just finished the one with Innocent Erendira and Her Heartless Grandmother, and have picked another one, The  Japanese Fairy Book. 

I still find it pleasant to read an actual, printed book, although reading with Kindle is also very convenient. I like being able to turn the pages and easily flip back to a finished part, and seeing how far I have gone physically with the book. And of course, I like being able to use nice bookmarks.

This one was omiyage by someone who came back from Kyouto. It came with another bookmark with a different design. Both are so pretty. Even the envelope and the sticker that sealed the envelope were so pretty (*^_^*) The envelope had watercolor art on one corner.

This bookmark represents Japanese children. The detail is so beautiful. (I also used this bookmark because I think it is so apt for the book XD) 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween from Chokomochi

Hottest /Coldest Halloween greetings from yours truly. (Why do I feel like I sound like the Katamari King :3)

My initial intention for taking this picture was to capture the interesting design of a church on the way home from a hospital, but I didn't like how my  photo turned out so I just made it suitable to my Nosferatese look

I know I should be posting this tomorrow which is the 31st but since it is also the time for Trick or Treat and I have had WAY too many tricks played on me this year, tomorrow I will be busy flying around with my broom collecting Only The Treats. And then the morning after that I will be enjoying Dia de los MuerTOAST. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Niku-eating Nosferatese Impish Girl

Moshi Koshi opened their new restaurant in Market! Market! recently, and my sister and I went yesterday for a late lunch. When we ate at their restaurant along Shaw Boulevard, I had their shoyu ramen, and this time (after several minutes of deliberation which one to pick since I wanted to have five of everything - Biskit* mode), I chose the niku udon. It was perfect, especially since it was quite a rainy day yesterday.

A Bowl of Happiness

The niku udon was a perfect comfort food that came in a very generous serving; my sister and I ordered the same thing. She had kani salad on the side while I made space for green tea ice cream.

The matcha flavor haunted me until late in the evening :3 I keep wanting to have more. 

We had a really pleasant time (^_^) Prior to that though, I decided to (no, not die like Veronika) be somewhat creepy (or creepier than usual) and so I turned a recently taken picture of mine into a cracked, Nosferatu-themed oddface with a smile that implies wicked thoughts lurking behind the mischievous eyes. And THEN I left the house.  

in a Dia delos Muertos mood

Of course I looked much saner (and safer) when we went to Moshi Koshi and I had really good niku not niku from fallen victims :D  

*Biskit - An adorable Animal Crossing: Wild World dog character who gets so hungry he exclaims "I want five of everything!"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Music

Yesterday was lunch with relatives from my mother's side, because one of my cousins passed her CPA exam. The lunch was held at my grandmother's house, which is part of a compound where several other relatives also reside. My grandmother lives on the second floor, and downstairs, outside an aunt's house, was something my cousin is working on. 

My cousin wasn't around so I was not able to ask much about this order from him, but I took the liberty to take pictures. After all they already look so amazing for me.

On the top layer of the working table

On the lower part of the table

I am guessing it is something for Christmas and I wonder if he'd still color it and what the colors would be when he finishes them :3

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Something Similar

This looks familiar, I know. Something you must have seen recently. 

Clearer Message Received. Oh, I wish that were the case. I meant a Clearer version of "Message, Received."

This is the same piece I posted in the Survivor Sketches post, except that I added darker lines around everything to make it clearer/sharper. 

I have been coloring late, and just this morning I finally colored another drawing which I made on the same day I did the one above. 

Enjoying late night conversations

Come to think of it they both have to do with communication. Which reminds me, last Wednesday, I had dinner with a friend while her husband had a few beers with a business contact a few tables away from ours. I had so much fun as we talked and laughed over sushi, sashimi, tubs of green tea, Sprite, and coffee, that at the end of the evening I was drunk with a quiet kind of happiness. I realize that while I am generally always cheerful, lately, I have only been rarely feeling really happy, that when I get a dose of it I kind of get Drunk with it XD A little too drunk that I drunk-dialed-text-message-version some person and after I took a shower I was like, omg I shouldn't have wt*. Anyway not gonna happen again *apologizes profusely* :D (I am not sure to whom I am apologizing maybe to me omg XD) Besides, there is still The Akachan Angst and I feel like I really need to do myself some big favors to make up. Being spurned on so many levels in "different portals" on various occasions by different people is not good for my mental health and skin XD 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weird Flowers for A Weird Girl

Pretty for An Odd Girl

I intend to have this, soon enough, when the Time has come. I will definitely post an update when I do. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Citrus Ocean

I made some lemongrass potpourri for my bathroom and one of my closets.

Luckily, I found my last two sheer pouches :3 

The lemongrass was enough for two small pouches, which I luckily found in my gift wrap container. After filling both pouches, I tied the ribbons to seal and dropped some ocean-scented oil onto the pouches to add to the citrusy scent. 

Now, my bathroom and second closet smell like citrus oceans!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Survivor Sketches

I have been enjoying painting using some old secondhand Japanese brushes which I bought from our neighbor, who owns and runs a store, Japan Surplus. 

Old brushes, still in pretty good condition and so easy and convenient to paint with

I have previously bought some brushes from them before, to add to the few that I (re)started with months ago. Looking back, as I organized all the pieces (both finished and unfinished) I currently have, I realize I would paint some, then find them all ugly or unpleasant, stop for a few years, try again, feel that I totally suck at it, then stop again, and so on. Because of this, some sketchbooks had nothing but torn out pages and I think most of the even older pieces found themselves in the trash XD

The earliest I found then, was just from 1994, but there is only one from that batch, and I remember throwing the rest away. Nowadays, I still feel dissatisfied with most of what I do. The only difference is that I have now decided to stick with it because I really enjoy it, and I cannot really do anything else except practice and focus on what I can do at the moment, until I eventually, hopefully, evolve my skill.  (And of course there is plenty of thanks to Julia Cameron for all the guidance and reminders.)

So as I mentioned the last time in the previous post, I was still in the processing of coloring one of my drawings, while having finished another one. Now I have finished both, and though I am not quite happy about the first one, I shall upload it because I already said I would :D (Both are posted in the Artwork page, along with everyone else :D)

Having received the message, she kind of waits. 

Issho ni, moving forward

Monday, October 8, 2012

Aruki Dasou~

Something I drew during our garage sale the other weekend, but haven't finished coloring until now XD

Issho ni~

I finished another piece though, and will upload that soon. For now I will be organizing a few more LPs and updating our inventory. Have a lovely Monday, everyone!

Friday, October 5, 2012

More Vintage LPs

We have more vintage LPs again in additional to the ones we had before, although quite a lot has also been sold. Anyway here are some I just posted in my Facebook:

I am also looking for other venues to sell these vintage LPs. Maybe I can find a nearby night market where we can set up shop for about a couple of days. Just display and sell the LPs mainly, so that we can also be found by those who are really interested in buying them. We are selling these LPs at a very low cost so I think paying for 5,ooo pesos for a stall is too much. I am hoping to find even a local or neighborhood fair of some kind where I will only need to pay a minimal or zero fees for a tiny space to sell our vintage LPs. Anyway I shall keep looking. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Triad To Live By

I was talking to someone who is in a huge financial crisis, and many times in the past, just when she thought there was nothing, something always, always comes by, in the form of a project, a discount, a freebie, a gift, and sometimes, in the form of the Exact Thing which she needed. 

This time, she said, it's different. This time she does not see how any form of Goodness or Help can come along. She has exhausted all her resources and cannot see anything that just might suddenly become a way to resolve her financial problem. 

But then again I told her that we all say that. We all say, this time it's different. This time there would be no miracle. I was just lucky back then. This time, this is it, I can only prepare for the plunge. There is no hope. During these times, we always think, it's different this time. And we somehow refuse to see how it has all worked out in the past, one way or another. The fact that we are still all here now means we have managed whatever happened to us in the past. We were able to successfully get through it. We suddenly had an inspiration, or a renewed strength, or unexpected help, a chance encounter, anything that could have triggered the resolution or the answers or the thing we were seeking out. But somehow, when a new difficulty or challenge arises, we either "forget" those or refuse to believe that whatever we need at any point shall be provided to us at the exact moment when we should have it, not a moment sooner, not a moment later. 

No, this time it's really different. There is nothing. That's what she said a few days ago. 

Then today, Something came up, and suddenly, what she needs exactly is being handed to her. Just at the right time. 

So she said, just when I thought there was nothing, suddenly, there is Something! 

And I said:

Didn't I tell you to look back
and see that it has always been the case?
It's just you who's saying, no, it's different this time,
which everyone says too.
We always think,
no, it IS different this time.
There's no more good this time

She said, no, really, it's different this time. Back then, I had some kind of fallback or last resort. This time, there really was nothing.

So I said: 

It's not just a literal difference, or a difference in appearances.
If you look at it that way,
you are only looking at "goodness"
as the "goodness" according to what you see in your mind.
It's when people say "God is good" only when things go according to their plan,
according to the "goodness" they see in their minds. 
Hence when things don't go their way, suddenly God does not seem to hear them. 
But then it is not really the case.
Because what you think is good
may either be Not So Good after all
or not exactly It yet, because
something better is in store for you.
It's really all about faith and doing what you can each day,
and by doing what you can each day,
it's not about hoarding all the work of one week
in one day.
There still has to be balance.
Work and play.
In essence, the perfect triad you should live by
is that of
Work and Play and Faith,
all in a circle,
orbiting your entire self. 
You do what you can by working enough (not too much).
You play to balance it out.
And all the while you work and play in faith.
And it makes sense because when you work with faith, you don't overwork and you don't give up playing.
You Just Do what you can in the time given to you.
When you play in faith,
you don't play while worrying about work
or play with guilt that you should be working instead. 
So basically it's a triad we should remember to live by 
especially when we feel like we are scrambling at nothing 
after doing what we can. 
We have to remember how it has always worked out before
and how we received support for all our efforts 
at the exact moment we needed it. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching Up

I have begun coloring some old sketches again, and I have updated my Artwork Page with some additional pieces, some of which were from 2011, and some were drawn around the same time or earlier, but were colored this year. 

The Sandwalker

This is my favorite one from the bunch I recently uploaded, a pencil drawing from 2011, although I think it only started looking interesting after I added the Crackle & Ooze texture from the new Zombies theme of PicMonkey :D Still, I like how the whole image came out. 

I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts, and I was feeling unusually lethargic the whole day. I did not have my tutorial job today since my student is ill, and in the end I decided not to go to kendo as well. I do not know if it's the stormy weather or the fact that I have not had enough sleep since Friday night, but today I mostly felt like Wanting To Sleep For Days. 

I hope that by tomorrow I would feel much more "normal," especially after having slept in today and taking another nap some time before noon. 

In other news, I realize that I have already gotten over some beautiful Vietnamese man for quite some time, and that I am starting to lose an (unhealthy) interest in some guy I had recently obsessed about (omg) and made me go through all these crazy compulsions :D The latter (the Losing Interest part, not the Crazy Compulsions :D) just happened naturally, with a mild nudge sudden rough push, blatantly labeled "Baby," which then perpetuates the condition that I will always be "just another guy" because I am Not Girly Enough, I don't Sound Girly Enough, I don't Need Taking Care Of, and I don't have all These Girly Quirks (actually I do, I just don't bother everyone around me all the time about them). 

Omg, suddenly I am Angry And Talking In Riddles :D Fine, basically, I am relieved from a Wanting Phase and it was most probably triggered by him saying something I didn't like. And what he said was something that oftentimes places some person in a Special Bubble of Special Treatment, and so suddenly I am expected to be one of them guys who provide the Special Treatment for that person, simply because I am not quite girly or frilly (or fussy) enough. And it has happened so many times before, even with other sets of then-friends. And him saying that just kind of turned me off completely. I mean, I'm not Mad or anything, just Turned Off and Suddenly Exhausted.

Besides, anything with that guy is a Dead End anyway so it is a relief my obsessing about it is over :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh Hello October

*stares at October in the eye*


It's October already! I have begun buying some ingredients for some homemade gifts I intend to give some people on Christmas. (^_^)

We're already at the last quarter of the year and so many has happened. I mean yeah it's natural for things to happen XD But I mean many big things and shifts have taken place, which I believe greatly influence how the last quarter will unfold. Not just in terms of the events around me, but in terms of shifts within me as well. 

Moving forward, as I finish my noon time glorious cup of coffee, I intend to make this last quarter productive - in terms of art, work, helping others, and finishing up various things - and much lighter and happier by removing all sorts of clutter - things, people, habits, compulsions - that do not add anything to the quality of my life, or even drag it down. Some things are quite tough to do, but I shall do my best! 
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