Friday, May 31, 2013

Steampunk Ending

I have not been posting any illustrations of late, but on this last day of May, lemme share the last five pieces I've done, and ever since the Steampunk Fish attempt I've been trying to make similar drawings.

Steampunk Bunny

Big Machine

Metallic Boots and Wheels

Demanding Droid


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clean Corner

Today being my scheduled Rest Day for the week, I decided to clean up my computer corner. I had to really pull out the table and disconnect everything and totally wipe clean every single thing including every single power cord and cable and tiny gadgets and things attached to the computer. I also wiped clean the walls of that corner and swept the floor N times. I even changed the images on my inspiration cork board and neatly lined up the external hard drives and the AVR and everything else on the lower section of the table. I was so tired and dusty after all that but I felt so much lighter and it never fails to ease my mind whenever I do some major cleaning. (Yes it was just a small corner but it was a major cleaning because really, everything was dusty and all the cords and cables were tangled up.)

So anyway after cleaning up, my desk was much more recognizable and everything on it are just the things I actually use all the time. Everything else went to the closet or the bedside table. 

A clean corner

The headphones and its case are just there because of a transcription job I am currently at, but usually I keep them in the closet. The DS really belongs to my bedside table but I had to check a walkthrough so it was there temporarily. Otherwise, the available surface is really much bigger. In any case, I rarely use that surface to write things by hand; I either do my hand-writing on the keyboard surface, on the bed, or in the backyard. When I paint, I just use the surface to line up the colors and brushes (which reminds me, I have not been posting my recent illustrations because I've been busy, or I did not really write about them, in which case I just uploaded them to my artwork page, which I have note yet done for all too... alright back to my clean desk).

A clean desk

Monday, May 27, 2013

Steam, Warm

It's been a while, I know. I had been quite busy with work, but I was able to get some rest for the past few days. However, this week signals another set of workload, but I also made some changes to my daily schedule so I would guess things are going to be much better and more manageable now :D

I started becoming quite drawn to steampunk designs ever since stumbling upon the Dwemer ruins in Morrowind years ago. I remember my first one being Arkngthand, and I panicked upon encountering the Centurion Spiders. I also remember collecting all the COGS even though each weighed I think 25 or 50, and then I have been fixating on steampunk since. 

Anyway I wanted to add some steampunk into my illustrations but I have never even tried drawing any, so last night I did a warmup using this image of my 2011 Sandwalker

The steampunk version is quite misshapen compared to the original Sandwalker XD But then I just really wanted to get a feel of how to make something steampunk and so here was the initial trial:

I intend to make a steampunk version of some of the creatures I've illustrated before and I am looking forward to it :3

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Sneak, Between Work and Wake

So I am STILL in the middle of a long stretch of work, and for the past couple of days we've been attending to a wake, because my dad's aunt passed away earlier this week. We are going again tonight, and then we are attending the funeral tomorrow, and whenever we go to the wake we spend a good number of hours being among family, meeting some cousins for the first time, getting reacquainted with aunts and uncles and other elders whom we have not seen in ages, and catching up with those who flew in from various places. 

I just thought I'd drop by and say hi, and that I quite love my gold flats. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh Humor Me

I am fully aware I have not been around for quite some time because there is a lot of work to be done and I haven't been painting as well (T_T) and I only get to read a bit during my tutorial sessions when my student is working on his written exercises. Anyway I still have to get back to work but lemme just share this little thing I managed to do and just humor me I just need some kind of artistic munchy since I cannot sit down for a full blown artistic meal. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grasshoppers in the Garden

The other morning, I stepped out to the garden and my mom, having just watered the plants, told me there were LOTS of baby grasshoppers which came out of her big fortune plant after she watered it. She felt that she unknowingly disturbed them, so they all came out and started traveling towards the crawling plants that lined the top of the garden walls. And I was like WHAT GRASSHOPPERS. 

And I had to go Very Near the wall, because they were so tiny that I did not notice them at all. There were about sixty or seventy of them tiny things.

THOSE are tiny grasshoppers. 

There ARE four of them here. For a while I thought one was some kind of mutant. 

I think the grasshoppers look so pretty. It did not feel like any sort of infestation at all :D Although as I admired their beauty a part of my head was screaming Locusts and Crops and End of the World :D

This is how tiny they were. I tried to see if any of them would crawl onto my finger but one of them just STEPPED on it before swerving away :D Some stopped crawling altogether and I kind of picked up that it meant Bugger Off :D

See those tiny specks of green in the background. It's like watching a crowd walking towards a rave party or outdoor concert or something.

They were actually heading upwards though, and later on towards noon, they were all parked on the leaves and the railings. Fortunately none of the nearby birds swooped down to eat them since I guess they were too busy eating fruit. Well at least while I was looking.  

Then I found one who stayed behind for a while before joining the crowd (or being eaten by the lurking spider, I would like to think it was the former) and it seemed willing to have its picture taken. 

See it is more than willing to pose for the camera 

I am amazed at how tiny yet "detailed" it is XD

If it were as big as my hand I would kiss its head or back. I know, I know. 

I know this is the nth photo but I couldn't resist. I can only kiss it with my camera lens.

It seemed surprised though, that I was starting to leave. I think it wanted more photos but I had other things to do. Of course it is welcome to come visit me again.  ✿⊱╮

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's such a terrible pity that tonight's plan to see my friend did not push through :D 

He was supposed to come by bearing some red wine For Later Use* (oh why did I just picture myself taking a SWIG the moment the bottle lands on my hand), mainly to bring me some local MUNCHIES, but he called some time late in the afternoon that the plan shall push through, but in a parallel universe, not in the one where I am now, hence this blog post.

* A "proper" group hangout at my sister's place, among some real friends

Anyway that's okay I told him we can meet up some other time (and in more peaceful settings wt) and then since it has been a very hot day I took SWIGS instead of Iced English Breakfast OH I LOVE YOU ICED ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA. 

Then in the early evening I just went out for a walk and went to the supermarket to get my live microorganisms. 

The first day of the month is ending, and I only need to do bedtime- and tomorrow-things, before I work a bit more before jumping to bed. I believe there is so much more of the better things coming, and in case of unpleasant situations, I only need to sort of Extract what lesson I can learn from it then move on forward, knowing I shall meet Better and More Discerning people along the way. Now, really, I need to get going XXX

Last and First

Before going to bed last night I finished what I realize is my last illustration for April. 

Meanwhile, as the month of April passes

And this morning I did what I realize is my first illustration for May.

Oh those faces they can be anyone

I tried, oh I tried, but I couldn't make the faces Specifically Right. Right now they can just be anyone :D

Anyway I am kind of excited for later because I am seeing a friend of mine, and it might just be for a few minutes but I think it would be great to see him again since I have not seen him in ages :3 He had been away and I have been away and while I am still away it would be nice to catch up even for a bit. 
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