Friday, November 30, 2012

Strange Tree Gazer

Grass, flowers, detailed tree. 

And suddenly there is a huge head and we don't know if it just sprung from the earth and what else it is made up of. All I know is that it is there to gaze at the tree. 

Anyway all that happened December of last year (oh it's December tomorrow!), and this week I put color into the Tree Gazer drawing. 

This week seemed to fly by so fast, in a good way. I was able to accomplish so much :3

I am also happy that I seem to have new friends who share my enthusiasm about art and music. One, being a great artist, shares his brilliant ideas and suggestions with me and remembers things we talk about, so now I am even more encouraged to keep trying out new things and to keep doing what I love doing. Another shares my affinity for certain music and bands and will share with me the music of My Bloody Valentine. He was honest enough to tell me he doesn't like lending music XD It's an honesty I quite appreciate though, and I am grateful he offered to give me the music, and in return I will give him that of Asobi Seksu. (oh in fact I am listening to Strings right now omg love). 

So there it is. The strange tree gazer. I realize that so far this year, I have the most number of posts this month :D 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pebbleman and Pillow

A colored version of Mr. Pebbleman and the pillow

Mr. Pebbleman the Protector (of something I am not quite sure of)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painting in my Japanese-Themed Scrapbook

A couple of years back (or I think more), I turned a notebook into a scrapbook of selected Japanese finds that I can stick onto paper :D I would use Japanese magazines I came across (I did not really shop for things to put in the scrapbook so it's more of things I am free to cut and put together, so it's Really A Scrapbook), images from promotional flyers, and other bits and pieces of flat and thin items that found their way to me when I was in Japan. Later on, back here, I would get omiyage from Japan from other people or obtain scrapbook material from the purchases I make in local Japanese stores, continuously accumulating more things to put into my scrapbook :3

Eventually though, I wanted to include my own artwork in the pages, so I decided to paint on the spaces in between the pictures. Some pages just had one or two cut-out images so I had more space to paint. 

A spread of some Mark City cut-outs made colorful by watercolor

I had cut-outs from the shopping guide of Mark City, particularly of those items I like, and painted around them. I also had some cut-out images from Tokyo Seijitsu magazine among other things. It's great to have realized that I can paint around the images to make the pages more colorful and lively and fun to look at when I want to browse through my Japanese-themed scrapbook. I won't be publishing all of them online though, probably just selected ones. Anyway the one above is a peek from a spread; I am still feeling my way around painting around cut-outs, but it is surely enjoyable. Now it is more than just looking at my collection of images and scraps! 


Last night, I colored this long-tongued monster from 2010, who seems to be quite hungry:

I was not able to finish the new (colorful and unusual) version of my CV yesterday, but I was able to read and paint a lot. Today being my rest day, I intend to read more, paint more, and enjoy tea. I also wish I could play the cello. But I don't even Have a cello. We don't have that here and I don't think there are schools for that here. If I didn't have to work at all and could afford it, I'd move to a nearby place where I could still practice kendo, paint, sew, make things with clay, AND learn to play the cello, and that would be Thailand or Singapore, two of the places I like most. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately I have had an unusual appetite and unusual sleepiness. I am hungry almost every hour and when the sleepiness hits me, I practically Lose Consciousness. Strange phase. 

I painted rocks again tonight and it would probably be unusual to find rocks that look like them along the road or in the park or someplace. It reminded me though of a blogger who took tiny rocks from outside her home, painted hearts on them, and then put them back out, amused by the thought that some  random passerby will find a rock with a heart on it and feel happy about it. 

I have not bought a fixative for the painted rocks yet; I will when I have about 15 rocks finished so I can carefully spray over them all in one go. There are so many other art supplies I want to buy but I need to pace my spending. But I am so glad I have this friend who shares all sorts of suggestions to me about what I can do and buy for my art. (^_^)

Last night I had some kind of nightmare but in the end I was saved by Matthew and I've been fixating ever since XD 

The Happy Peach Rocks

Tomorrow is my rest day and I hope it turns out to be as relaxed and restful as last week's. I am most probably painting, among other things. By the way my mom reopened the balcony (it has been kept close for the longest time because of 300 reasons I won't bore you with) and I am looking forward to hanging out there some time (^_^)

PS. Suitors bearing gifts and wanting to sing to me may now take turns in showing off their best when I am out in the balcony. Hahahahahahahaha! XD 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday, Sunday, and Stones

Saturday night I couldn't sleep so I decided not to fight it and just painted more rocks. Besides, my student was coming the next morning and he had requested for a painted rock last week since he will be celebrating his birthday this week. So I intend to let him pick three that he liked from those I will be able to finish. 

So yesterday he picked the one above with the red and pink flowers, and the Heart Owl from last week.   He said it kind of reminded him of some terra cotta sculptures of pregnant women, which I read somewhere before were used for fertility rites :D 

He only picked two for now, and will pick the third one from the batch I will make this week :3 I also promised to give him a few blank rocks so he can paint on them, and he said he will paint for me too (^_^) 

This morning I woke at like 11 am because I have been feeling a little ill and couldn't even manage to sit up. Thus I kept being sucked back by my many vivid dreams, some amusing and some far from it. Among the latter was one wherein this forgetful boy asked me to join him and some friends for coffee but did so at a time when they already had to leave and I still had things to finish, then I realized later on he did it on purpose so that I won't have to tag along and that he only asked me out of courtesy. Briefly I felt bad in the dream but then I remembered that in "previous occasions" he would somehow conveniently forget about me being there, until I was just always Not Someone He Hangs Out With. And yes, that was still part of the dream. Thin line, I know. *fleets by*

Anyway I started feeling better towards the afternoon, and now I still intend to finish off some things in my To Do list. I still feel a little ill, and I have a bit of a headache because I've been wearing my glasses instead of my contacts since my left eye got irritated last night. So much going on. Tomorrow I will be taking long walks to pay for some bills and to buy some tea bags. I hope the walk and the sun and the air does me good. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012



"I remember most of what you have said to me, even those you have possibly forgotten, hence whenever you go out there to fight, I cheer you on even if silently. Even if you hardly recall anything about me. From Yesterday. What about a week ago? Trails left hanging. Go back a few weeks. I am sure nothing rings a bell. Quite unimportant, really. Names, posts, messages, virtual sugar purrs. All disappearing into a blank wall. Affection. Absent. Endearments. Evanescent. Fondness, fascination, friendship. Fleeting." 

~ Steampunk Anaru to the Yadomi of You Surrounded by Menmauses.

"I am hardly even sure you meant anything else you ever said or if you were lucid at all. And, so much for sticking up for me."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blues, Clothes

From lovely black and pink pieces, I move on to pretty blue ones :3 

I expect sales to pick up as the season progresses I also tried making my second tote bag, but a simpler one, though I would need loads more practice, it seems (^^U) For now I left it sitting by the sewing machine and will tidy it up next time I get to sew. Once I get the hang of it, I will make a whole batch for selling too :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fruity Afternoon

Today being my rest-and-recreation-day, I had a pretty calm and productive time. Several moments went to eating homemade sweets and sticky rice desserts with my mom, and I also enjoyed the extra quiet afternoon with a mangosteen after having coffee.

I was also able to put many things in order, and I think it is my first rest day in a long time when I did not feel any anxiety due to work or bills or people or my health. Not that I no longer have concerns about them XD For some reason I was just able to rest well today. Maybe it is also because I went running in the morning and it relaxed me so much, but I guess it also helped when I came to terms with some things, and I have been back to doing and discussing art. With regard to a couple more part-time jobs that I am waiting for, I have decided to not get ahead of them and just wait, and have a backup plan in case they do not push through. 

Leaving, Unnoticed

Sunday morning was quite pleasant. It was sun-day for this rock as I waited for my student to arrive.

Sun + Paint + Coffee = Happy Sunday Morning

Later on my student arrived and brought me Oolong milk tea with white grape juice and most of the morning was spent talking about etymology, whisky, brandy, chocolate tablets, and sticky rice, apart from our usual lesson :3

Bubble tea for second breakfast :3

In the afternoon I got a bit agitated after waking up from a long nap, so I decided to walk over to my sister's place and have dinner with her. The walk to and from her home helped to relax me. 

Yesterday was uneventful but it was remarkably relaxed and productive. Maybe it is also because it is about time I got tired from finding myself in monologues I would unknowingly get myself into while seemingly always waiting for Golden Responses when I have actually been forgotten and filed under Unimportant / Access When Convenient, hence I got tired of being always left hanging. It's cumbersome, really, when I give something my full attention and sincere honesty and I pour, I pour, and then all I get is a trickle of pseudo-affection-and-attention. And similar situations drag on for several occasions. So it's not even anything. It's just a quasi-something. Further to that most of what I share and release are forgotten and it would always take a while, an effort to remind, a series of triggers, before something clicks back into place, and it always feels like starting again. Thus when I felt the exhaustion taking over, and accepted that all there is could just be an ersatz connection, well I do not really know, see, so I accepted I do not really know, then I felt more relaxed and became more productive because I have stopped thinking of excuses to make things seem better than they are, and all that time and energy just went to Doing Things. 

And so I was able to finish the sun-rock and make another that was inspired by something I saved in my Evernote. 

A Love Owl. Or a Heart Owl. Oddly, it is awake while the sun shines. 

I was also able to color this soft, big mammal. 

This strange creature is soft and big and smells a bit like cotton candy (bubble gum flavor).

I realize it does matter a lot to me when even the little things are remembered, the oddest questions are not brushed off, and conversation trails are not left hanging, and I somehow understand what Hayden meant and felt when she screamed that she matters (though I still hold that she is Insane and I am only Not-So). Thus, I have become Fatigued and no longer wish to budge.   

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ramen, Rocks, and Red Velvet

It was a friend's birthday yesterday so after kendo practice last Saturday, we went out for dinner (there were three of us including my sister). We had ramen at Ramen Cool and over dinner I gave my sister the rocks I painted for her then gave our friend one that I painted for him :3

I wrote/painted my message on the sides signed with one of the many nicknames I require him to call me

After dinner we transferred to Cab Cafe where I ordered Red Velvet and actually enjoyed it because I found it really good :3 After five million questions and stories and two cups of Earl Grey for me, we called it a night and went home. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Presents

The first two Christmas presents I have prepared for this year:

Christmas presents!

Some of my other Christmas presents will be homemade, so for now I just have the ingredients set aside and will just go about preparing and making them when it is much closer to the time of giving them away. A few other presents will be painted, and a couple of them are already scheduled for when I will sit down to do them. Sometime soon I will look for something to give my sister :3

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Rocks

This afternoon, as my student toiled away in his quiz, I cheerfully painted on some rocks, with the designs which I mentioned I had in mind for my sister. She likes owls so I made her one.

To keep her company while she writes on paper after paper her poetry and stories

She loves cats and has a soft fluffy one with her at home, so I made her one that is rock-hard.

Sleeping Cat. Now she has two of them. 

One of her passions is writing and this is her constant reminder and encouragement, in rock form :D
A written reminder.

I will give them to her tomorrow when we see each other :3

Owl, Sleeping Cat, Write.

The Persevering Cat

I tried. It's my first cat plushie. 

Grover is acting like a pal all of a sudden I don't know why.

It is called the Persevering Cat, and maybe Grover is touching it hoping to have some of the perseverance rub off on him :D 

Rover Desserts

Further to the previous post, I want all my cakes and cupcakes and other desserts to look like Rover. It's like edible cuteness. And of course there is the odd monstrous aspect of making Rover part of me. 

Okay I will drop it now XD

Warm and Fuzzy

Yesterday I spent a great part of the morning and afternoon revisiting my town in Animal Crossing: City Folk - and it's been over a year since I was last there so everyone was so thrilled to see me XD (Wow I sound like I met up with actual people in an actual town XD) Some appeared angry at first but they confessed that they were just afraid I left without saying good bye to them XD

A Worried (Adorable) Rover 

Rover is so cute I want to hug and squeeze him until he is almost lifeless XD Right now my favorite neighbor is Tom the blue cat, and I took pictures with him. Unfortunately, my SD card kind of became damaged and I can no longer access the wonderful pictures I took of all the animals who were so warm and fuzzy towards me. 

Animal Crossing: City Folk is some kind of Forever game, meaning it goes on and on from one season to another, with occasional changes in neighbors, and the regular vendors coming in to visit the town. I decided to pay my City Folk town a visit yesterday for some kind of break, and it was effective because by the time I stopped playing in the afternoon I was quite reenergized and had new ideas although my back hurt from my playing position. By the time I fell asleep last night, I was bursting with ideas and excited to wake up today to do many things :)

PS. I think Rover is so cute that I cannot take it, and it almost feels like I want to eat him so he will be in my system and my veins and we will never part. Okay that was creepy but I've been kind of feeling Alice-Deaney since I woke up this morning I don't know why XD 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lovely Pieces

We have recently further discounted our clothing merchandise - we only have just a few pieces left from our starter batch, most of which have been selling continuously since our open-shop last year until now. Also, since we currently have fewer pieces, I can take the time to photograph them and share them with friends online. 

Nice Black Pieces

I love some of these clothes myself, but their sizes are small for me - especially the skirts! 

Adorable Pink Pieces

I like looking at the clothes from each color scheme. Pink is in my own personal color scheme so I especially like the selection above. 

Some friends are dropping my within the next couple of months to shop for clothes and vintage LPs - I hope they find something they love :3

Patapon 2 (hundred)

Last weekend marks the time when I finally finished Patapon 2 after about 200 restarts (^^U) I started playing it in 2009 and after countless restarts, stops, and more restarts, I am finally done :3 Just saying XD

Image from

And since I am late for the tower of games in my closet, I have just begun with Pokemon Leaf Green version as of Sunday. Currently I have Pikachu among the six pokemons I keep and I adore my Ivysaur and Nidoran (which I nicknamed Nidoranboy). I'm kind of addicted to it, and I am enjoying every minute I spend with it even though I feel like a very late grandmother playing a very old game XD

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We + Rock

They deceived my student and my sister. 

No, they are not potatoes :D

They are ROCKS. 

Flat bread-like rocks.

Our nice Korean neighbor is moving away, and gave my mom the nice rocks and shells which he bought for his garden. Most of the rocks are the nice, smooth, flat ones, but my mom took the potato-ish ones too for her potted plants. 

Waiting for their turn to be washed clean.

These are just some of the flat rocks; we got a small sack and small pails of more of them. Since my mom won't be using all of them for the backyard, we will be painting on some of the smaller ones and turn them into paperweight or surface decor for gifting or selling. I actually already have an idea of what to paint for my sister :D In fact, I have three designs in mind for her. :D Anyway I will make them as soon as I get around to doing them, because for now, we have to scrub clean all the rocks and let them dry. (Just last week I was thinking of rock-painting and was wondering where I could get nice smooth rocks :3) 

Somebody woke up to see what the fuss is all about.

As my mom and I went about the backyard grouping and setting aside the sudden collection of rocks, somebody came out to ask for food and to see what all the rock-like noise is all about. Later on, I took a rest with honey and calamansi tea because my throat isn't in a very good condition yet. I was able to sleep well last night though, without coughing fits and all. 

Fake potato attack on my tea

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Girl and Dog, with Color

I posted some sketches way back in April for some drawing challenge (which I did not finish ^^U), and although I no longer want to look at most of them anymore, XD I colored the one which represents two of my favorite book characters: Lirael and the Disreputable Dog, from the second book of the Abhorsen Trilogy, Lirael

Yes, that is supposed to be a dog :D I know Addie Langdon would make a better Snoopy than my dog would make a Disreputable Dog or any dog for that matter, but I think this drawing can represent any girl-and-her-dog combo (sounds like a meal). 

The weather is so lovely like yesterday but my condition is still not so good (>.<) I still have a bad cough and my sore throat is bothersome, but at least I was able to sleep straight last night without any outrageous coughing fits that made me wonder if I will need to start picking up pieces of my esophagus from the floor (okay sorry morbid). Hopefully tonight will be another good night's sleep. I shall now get back to writing and painting before my student arrives for tutorials. Enjoy the rest of your week! (^_^)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Muesli for Thought

Wow. Everyone in Facebook is posting about getting engaged while I am posting about MUESLI. 

In any case, the music of Aisha Duo NEVER fails to make me feel alright again and always brings me back to my feet. 

Moreover, the weather is so great, and this morning, I woke up feeling as though something great will soon come around. I've no idea what it is though. 

Today is the birthday of my grandfather, my Creative Elder. Happy birthday (^_^) Please remember my prayers. 

I shall now go on and create a schedule draft for next week, in case a potential new part-time job pushes through. 

For the record, I really like muesli. Maybe we can have breakfast someplace where muesli is served. I'd really like that. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


Sometimes, days after having wolfed down edamame, the edamame haunts me, and it's like my entire system seeks it out XD 

Last Saturday was okonomiyaki night, and now I am haunted by the edamame I had AND the many many many okonomiyaki we wolfed down XD 

One of the many okonomiyaki that filled us up :3

There were only six of us but the okonomiyaki and all the other food orders seemed endless (>.<) After the nice dinner we went to Choto Stop where some of us bought desserts :3 I looked for the coffee jelly I had before but it was not available, so I just rummaged through the other purin and found this lovely thing.

Koirich Pudding

It is pudding with "richer" or "stronger" taste and later on this was also kind of haunting me. (>.<)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The LATE Breakfast

Late, in so many ways XD

I know I said last Thursday that I would post the Dia de los Muertos breakfast the next day, but I posted about the rings instead, and then I just ran out of time because I had to work and then step out for a birthday dinner. Anyway here are the Late photos from the Late breakfast XD


My sister brought pancake mix so we just had them instead of toast, which is why we no longer had Dia de los Muertoast XD I made it a point though to make my pancake appropriate for the occasion.

Of course I added loads more syrup before I devoured the dead.

I should've made the face sunken but since my sister came a bit late it was my stomach that was sunken so I just Made The Face and stuffed my face with it :3

Friday, November 2, 2012

Handmade Rings

Handmade rings I bought from an acquaintance of my mom :) (She made them herself!)

Cute handmade rings

I like wearing the red and blue ones together; I wore them the first time last Wednesday and I think their contrast looks really pretty :3 When I got home I took out all my other rings, picked the ones I will keep along with these new ones, then fished out all those I have not worn in over half a year, then put them out for reselling. They were bigger, chunkier ones that I always skipped when choosing which rings to wear, so I decided it is time to let them go. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Being Thursday and all, I am sharing this piece I drew May of this year and colored early this week. Its title is "Thursday."

It is a little past 9 pm and I realize I spent the whole of Dia de los Muertos eating, talking, and watching various sets of TV series with my sister. It's quite fun and relaxing actually (^_^) But that leaves me little time now for other things, so I will post this morning's breakfast (the reason why I waited for my sister this morning before I could eat anything) tomorrow. It was no longer Dia de los Muertoast as originally planned, but we still followed the theme :D Will post about it tomorrow :D 

Dia De Los Muertos

I am waiting for my sister to come over so we could have breakfast together but she is taking so long and I am hungry and I think I am starting to look like a skull.
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