Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blue Hands

As promised last month, I am posting the new pair of kendo mittens I have made for Mico :D I made him wear them to show that they fit him :))

They even fit better than the "perfect"-looking ones so he uses them more often :D 

So there :D Next I am making a grey brooch for myself (^___^) 

Happy New Year everyone! In 2015 I hope to practise sewing more often and to make even more things that I did this year :) And of course, more painting too :)

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Food. This season has been mostly FOOD. Just last night Mico and I spent a great deal of time just eating :)))) Meat. Chips. Pies. It was glorious :D

Anyway, quite appropriately, a recent piece of mine has food in it, but perhaps not the usual kind. 

The rest of the year looks like more food. Meanwhile, waiting for lunch XD

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Dozen Flower Brooches

So I have been quite busy but managed to squeeze in some time hand-sewing the last few pieces of brooches I am selling. 

This yellow brooch is one of them. I like how neat it looks from the back. And how you can replace that pin with a thin headband and instantly have a flower on your hair. 

Then finally, I had eleven brooches and just needed to make the last grey piece to make a dozen.

And then, a dozen brooches for sale :)

As of now, nine have been sold, and I wish for those who bought them an extra-happy Christmas (*^___^*) 

I enjoyed making them, though this is the last batch I am making for now. I shall practise on pillow cases next, this time using the machine. I have not practised in a while, see (^^U) Before that though, I made a black brooch for myself too :3

I shall also be making a grey one for me :D 

Merry Christmas, everyone! (^___^)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Climbing-Up-Roses Day

Apart from taking a walk in a forest of roses, there is also a day when we climb up a rose instead and just talk. Mostly about food and vintage snacks and my weird childhood thoughts and pleasant moments of panic. 

I made this piece for Mico and gave it to him after he returned from his out-of-town work trip. 

And he brought me back plenty of food XD - some of which we had during the weekend, while he had a beverage he often requested me to make (^__^) 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Something Sinister For A Commission

I recently worked on a commission for:

A hamster wearing his do and tare. 

The hamster had to be particularly sinister-looking. 

Smiling, but with a sinister and dark aura.

There were a few other specifications such as those related to chilis and cheeks. 

I had to practise a bit before making the actual drawing because I have never drawn a hamster before. 

I am so glad they liked it (^___^)

Thank you to everyone who has ever bought my art. You have been a great help to me in paying my bills. 

And now, this sinister kendo hamster sincerely wishes you a terrific rest-of-the-week, despite that look. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Halfway Through The Alphabet

So finally I have managed to finish until letter M :) 

It has been a while since the previous set of letters, and I am glad to have gotten around to continuing it. 

J as in jogging. You know, that thing I have not done in a while since I stopped setting my alarm at five in the morning about a month ago? :)))) 

I just really needed more sleep. Now I get to sleep for six to nine hours each day. And everytime I wake up on mornings after nine hours of sleep, I keep realising all over again how sleep is one of the most beautiful things in the world :))))))) Now I just run on days when I happen to wake up before six. The small park where I run opens at six, and I am particular about getting there just as it is opening so that there are no People. Even as I walk on my way to and from the park, I get to encounter very very few people. And it is quiet and nice, and did I mention there are hardly any people? 

K as in katamari (nana......) I miss that game. I miss the shrimpy prince, and cousin Miso (piping hot), and Signolo. 

The beginnings of L. 

L as in leaves. 

As I worked on the letter L, I found Mogget sitting there, bored, and probably fed up by said leaves. Crunchy plastic is what he wants. Or my slippers. 

Then last night and earlier today, I worked on the letter M. 

M as in Mico. 

Mico who is currently out of town for work, but I am looking forward to his return this weekend :) 

Which reminds me of my thought last night that this week seemed to fly by extra-fast. I was surprised that it was already Friday's eve and then it would be the weekend again soon enough. I guess it was because I made myself so busy this week, so much busier than usual that I seemed to be in some kind of trance.  

And so I have finished half of the alphabet. The rest in the next posts. 

I wish that you all have a spectacular weekend :) 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Roses, Forest

Our supermonth fell on a Saturday, but on a Saturday when he had to attend a whole-day seminar! In the morning though, this was delivered to the house~ 

A sweet and pleasant surprise which made my Saturday spectacular (*^___^*) Then I arranged them and placed them beside my desk near the window (^___^) 

Eventually as they started drying up, I had an idea (^__^)

I am not really a fan of pressing flowers in books because they tend to be forgotten or lost. I once kept a beautiful butterfly wing in my Rune book but eventually it fell out, though that one I do not mind losing because I found that wing while I was on the phone being deceived. Anyway, I was pressing some of the roses in this thick jisho for other reasons. They're not staying there forever. Besides, we do not want them getting in the way of our urgent need to know the meaning of some Japanese words right :D 

While the words oppressed the roses with their many meanings, I drew. 

They stood on petal-covered grounds :)

Surrounded by rose "trees." 

And it's raining more tiny petals. 

I wanted to be able to keep the roses but not just keep them in books, so I made art with some of them  (*^___^*)

And it is my only artwork so far that really smelled of flowers :D

I did keep some petals though, in a nice small bag. I kept a petal in the page of the Gebo Rune. I kept a few other petals in a few other places. 

So there it is, a forest of roses, and love~ 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Remember the Anthuriums and Dragonflies set of paintings which my friend Midge commissioned me to do? She had them glass-framed and have already put them up on the walls of their home (*^__^*) She updated me by sending these photos she took and I am sharing them here :) Thank you, Midge! (^_^)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rain and Random Thoughts

I am still finishing my coffee from breakfast and I feel like there are several random things spilling out from my mind so I might as well sweep them out and then I can get to today's tasks (yes, despite the storm). 

From a scene in the first season of Gilmore Girls 

Top Ten Things Off The Top of My Mind

1. I have been having a bit too much coffee lately. I have managed a couple of years back to cut down to just two mugs a day and early this year I was able to cut down to just two 3/4 mugs a day and then lately I have been drinking 2,000 mugs a day. 

2. I enjoyed the brief but really nice chat with Jenny last night. (Jenny is a very interesting girl from kendo.)

3. Insanity does run in the family, but it is not always the cool kind. More like the beware-stabby kind. 

4. After 300 decades of not making any New Year's Resolutions list, I shall have one for 2015. I have begun listing last night actually, and I told Mico I shall recite them to him as my pogi witness on our pre-New Year date :))))))) I have also begun doing the items I have listed already, even in small steps and changes taking place gradually and silently. 

5. Anytime is a good time for weeding out bad things. 

6. It took me years to realise some things, or rather, my entire life so far, to realise some things, and then it took me over a year to really accept them. It is about time I wake up. 

7. Even though I lost my matches last Saturday in the Christmas shiai, I still felt great to have had such mighty and strong and scary opponents and to know I have done as much as I could, despite the high probability of being killed. 

8. Sometimes it's funny yet painful to watch people who are so fired up in a contest that only exists in their minds. 

9. People who pick on others and put them on the spot and subtly bully them are really just creating all these noises and scenarios so that they won't hear the Voices of Insecurity in their own minds. 

10. I want to swim. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

There Is A Giant Girl...

...watching over you now. Good to know, isn't it.

If you do not live by the sea, she can always watch from the clouds. 

Or the ceiling. Or the window. 

So huge you cannot see her, because she blends in like she is just part of everything :) 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Stop and Sew The Flowers

I have not been around because I have been prioritising a couple of writing jobs. I do have a bit of time though to stop and smell sew the flowers, so there. Red and grey ones. 

Things have been quite tough lately, and I am doing my best to stay Afloat-And-Still-Smiling. 

Other people have it tough too, and I think we are all doing what we can in one way or another. 

I hope this month brings me much better things. An abundance of them. 

There have been bright spots though. More on that next time. A bright spot actually allowed me to stop and smell the flowers :") 
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