Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Listening ♬

I like Bjork too, but while they are at it, I've been listening to the Smashing Pumpkins and The Cardigans. ❤ 

It is the last day of the month and today I got quite a handful of work to do. It's okay though, because I think today I can focus more than I normally could. 

Tomorrow is May and its start signals quite a number of things for me. I am looking forward to great changes and imagining great progress as well. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Lovely Weekend

It was a lovely weekend that I had (^_^)

Mostly it was meals with family and friends, and the chirashi sushi we had on Saturday night was accompanied by so much laughter our tummies ached. 

It is really lovely to be among real friends, and to talk with people who really understand you and accept you for who you are. People whom you can totally be yourself with, and whom you can trust you can tell anything to. People who will listen, and who may correct you but are also very open to hearing you out. People who are sincere, and who also trust you enough to share with you. Both my Saturday and Sunday were all about that. Time practically flew by. And each time after each meal I found myself feeling relieved and thankful I have these kinds of people right by my side. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I know it's kind of bipolar to write the previous post on mental competitions and THEN share a digital collage about Love now, but in any case the previous post was simply explaining where the posted illustration took root so there. This time, I am sharing a kind of experimental digital collage I created almost a couple of months ago and its theme is Love. I just completed it a while ago, finding the quote that allowed me to fill out the last empty paper scrap, a quote by Elizabeth Kantor. So now it's all done. 

LOVE. Made using an old planner and picmonkey.

When I started this I was unreasonably in "love," wounded and forever uncertain and yet still stubbornly pining, and now it has died, EXACTLY the way Anais Nin described it, and all that was left was the weariness, until there was nothing left to do but fall into a deep sleep, waking up later on fully rested with a clearer mind and better vision, and finally, after all those many cumbersome months, I have Snapped Back into wakefulness, have recovered fast (like Araragi-kun, the original one, who has a sense of commitment to a tsundere) and  have de-dusted myself from a mess I got myself into. So, sorry self *apologizes profusely* No more meandering junk food. (Not that I am excusing myself, but when this recent failure started to take shape, I had not read Elizabeth Kantor's book yet so I did and said all sorts of wrong things. This time, I have learned from it and no pages are flying out the window. I did mention I have become weary.) 

On Mental Competitions

The Day She Went Ahead, Since She Always Wanted To Be Ahead Anyway (2013)

Brought about by some 2012 writings that I came across last week. Writings about thoughts that began some time in 2010. About girls who somehow feed on and breathe imagined competitions. A girl whom you would think is your friend, but is actually just keeping you close to know what the latest "competition" is all about, though no one else in the world is aware that such a competition exists. You tell her you like a guy, and the next day she is suddenly close friends with him when she has ignored him all her life. Someone casually compliments you about something you both do, and the next time she is fired up to do even better than you. A mutual acquaintance suddenly gives you a surprise present, and next thing you know, she is sucking up to him, asking for things for herself. You realize, after years of being "friends," that you are her "alert" when she needs to level up anything else, other than those she is already killing herself to level up to. That is why she needs to know everything that is going on with you. So she can pace the progress of her life targets and goals. You are her convenient friend, just comfortably behind her, or a distant second to her in anything, that she can turn to and giggle with whenever there is an audience (including imagined ones). This is also why she makes sure she is Part of any plan you have and any trip you take. To maintain her status as always the one ahead. And if anything happens, anything that suddenly places her behind you (based on her own perception), or even BESIDE you, she gets upset, eyes blazing orange, greatly motivated to move higher no matter what. Which explains why the atmosphere is never relaxed with her around. Which explains why she NEVER shares anything personal with you, despite the many questions she asks you all the time. Which explains why she can only give you hesitant, vague, curt responses when you do try to ask her something about her, even if it's just as simple as where do you get your haircut. Which explains why she always seems to be Suddenly There whenever something is going on with you. Which explains why you eventually try to avoid her like the plague. Which explains why she will play clueless and invite herself to your life and your space and your privacy despite clear messages that you are getting on with your life without her and her insane mental competitions. Which explains why it drains you as you try to weed her out and she tries to cling on to you as her checklist of Things To Fight For. Which explains why you should get out of that kind of fake friendship. Which explains why you are not friends with her anymore. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Playing with Mogget

Or I mean, Mogget's photos. I wonder if he still loves me after seeing them. 

Perhaps not. :D

Edits made with picmonkey.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Looking Out the Window

When I was in Davao, working most of the time inside the hotel room, I would occasionally get up from my seat and walk to the window to just gaze outside. 

It was raining on the first day. In fact I think we came with the rain. As we got off the plane it started becoming quite cloudy, and by the time we were getting in the cab that would bring us to the inn, it had begun to rain. The next day it was quite sunny, though there were still some rainclouds hovering over the city. 

I liked the look of this townhouse which was just right across our inn. The higher floor / third floor looked lovelier than the ones below it so I did not include the latter. Besides, there were people standing by the ground floor and I don't think they would want their photos taken. I also wanted to take a photo of how the sky looked so I think the top floor would do as part of it.

This was the college closest to us. Some men were repainting the exterior and I'm sure the building would look quite handsome after the job is finished. It is a nice shade of turquoise. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Mini-Gallery Tour

Since that sunny afternoon of illustrating "35,000 Years and THEN You Want to Talk," I had been too busy to post and write about all the illustrations that came after that but now that I have surfaced barely breathing from a sea of transcription work, smiling with eyes closed on the shore which I realize is way too hot, I bring them to you as a long-due blog update *melting in this sweltering heat though I kind of like it in my own fashion and listening to Soley and fully aware that this is all just one sentence*

This was April's first, appropriately finished on April 1st. I quite like it though it momentarily became an April Fool Tool for appeasing what barely resembles some kind of guilt. Anyway enough of that. This shall be the last time. 

This is all about Not Budging. The world may await but oh god no she has become far too exhausted. Not good enough, next. 

I drew this decent, smart, nice guy who likes to read and has, at some point in his lifetime, made a clear statement against bullies, using a.... Fork.

Something I drew as we waited for the plane in Davao airport. 

Butter. Because I love butter. In fact lately my breakfast has often been toast, butter, and jam. ("More jam, mom. Oh yes. Spread that shit all over.")

Some River Things that came to me (not AT me, thankfully) as I looked at part of the Danube River.

The original title of this was Korean Champion with A Really Lovely Gift but in the end I dropped the Korean (at least in this context I get to drop the Korean though in reality it's often the Korean who drops me if he even picks me up at all in the first place) and changed "with" to "Bearing" and it has nothing to do with Rilakkuma. In any case I like the thought of Lovely Gifts, so, feel free. 

This is "The Only Window." Nothing creepy here and suffocating, it's just that it's the ONLY window. Keep Calm and Carry On. Even if it is the ONLY window. 

And this is the end of this mini-tour that hopefully did not have a Briarcliff feel to it. Hugs to all of you. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

There and Back Again

Back again, for the second time XD This week I went to Davao, another first. And so I wait until my next travel opportunity :3

Davao was a different kind of fun from Cagayan de Oro, although both involved the same work for me. I'd say I had more fun in Cagayan de Oro, though it was probably because it was the first week of work and by the second week, we were already quite tired. I guess our hotel in CDO was also much better and brighter than the one we stayed in at Davao. Food from both places were good though, and most mealtimes were our highlights. My walks were more pleasant in CDO though, and of course in CDO there is Missy Bon Bon.

Gelato: Love Potion # 9 (It is pretty much like Red Velvet cake in ice cream form)

It is not that CDO is better than Davao, they are just quite different. I am not sure if I would have a different opinion if we went to Davao first then CDO after. In any case, I am back, and there is a lot of work to be done, but I am looking forward to finishing them so I can move on to other things :3 During our travels I have also done a lot of (mindful) thinking, and was able to see some signs more clearly, hence I am feeling like I am currently being guided by many signposts along the way, as I move forward. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

After Ages...

I know, I know. XD

But before anything else I would like to share a bit of happiness from some omiyage from a friend who brought these to the house after he came back from an out-of-town trip (^_^)

Coconut Macaroons :3

Royal Darjeeling Tea (This wasn't from out of town, though, but he threw it in to match the macaroons :D I think that was very thoughtful :3)

And as you can imagine, this is one late post. I have a valid excuse though. I was in Cagayan de Oro most of last week for work with my sister. Then, we were supposed to fly home Thursday night, but due to some airport light problems, our flight was moved to Friday afternoon, which was further moved to Friday evening. In any case I enjoyed being in Cagayan de Oro and I would say that I love that place. I did not get to explore much since I spent a huge chunk of time working inside the hotel room, but for every occasion I was out, I had a nice time. The people were warm and friendly and everything was so much more toned down and peaceful and calm. In terms of the "modern" feel, it was not too far from being in Manila. But what made a HUGE difference was the overall demeanor of the locals. They were kinder, more attentive, more aware and in touch with the people around them, more polite, and they did not fuss so much about everything. Most of them were very open and they respond well when talked to, and some were very eager to help, or to make conversation and ask about Manila. On our way to the airport, my sister and I were talking about returning in the future, not to work but for even a short vacation :) 

And so that explains why it has been kind of quiet around here. Next week I will be away again, but I will be back in the weekend. For now, while I am here, I will also be spending a huge chunk of time each day working over at my sister's place so it still means I won't be sticking around so much here or in Facebook. It is all kind of refreshing though, and right now I am looking forward to next week's trip and to finishing all the work so I can get back to drawing and painting and reading. I took very few pictures from Cagayan de Oro, but they were a few everyday ones that I found especially fascinating though in my own odd way :) 

I shall head out now to work :) Have a great Sunday, everyone!
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