Friday, June 28, 2013


I've been away, mainly because I have not been paying for my internet connection and the next thing I know I was overdue by three months! XD Anyway I have fully paid, and so I am back online :D *curtsies*

I have been drawing as always, except that I had not been able to post some of them online. I realize too that being offline allows me to concentrate so much more on the things that I do XD And it's kind of a welcome rest from all the shared information so I did not mind so much being offline. 

So I have been drawing, and it really cheers me up especially on days when my patience is being stretched to its limits, and for people who know me really well, they would know that it must be something outrageous to cause me to feel like I am about to let go of the Patience Rope and leap into the Deep Chasm of Unspeakable Tantrums and Outbursts. 

Drawing takes me away from all the madness, into a Good Kind of Madness.

And so, in addition to the illustrations from the first half of June, here are a few more from the latter part of the month. 

This was inspired by a food post of a Facebook friend, except that the sushi in this drawing look more cheerful. 

A Facebook friend's FLUFFY CAT.

A play of colors, while thinking of the Ultimate Playground.

A totally random show in my head.

Sending a sundae via Mokona

Absent-mindedly eating a strawberry. Now we all know how I kind of look like. 

Running along with "batcakes," because everything here is normal. 

And then today I tried making a stationery. 

I shall make more. I like making stationeries now. Last year it was To Do lists among other things, but I like individual, unique stationeries better. (Is it just "stationery" or am I right for using this plural form?)

But apart from drawing and painting, I have also been working and catching up with friends. 

Mainstays on my desk during the working days without an internet connection.

This is my eraser and a friend could not fight the compulsion to turn it into one of my pets.

My sister and I met up with another friend - we were originally supposed to meet up last April but work and budgeting got in the way so we ended up scheduling our tea time for last Tuesday, but it was still so much fun. 

Then last Wednesday, two of my other closest friends came by to visit (thanks Jen and Peter! ), and it was such a pleasant evening I had, after coming from an extremely tiring afternoon. They are both close to the entire family, and it was good timing that my sister was also there, so we were all able to hang out and catch up until after dinner. 

Lately, it has been wonderful that some old friendships are being rekindled, and what's more, another friend of mine (a common friend with Jen and Peter) has gotten in touch with all three of us and wants to meet up for coffee and dinner. And though I do not really like going out so much, I do love going out and spending time with people like them specifically, so I think it's wonderful. (◡‿◡✿)

So there, a quick (yes that was quick, considering the past week has been bursting with... so much) rundown of my offline period which lasted over a week. Now I shall get me some coffee and sticky rice (ʘ‿ʘ) then get back to work! :) I've been Loving Fridays lately, and the work that I had to do last Friday and today are things that I do not mind doing at all so I think that should be good enough to make my Friday lovelier~ (。- 。)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Train of Thought: On Silly Love Problems In the Absence of Real Problems

I was throwing out old and unfinished journals (actually more like journal pages, and then I recycled the notebooks as language study notebooks) and I came across this page which was all about an older man I used to obsess about (okay it wasn't really an obsession but upon realizing what kind of person he actually is I realize it was one crazy phase) and that time I found out he does not like to drink and likes tea a lot which at that time felt like a sign that omg-we-were-meant, but then of course, I was such a delulenoid, not that I am blaming myself. So anyway I found that out and it was such a big deal that it is actually quite embarrassing right now :D

Some of the hearts are just overlays. Oh, and there was also a moment that time when he smiled his wise-old-man-kind-of-smile at me and I felt so Noticed. Anyway and there goes the last f*@# I gave *looks through a spyglass*

Eventually all this led me into thinking about how girls and women sometimes fuss about a man's every action, or put meaning into every little thing a man says or does, even when he does not even bother to look twice, or even LOOK, for more than 2 seconds. And just as I was thinking of that on the way to my room, I heard something along the lines of "I shall do everything to make him like me" from something my mom was watching on TV, and it led me even further to thoughts of:

Creating Silly Love Problems In the Absence of Real Problems Because Really, Some Women Seem to Feed On Problems Whether Imagined Or Not

Women who think, "I shall do EVERYTHING, ANYTHING!!! Just to be noticed or loved by the man I like/want/love" are women who really have no problems, so they create one, even if it is something really silly and shallow.

*insert laughter* (Not that I am being wicked, but it was an unstoppable train of thought, and I laughed at some points. It was almost like, some other me was talking to me about these things. Okay that sounded loony. Anyway, to continue...)

You see, if one is having problems about Not Having Food On The Table or Not Having the Money to Buy Medicines for One's Illness or a Sick Parent, those will be her priorities. If one is worried about her failing grades, or about her deadlines at work, that's most probably what she thinks about most of the time. Therefore, if one's Entire World revolves around obtaining a man's attention, and if she focuses solely on that, and eventually becomes consumed by that, it means everything else in her life is in place. Which is why she has the time and the energy to romanticize and dramatize the whole thing about Not Being Noticed By The Guy She Likes. It also gives her a chance to act like she Has Problems Like Everyone Else. Although this second point is kind of stretching it a bit, I mean really, does Anyone Else really come into one's mind when romanticizing something about the self? Unless it's an audience.

I am not saying we shouldn't be in love or that falling in love is petty. It is NOT petty. Finding and being with one's true love (who is worthy of course) is very important to most of us. Besides, everyone falls in love. It is only natural and it even adds more color to an otherwise dull ordinary day. People even fall in love while in the middle of a crisis. BUT, one will still have her priorities. If one is being so silly about a "love" to the point that she tries to Do Everything and exerts Way Too Much Effort and tries to distort her real self in order to fit into a mold that would seem to fit into the guy's life (or line of vision) just for the sake of being noticed, then there is something wrong. 

If one is SO in love, and she feels sad because the guy she likes is SO blind to her and hardly shows any romantic interest in her, I shall support her and comfort her in such a heartbreaking phase because it simply means that on top of all her other problems and issues, she still has a heartache to nurse. And so, being normal like most women, she just needs love and support from the people who can give them, like her friends. 

However, on the other hand, if a woman is Being Insane about Having to Do EVERYTHING, ANYTHING, just to be noticed and liked, it means: WOW. You Have Nothing Else To Do. So NOW seems to be the time to indulge some whim or to act on fruitless things, right. 

Alright so that was it. Basically it's just that, it's one thing to fall in love and take the time to heal a broken heart (and that is just normal and it requires a lot of care and support from friends), but it's quite another thing to fall in love and do unnatural, insane things just to be noticed by someone who isn't even remotely interested, even going as far as changing one's entire lifestyle and personality and schedules and all that (or maybe peppering a man's Facebook wall with unnaturally-polite not-so-subtle confessions), just to make oneself readily available to someone who is not even thinking of doing any Availing (or maybe he will, but for all the wrong reasons or more like, it's up for grabs anyway so might as well - and who wants that).

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Art, First Half

Last time I posted there were plenty of craftwork, and this time (exactly halfway through the month) there will be plenty of illustrations - what I've done so far this month. :3

Okay it's an attempt at Matt Smith I am not denying it. It was my first for June.

Bunny with beer, and I used oil pastels and my fingers for this drunken bunneh. 

It's like the path of weird, really, but I called it the path to obtaining a golden pair of shoes. 

After going through that way of weirdness, I've been working on small art, until I finished the page with nine small pieces of art. 

These have already been cut out and played at with the kitty and heart overlays. Below are some worth mentioning a bit of. 

A chibi version of Tokyo Circus Ringmaster Yoshi!

A sketch of the Tardis  ❤ 

The latest one I did, just this morning :3

That's it for now ;D I've to get back to work now, although wait, errands first then back to work. In any case, all individual illustrations are in my art page, which I am also working on transferring to a totally new page, but which will still be linked from this blog's said art page, so feel free to visit and look at them, and thank you! ♛ ❤ 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Quaint Little Home

No, I have not disappeared again since my last pot post. :D

Some time last month, my sister and I noticed that we have been receiving quite a higher number of news than usual of people passing away - people who are mostly acquaintances, or friends of friends, or friends of relatives. Eventually around the middle of last month, we found ourselves in a wake too, of a grandaunt. Shortly after that some people closer to the the family in one  way or another were being called too, though they were people closer to my parents than me and my sister. Then last week, the dad of a friend, and this week, another grandaunt, with whose family my sister spent a great part of her childhood. For those who passed away in pain, we just all like to think and appreciate that their pains are over and this time, it's a real Rest for them. 

My parents' parents have long been gone (I never even met my dad's dad) except for my mom's mom (okay too many mention of parents there). We always tease this grandma of mine of living long enough to see our youngest cousin's grandchildren, but we never really know when her time (or ours) shall come. Meanwhile I make sure I get to visit her whenever I can, and I usually tag along when my mom does. Last week we did, and my grandma's face brightened up because she was not expecting a grandchild to be around at such an odd time. She proudly showed me her new craftwork - redesigned and repurposed glass bottles:

Her current home theme is pink so she laid out all the pink sewn crafts which she and my aunt made.

That cat was from my sister. Our grandma used to have a black cat (from our family too) who used to eat my hair or bite my head, literally.

This one kind of reminds me of a port wine I used to drink. 

She also showed me more of her latest crafts from recycled plastic bottles, and I took the liberty of taking their photos, as well as the photos of a few other random things.

My grandma cut this out of a blue plastic bottle, and I saw something similar before in Kainan Au Gusto, except that it was from a green bottle. It was made by someone else though, not my grandma. But they both look nice. 

I don't know why but something about this reminds me of my childhood. And my hair. 

Oh there's a bit of my grandma there but look at that pink hanging decor.

Spheres hanging outside the dirty kitchen. In the background is a mural painted by a cousin. 

On the way to my grandma's craft room at a separate section of the house (you will need to step out the back door and then into, really, a separate section of the house).

Glass Fish.

The current house theme is pink, so the living room windows have pink curtains.

Pink curtains from the bedroom window. 

The dirty kitchen, as homey as any other part of the house.

Okay so I do not know what to say or how to feel because I am thinking if I should not blink or maybe I shouldn't ask for information or ask the wrong three questions. (Okay I know I would only kind of make sense if you also love The Doctor.)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Making Up with Pretty

This post shall be an attempt to make up for long-delayed blog posts by sharing some eye candy. 

After my previous post on a Steampunk Ending, there didn't seem to be any new Beginning anymore XD It actually went like this:

June 1st: Oh I shall post my first illustration of the month and then I'm going to make sure I post something at least once every other day! 

June 2nd: Oh I was not able to post anything might as well really post something today now I got two illustrations to share. 

July 3rd: ...

July 4th: ...

July 5th: ...

July 6th: ... 

July 7th: Okay it's been a week I shall post a week's worth of illustrations and talk about all these other things I was not able to write about at all and...

July 8th: My desktop has way too many pictures I have been intending to share and post. 

July 9th: Okay today I shall take a break from all this work and post something. 

July 10th: So that is today and I am finally posting something though there won't be anything yet of my illustrations so far this month (I still have to prepare them for the next post/s). And I realize I was not even able to write at all about this post's featured eye candy. 

I've been so busy that I thought I already posted about these lovelies. They were from a friend of mine who visited his hometown during the Golden Week in Japan and so you can also imagine how LONG AGO this post should be (^^U) I did post a photo of them though in my Pretty tumblr and my Everything Pretty pin board. I also just mostly share some selected photos of things and drawings in my Facebook even when I cannot write about them as much. It's still fun and great though, especially the people who always show support by appreciating most of them, no matter how odd or weird my drawings may seem to most. 

I am still quite busy but I believe things are much better now than they were for the past few months and I think I am getting on quite well albeit with still a bit of a struggle but I choose to feel good about things that have been working out so far. And although I cannot find the time to blog anything on most days, I have become quite active again in Twitter (which kind of slept for several months before) and I've been posting my inhales and exhales there every now and then. 

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