Friday, March 28, 2014

The Last Parade. At Least for Now, Right.

After the third set is the last one~~~ 

Consume (2013), Watercolor on paper

Big Machine (2013), Pencil and watercolor on paper

Floral Bison (2013), Watercolor on paper

Musicat (2013), Watercolor and ink on paper

Pebbleman and Pillow (2012), Pencil and watercolor on paper

Smile to the World (2013), Watercolor on paper

Stern Bun (2012), Pencil on paper

The Fish I Met in Hong Kong on October 2011 (2013), Watercolor and ink on paper

The Shameless Manner I Devoured the Canned Sausages (2013), Watercolor and ink on paper

Wrist Spool (2014), Watercolor on paper

Have a pretty and odd weekend, y'all XD

Monday, March 24, 2014

A [Cat / Sewing Machine] Cozy :))

As I mentioned Saturday, I intended to finish the sewing machine cozy yesterday, and I did! XD

I woke up late because I got so tired from Saturday. We had one of our few family dates, and we were out together from morning until very late in the afternoon. I was so tired that I LOST CONSCIOUSNESS when we got home and only woke up a few minutes before dinner XD Then I got my second wind around 9 pm and I was awake til the wee hours so I could not open my eyes Sunday morning so wth right :))

So work and other stuff were cramped for the rest of my Sunday, but I still managed to finish my first sewing machine cozy XD It is rough on the edges and I made mistakes with the lining, but it still makes me happy :D 

Getting started on the lining :3

By the time I was finished, the cat came to sniff around for quality control, so I let him see if the cozy was cozy enough :))

The cat hides under the cozy and is very, very quiet. 

So now the sewing machine has a new cover (^__^) It is no longer just some fabric thrown over it :D

It looks wobbly and a bit too big because the machine is not squarish and I am guilty of adding too much fabric for fear of making something that is too small and cannot be used at all :D Anyway I got the tutorial from Suzanne of Strawberry Patches, and her cozy is perfect so I got inspired to... make Something Like It :)) 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Attempt at Cozy :))

So I have been trying to make a sewing machine cozy this week :D 

It was a great opportunity to use some of my favorite fabrics which are just lying around the house :D

And so I began. I spent quite a lot of time choosing the fabric and measuring them and repeating some parts where I made the wrong measurements and destitching wrong parts and such, until I was able to sort of finish the pockets for the sides of the cozy, which I think I already mentioned previously :D 

Then, as of yesterday, I was able to do at least the surface of the cozy XD

My measurements are a bit bigger than they should be, but I am still happy that the sewing machine now has some kind of nice dress :)) I have yet to sew in the lining, which I will probably do tomorrow some time in the afternoon :3 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pretty In An Odd Manner

Following my most recent art sale post comes the third set for the sale's third week! :) 

Coffee-Drinking Tree-Dweller (2012), Watercolor and pencil on paper

At My Prettiest featuring an Adipose (2013), Watercolor and pencil on paper

Floating Girl with Cookies (2012), Watercolor and pencil on paper

Page Travel (2012), Pencil on paper

She Eats Forks (2012), Watercolor and pencil on paper

Steampunk Bunny (2013), Watercolor and ink on paper

That Awkward Moment You Reallze He Knew All This Time (2013), Watercolor and pencil on paper

The Odd Girl (2013), Watercolor and ink on paper

Welcoming Party (2012), Watercolor on paper

Mercury Pineapple (2013), Watercolor on paper

And then again, this girl whose excitement is just overwhelming:

This Excitement I Cannot Contain (2014)

She appeared in my post about my pre-Valentine Art Sale, which she is not part of because she is all alone and odd, but she was picked nevertheless and as of last night she has been picked up physically and is now in her forever home :)) (Like a cat from a shelter or something. She purrs.) 

I, too, purr.  


Anyway I shall get back now to Attempting To Sew A Sewing Machine Cozy :)) Wish me luck and I, ganbarimasu :3

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Calling

A lot of ups and downs recently, with longer stops on the downs. There were physiological signs that I had been more distraught than I thought, but the other night I fell asleep reading and rereading my reversed rune of Wunjo and yesterday I awoke much calmer despite the physiologically ill signs. It must just be a calling towards New People and New Things. Right now I think I am doing better. I am excited to read my books again and tomorrow being my rest day, I think I shall spend the whole day reading. Outside. Where the wifi isn't. And it will just be me and my books and my journal and my sketchpad and okay my game. And my camera I guess, if anything interesting arrives. 

So I haven't progressed beyond my occasional sketches for the past few weeks, and after re-arranging my daily skeds for the 20th time last Monday, I decided to give my most urgent commission a go. I have to finish it before the buyer leaves this month. I reminded him last weekend that I am still working on it, because one of the downs I mentioned above is how I am clueless about what is happening to some people, and so I kind of have to make sure he is still taking his requested artwork. In any case I am doing my best in it, and from the warmups I've made a sketch of what will go into the actual thing. The elements in it are based on our many conversations. He is one of those people I can really comfortably talk to. His mind is so open and he always tries his best in things and he understands Odd. 

The next day, Tuesday, I had to rearrange my schedule again for the 21st time XD There were some changes but I do not mind so much. Because some original plans were no longer pushing through, I just had to send this drawing to an almost-student-of-mine. 

Then I proceeded to still make my afternoon productive, and made these fabric brooches :3 

I followed (or tried to follow) the basic instructions from Emily, then I just used slightly different fabric and sewed every single part to make a brooch :D I have a mild fixation on sewing things rather than gluing them so everything is handsewn, including the double felt underneath (I doubled the felt base to hide the stitches and to hold a safety pin in place :D). I think Emily's sewing tutorial is great, because the big size of the felt base made the brooch "firmer." I also placed the safety pin closer to the edge of the circle, so that it does not droop while pinned on a shirt or blouse. This morning my sister wore the maroon one to work :D I am thinking of selling these eventually, perhaps after my current art sale (which needs a bit more loving and support right now). 

By the time I made the brooches in the afternoon, I guess I had already been lifted from the frequent downs, because I had received a text message around noon that cheered me up and comforted me that I effing CRIED. I do not know how else to describe it. (Mind you it is not anything romantic because if that were the case I would not be crying, I would be GRINNING hahahahaha)

Today I spent a chunk of the morning communicating with Midge and talking to my sister so that was kind of unusual because it was not even six a.m. yet :)) After that I moved on with my usual tasks then soaked up Brain Pickings articles while finishing my coffee from breakfast, then worked straight until I was floaty around noon. Then this afternoon I was going to try sewing a sewing machine cozy :)) It is ambitious, I know, but I really want to learn how to make a nice one. However, I did not have as much time for sewing as I did yesterday, plus this one requires more pre-sewing steps, so I was only able to finish the two side pockets. I spent too much time choosing the fabrics and measuring them and cutting them, then when it was time for me to sit down and sew, something seemed to changed with the settings of the machine so it felt different, and then my thread got cut twice, and then the thread in the bobbin ran out, and then I made mistakes on both pockets at first that I had to take forever de-stitching them with the tiny special scissors XD I shall just continue tomorrow :) So after that initial attempt I went back to working straight again until dinner time. Now I await my sister because we shall be having Cheetos with Dexter and Deb. 

I won't be around tomorrow at all (well I am not really around everyday :3) because I will be offline for most of it. Looking forward to enjoying the windy summer weather with books and writing and tea and such. I hope you all enjoy your Thor's Day too :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Second Week of The Pretty and Odd Art Sale

After the first ten pieces released last week, here are the next ten :) The celebration of odd characters continues ~ 

Sayounara (2013)

Stare (2012)

Swallower of Sins (2012)

The Occasional Pleasure of Confinement (2014)

Waiting to Attack (2012)

All Just Wrong (2012)

Buried (2013)

Long Tongue (2012)

One-Way Street (2012)

Flight (2014)

Yesterday I was quite happy to hear from an old friend whom I have not heard from in months! It was a pleasant surprise although the green tea I had just made for myself that time turned cold because it sat there forgotten as I chatted away :)) It's really great, though :) 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phantom Peach

Like suddenly, I was not there :))

Anyway, in the realm of things where I do exist, I have been busy doing art-things; pricing, packaging, recording, organizing, listing, and doing warmups for commissions. 

Some of the pieces for sale in the Pretty and Odd Art sale

Warmup for a commission, to be placed in a Japanese home :3 

Today I shall get back to practising my sewing with a machine. I decided to add more hours to the things I really want to do. 

The sales for this month's art sale is not picking up yet, but I am quite excited about the commissions that I am getting. Later on, I shall probably try selling my artwork through other means, since there are hardly any of my tribe where I do now. Time to expand. Get out of the pond. Wake up from slumber. 

Speaking of Getting Out of Ponds, I am somewhat disappointed and a bit more surprised than I thought about how some things turned out lately. I guess one can never be too careful about choosing friends and whom to be associated with and for what reasons. In any case, since I am in deep dark waters anyway, might as well become a diver and move forward and upward to the surface. Better be misinterpreted while in movement than be misinterpreted while in a state of anxious inertia. Besides, I am set to be a solo traveler than have convenient arrangements as a court jester. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Missing Sketching

I have been taking care of art sales and organizing art things that I have not really drawn much for quite some time. I guess I have been sort of escaping from creating by reading. Anyway after an extra long weekend of birthday cakes, I've begun working again today, and somehow in between writing paragraphs earlier today, out came a couple of random sketches :3 I realize I missed doing this.

A face, possibly a lovely face covered by kisses from a sparkly kisser. 

The second sketch was inspired by a photograph of one of the women's teams from the Philippines who competed in the kendo tournament in Hong Kong earlier this month. Amazing girls, these are. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Art and Cake and Such

The past couple of days has been quite full and busy in a fun, wonderful way, with art and cake and such :3 *sparkles*

The art-part was all about launching my Pretty-and-Odd Art Sale, at least the first ten of the pieces, while responding to overwhelmingly numerous birthday greetings :D I did not expect quite so many considering that I have practically been close to being a hikikomori for the past couple of weeks and have hardly spoken or interacted to not more than ten people for months. Anyway it was great hearing from many people especially some friends :3

Now the CAKE part has begun even before my birthday came, mixed with some art-parts too. Thursday, my sister and I met up with our friend Midge for Chinese lunch, and coffee and CAKES in a European place. 

We had this addictive cake trio plus a fourth cake I was not able to take a photo of XD

After over four hours of conversation, Midge had to go ahead to take care of something, and my sister and I still had to stay behind to check out some art supplies, and to go to another place to get big canvases and other art supplies. I was such an obaachan that after walking for a long time my hip started to hurt a bit so we went home for our late dinner XD We all had so much fun although we all admitted feeling a bit strange being Outside Of The House and seeing so many People :)) 

But it was really great hanging out with Midge because she is one of our friends who is so easy to talk to and to make decisions with and to spend hours with, and she just easily gets what we are talking about, and she is such a light, fun companion, and it is so comfortable just being our odd selves with her. Personally I think it was one of the highlights of last year, getting in touch with her again. We've been friends since college but we had not been in touch for a long time after that, but when we met up again last year it was like we just picked up where we left off years before. Anyway I think it is great to have friends around you who share your values, who are clear with what they want and believe in, who are forthcoming enough, and who are receptive to you. 

So, yesterday came, and there were more art-things and even more CAKE at home, and I spent my day in a sort of quietly and peacefully happy way. I felt so much like an obaachan but I realize that I really liked spending such an occasion in a calmly happy and quietly cheerful manner. In the evening my sister and I went out for Thai dinner and checked out a coffee place we've never been to, where I had the most perfect cappuccino ever, so perfect I drank it without adding any sugar. 

Today I intend to spend the day just resting and reading and such. The weather is really great, and I am quite looking forward to being immersed more and more into the summer. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Pretty and Odd Art Sale

So! XD 

Because it is my birthday - my personal new year - I am having another art sale, as I mentioned in my previous post :D 

I am mostly made up of Oddness and I like pretty things, so it is going to be a celebration of pretty and odd characters :3 It is a month-long sale starting today and every week shall feature ten odd pieces :) It has the same arrangement as the first and previous sale, a meet-up for pickup. Since this runs longer though and "new" pieces are announced every week, there are weekly meet-ups during which I can probably stuff my face with pastry :))))))))) 

Okay that was, uhm, you know, Grownup. ANYWAY, so here are the first ten pieces for this Pretty and Odd Celebration :3 The first bunch of odd characters to love :D

16th Birthday (2012)

Bruised by Desire (2012)

Fish Girl (2013)

Killer Kitty in Jeans (2013)

Observer of Hesitations (2014)

Preparing for Mermaid Pictorials (2013)

Soft Big Mammal (2012)

Stories (2013)

The Hairy Potter and the Deadly Mallows (2013)

These Arms, To Reach You (2013)

Support would be very welcome and appreciated~ (^_^) 
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