Friday, July 26, 2013

Sweet (◕‿◕✿)

A friend of mine sent me sweet snacks yesterday, I think it's really sweet 

They're both really good but I particularly like how the Tokyo Banana looked like so I just had to spend a few minutes adoring it.

And now that's done, I shall proceed to studying and working. Just to add to the weirdness of the above photo, do you know that I am currently listening to the soundtrack of Animal Crossing: Wild World? Now as I go about my day, tiny furry lovelies are floating about me, going about their daily routines, and some are catching butterflies and some are being chased by bees, and some are about to order some new dresses from The Able Sisters, and Tom Nook is updating his inventory I think. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Blog Post is a Lion Cage

As you will see, this post is kind of LIONY. 

So yesterday afternoon, I was planning to read a book, but I ended up finishing the Requested Ferocity I wrote about yesterday. 

By request: Fierce Lion, Striking Kendoka, and FLAMES

Fortunately, it passed, and I shall get my shinai or tsuba next month :3 

Since we are all kind of liony, I made this simple illustration of a homey lion, dedicated TO ALL LEOS OUT THERE!!!! *yells* 

Leo - does it start today? Or tomorrow? In any case, this goes out to all Leos all over the world! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Requested Ferocity

My weekend was quite tiresome but today is the start of a new week and I choose to feel optimistic about it :D

Now before I proceed to studying and working, I shall share a bit of what I have finished so far with regard to a requested illustration, in exchange for a shinai or a lavender tsuba :D I do not usually draw by request, except that this one has very specific elements in place so I just basically need to draw them, and I was told I am free to draw according to a preferred style, so it's all okay with me :3 Hopefully I get the hang of it, so maybe I can accept some more requests. In any case, this was a spontaneous arrangement, as I needed something and a room needed some color. 

What I have so far; I intend to color it later

Saturday, July 20, 2013

If You Can't Deal With It, Eat It :D

So I said I could not initially deal with some puzzling emotions, until I seem to have gotten around to grabbing the whole lot by the hair and taking a closer look at it. I still do not quite understand what the feelings are all about, so it was just a matter of moving faster and stuffing all of it into my mouth. I just wanted to think I was the one consuming and gaining from whatever it is. 

Can't Deal with It? Eat it. 

By the way you will be seeing more of this Intense Consumer, aka Fang Girl, as I have rounded her up along with some "characters" from past illustrations, to appear more regularly in future illustrations, at least for the short-and-chubby category. Why do I feel so at home. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Survival of the Fiercest

In one of my recent posts, or should I say ramblings, I spoke of feeling something I do not quite understand yet, and in that context this drawing came out. 

You shall not consume me! 

This was more than a couple of days ago, though, and back then it was oddly mixed with a bit of ache, the significance of which is also quite elusive, but as of now, as you will all see in my next illustration (still coloring it for now though), I seem to have been able to deal with it, albeit not understanding it completely nor dwelling so much on it. It is a bit of a relief to not have slipped into the continent of ache, and while I initially feared to be consumed by all these strange things I was suddenly feeling, right now, fiercely, it is all just, like, Hunger. Hm. I wish I were the one consuming. 

Coffee and Killer Kitty

Tuesday was my rest day, and I decided to spend it with my sister; we went to check out some things at the mall and I cheered her on as she ran some errands. She also got us some new brushes. These are mine:

My tiniest brushes so far :3

Late in the afternoon she suggested we check out the new coffee shop which has just opened near our place. I realize it's a Vietnamese Coffee House :D

Coffee with condensed milk. The coffee was quite strong, but it's all quite good.

Back home, the Kitty That Waited has become a full-fledged Killer Kitty in Jeans.

It's a Killer Kitty but it still looks like it is asking for a kiss.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ramblings, Random, Right

I am not yet done with yesterday's kitty and I was hoping to do that today but I ended up making two new drawings, and I hope I get to finish coloring them tomorrow. 

My weekend was great, bits of good things here and there, it was mostly quite lovely. 

Yesterday was Before Midnight. The funny thing is that before midnight of Saturday, I find out that JN was also thrilled to see it, and so on Sunday afternoon he and my sister and I went to see snippets of our lives and large slices of our thoughts flashed across the screen. (Many things struck me, but one of the things that really got stuck to my brain was being called the Mayor of Crazy Town. I mean really, it struck right through the heart. I was always the crazy girl. From way back until, uhm, the other night. And though I would never be sorry for being weird, I am truly sorry for all my moments of craziness. I mean really. And I can make it up to you in five hundred ways that can leave you smiling for the five months after but then again all I can do now is apologize profusely for letting my psychotic tendencies drive you out of my life the way a Flying Cockroach drives me out of my room, screaming. On the other hand I also felt I was driven out of your lives because I didn't matter enough. OKAY. See. Enough with the craziness now and moving on to non-crazy things. Right.)

So after the movie we all took a nice walk and ended up having coffee and dessert at Lola Maria's. My sister picked the dessert for all of us and picked her favorite.

They're practically big-bite-sizes of Brazo de Mercedes, making it easier for anyone to stuff his or her face with it. I witnessed my sister do it. She ate FOUR. :D

After another walk we went over to my sister's place to hang out. I took random photos while we talked, or while JN looked at things and read books, or while I chugged down the coconut Mogu Mogu (I find it addictive so please do not allow me to possess more than one big bottle in one day.) 

My sister got company! (Mogget hid under the bed the whole time, but I did see him once trying to take a peek at JN.)

As opposed to my sister's usually preferred peaceful solitude...

... she preferred to have pleasant company visit over :3

They read some lines from Coelho and Rilke. 

And it it such a thrilling thing to get a new mangosteen notebook. (Feel free to send me more of them cute things.)

And more of them random shots: 

This angel was given by our grandma YEARS ago. It does not seem to have blinking issues. However the one given to me has its eyes CLOSED OMG WHYYY OH WHY DO I NEED TO GET THE ANGEL WHICH WON'T ALLOW ME TO BLINK. 

My sister had just cleaned her home and the dining table looked lovely. 

Photo taken from the kitchen. I really like this lamp. 

I was so tempted to do things to its face, but okay, no. 

Love. (What does your Love Board have on it? Mine has the Kookiness of Matt Smith, long walks, coffees for two, touching, kissing, smart men, couples who dress well, representations of Austen and Kantor women, adoring - not just adorable - Asian men, shopping for furniture, physical proximity, geek love, the Doctor, and conversations, among other things.)

And then this morning, it was the first time in Months that I wrote my Morning Pages again. As I made my coffee after getting out of bed I just knew I had to write something out. And I came out of it much more sober. It is no biggie, just about something that I feel but do not quite understand. I am sure it will all make sense to me soon enough, but if not, then maybe it does not matter so much so maybe I should not bother so much, right. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kitty Waits, and The Great Taste of Great Taste

Killer Kitty, Waiting

I drew him this morning, but I had to work, so he has to wait until I am free again so I can finish him. 

I am feeling quite sleepy, and though coffee has no effect on me, I like pretending it does so I am now having coffee as I write this. Speaking of coffee, I am such a Folgers fan, and I remember running out of Folgers recently. Because it is not always available in the supermarket near our home, I went "searching" for some "meantime coffee supply." I keep hearing lately about how Great Taste White is so GREAT, and so, although it's been around apparently since 2011, I tried it for the first time. Of course I did not expect anything Folgersy, so I was prepared to find out how good/bad it is. And basically here is what I think :D (Wow it's as though I am giving an official review, but, no :D) It's the answer I gave my sister when she asked me what I think of it, since she also bought ONE packet to try it out. (I bought TWELVE.)

I think it would taste better if it were drunk COLD. When hot, it is pretty much like a HOT MILKSHAKE. It is more like a "Dessert" Coffee, with the coffee as your actual dessert, not as an accompanying beverage to any dessert. I would say it's okay, it can be good, but it's not the coffee I would Marry And Wake Up To Every Morning. Like if I would drink all the 12 packets I bought, I can only take one packet a day for one mug, as opposed to my average of two mugs of coffee per day. Then, when I finish the whole batch of 12 packets, I would need to either go back to my usual Folgers or if it's not available, try a different brand, just to sort of "wash away" the Sweetness Satiation. So it's good, I'd probably drink it again once in a while, but perhaps like one packet every few weeks or so. But I would not go out of my way to look for it or buy it. Maybe if I come across it in the supermarket I might, and only if I wouldn't rather use my budget for other things (like ALOE drinks or grapefruit beer). Basically, for me, drinking it occasionally makes me feel like it's a nice sweet treat, but drinking it everyday would make me feel like I am being attacked by some kind of Sugary Satan. 

I did try it cold once, though, but I had to add a Mason jar of ice cubes to make the sweetness less bombarding, and it was even better than drinking it hot. It was pretty much like a less-thick-mocha-milkshake. I finished the whole Mason jar of iced coffee in one sitting :3 

Friday, July 12, 2013


Fridays have always been neutral or regular days for me, except on very specific phases when the weekend held something extraordinary. But recently I have been really liking (or even loving) Fridays, that today I decided, even though it's already early in the evening where I am, to repost a photo I took of Rilakkuma back in 2008, this time with a message from us to all of you:

It's Friday! Relax! (That almost sounded like a command, I know.)

There. Finished.

Fish Girl (2013)

She is the unfinished fish girl I mentioned in the previous post. And now I can get back to work. 


Okay I do not mean the town in Morocco, although Morocco is a place I would like to go to, but the title is more like a lazy combination of selfies and a fat. Or fat selfies. In any case you get the drift. 

I indulged myself by drawing myself, particularly moments of Paradoxical Prettiness. And it features a Baby Fat

At My Prettiest (featuring an Adipose)

My personal favorite is the one on the lower right. I mean really, look at that. It's like we are all looking right at me. 

I also have this unfinished lovely fish-girl here. I started her yesterday but I had to do other things so perhaps later I shall finish her. 

Unfinished Fish Girl

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Storm of To Dos

One of my current day jobs has to do with The Topic of Energy Drinks, and all the information I am hearing about the everyday lives of many led me to thinking about Schedule Imbalances and Being Bombarded by A Storm of To Dos. 

If one's daily to-do list requires one to drink energy drink after energy drink, then there must be an imbalance somewhere. The imbalance could be arising from one's personal habits, like in sleeping or eating, but most probably, or most commonly,  the sleeping part. OR, there is really something wrong with the schedule which means something must be changed or even REMOVED, or if possible, No Longer Accepted or Squeezed Into the Schedule. 

Or all of the above. 

You see, in reality, there is no decent amount of work that can NOT be fitted all into one day, or into eight (minimum) to ten (maximum) hours of working time. If it does not fit, it means it has to be re-scheduled the next day, even if it seems unimaginable. Or, there has to be a better way of chunking tasks and making doable, realistic to-do lists.

However, in case the task can NOT really be put off to the next day or at any other day, despite one's best efforts to manage his or her time efficiently, then there must be something imbalanced right from the top, whoever is giving or assigning the to-dos. And this is where restructuring, hiring, or Saying No comes in. 

I admit I was not the most efficient in scheduling things when I was still in the corporate world, and as a  freelancer, it took me many many many many many tries and many many many many many daily-schedule-revisions before I was finally able to come up with the one I have now, which has a decent, doable number of To Do items in my list, which covers work, art, physical training, studying, and snippets of Doing Nothing. Then I have ONE rest day each week, which changes regularly so that I experience what it's like to have a rest day on each day of the week :D I have some fixed-time jobs though, and I still do them on my Rest Days, but at least after those jobs I am free to go about and play or paint or get lost in a book. 

I have helped some close friends make changes to their daily to-dos, and I am open to helping a few others do the same, because I think it is great to finally find one's "perfect," balanced schedule. However it would only work if the other party is really open too and willing to really make changes. I've offered my help to some people who expressed they would like to make their schedules better, but even before I managed to look into their planners they were like, but oh, my boss is horrible, go change him first, or they would be like, I hate what I do so much I don't know if that would work. The latter is actually a totally different case altogether, and would need to do something first about WHAT is inside the to-do list. One can make significantly helpful improvements in his or her daily schedules by also looking at what goes into it, and then perhaps identifying which can stay and which should not, which then requires further "review" on what one really intends and wants to do in the long run, or why he or she is even doing the things in the to-do list in the first place. It can all be quite a complicated, long process, but I think starting with one's to-do list review and overhaul will lead to another thing and then another, ultimately resulting into bigger and better changes. It sounds like taking it too far but okay then at least let's begin with our daily to-dos :D

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pretty Faces Preview

I have been quite busy with day jobs and so today all I could manage was an unfinished set of drawings :3

And even if I am tired I do not exactly look like this hahahaha:

Okay now I am going back to work XD

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy New Flowers

Really, the start of this year's second half - it feels like some kind of Odd New Year

Anyway, I decided to turn some Camomile Asters, Blackeyed Susans, Lilies of the Valley, and Bridal Veils into more interesting sorts of flowers. It is my first illustration for the month, so apt for welcoming this New Year with new kinds of flowers. 

Who knows maybe when we aren't looking some flowers Turn Up in a Different Way

And what a coincidence I realize I am wearing a new shirt *curtsies* 

And then just as an afterthought, as I put away my art materials after drawing the new flowers above, I decided to pour this one below right out of my mind and onto the back of a used watercolor paper.

Please don't ask me where that came from I wasn't really hungry, promise. 

In any case this New Year is kind of making me feel awesome, and I have been learning really important lessons recently about not relying on certain others and using whatever is within my means and embracing this natural oddness in me and that maybe there is something to how my elders kept and maintained their money and resources in their old-fashioned, quaint ways. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Trees to Mark the End of June

It's the first day of the second half of the year and there is a mild feeling of a New Year. 

So, on this New Year's eve of the Mild Feeling of a New Year, I made my last illustration of the month, as I watched the first three episodes of Touch with my sister (she came over for lunch and stayed until after dindins). I think this show is great by the way and I am definitely watching the rest, soon enough, because I have once again sliced my Time Pie oh-so-carefully. Anyway my last drawing was about very interesting trees in my mind's backyard - a wishing tree, a candy tree, a kibble tree, and a teabag tree. 

In My Backyard: A Wish Tree, A Candy Tree, A Kibble Tree, A Teabag Tree

Recently, I see in my Facebook more pictures of happy mommies with their new babies, and I realize that most people near or within my age range are posting about having their nth babies, getting married, or expanding their businesses, basically all these grown-up things that show how much they have all evolved, and how everything about all of them seem to be getting along just quite perfectly and normally. (I think it's great, and it's nice to see them all moving along just fine.) 

And then I look at my own posts. DOCTOR WHO. MY ODD DRAWINGS. THE HOBBIT. PICTURES OF MY FOOD THAT I DREW ON (mind you, as a photo overlay, not that I literally draw on the food). And sometimes, VIDEO GAMES and FUNNY CATS. 

I know that it's okay and that I am still kind of normal, but I do get the occasional looks and remarks that imply that it isn't What Grown Women Do or Think About (or post about, like, leave it to the kids).

In any case, though I have been called Weird, Crazy, Senseless, Different, Intense, and my comments labeled Peachie-and-her-Peachie-thoughts (with a shake of the head), I know I am still quite "normal" and I have been feeling more "adult" than ever especially since my recent "vacation" of over two months from certain routines and things, where I was able to iron out quite a lot of concerns and to free myself from people and things that had been dragging me down and holding me back. I am still struggling a bit with regard to a few things, but I believe the path is a bit clearer now and I think have become more discerning in choosing my companions, in the directions I take further, and in where I allocate my resources in any form. 

Maybe right now I do not have the human husband and baby and the lucrative career or business that most people have, and maybe my (immaterial) husband is the Doctor (or the idea of the Doctor) and all things he represents, and my baby is my art, and my career is all the day jobs I have and the other arts and skills I am striving to improve on and the aspects of me that require a lot of nurturing and growth, and they may stay that way for a long time, or they may change through time, but I think it's good to know that I have grown enough to be comfortable in this Oddness regardless of how it appears to others, because after all, it is more important to be going along my true path while wearing a weird costume, than wear a "safe" and "acceptable" outfit while dragging myself along a road that isn't mine to take or does not lead me to where I will be truly happy. 

Anyway, moving along. I just thought of writing it down because I also appreciate the fact that lately, I have been getting in touch with a few friends and vice versa, and these are the friends who really know and understand me for what I am, and do not question nor disparage how I think and what I do or say. Moreover, I have recently been having more interactions with people of the same wavelength as mine, and it is both refreshing and helpful in reminding me of my roots and what I really am. They may or may not be my friends eventually, but it is good to know there are more out there belonging to the tribe that I realize I am part of. 
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