Wednesday, January 21, 2015


First, were the beginnings. Then things taking shape. Later, nostalgia. 

I have been ill for the past few days and if I were to draw myself now my head would be something like the fires of hell or perhaps an alien form starting to gnaw at the rest of my body. I hope I get well soon. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spring Again

I know that I mentioned before that the dozen brooches I last made would be the last batch for now and then I would be moving on to trying to make something else. By then I have learned how to make the brooches more quickly than I did the first time, and without looking at the instructions. I have also developed my own way to sew on the last piece which would be the centre of the flower (I know that sounded so excitingzzzz). So anyway I was going over some pictures of this whole brooch journey (think paths lined with flowers) and I came across the ones I took from the very first time I tried making the brooches way back in March :D 

Those feet. 

Awkwardly tracing the shapes at first. 

The first layer of petals on the first flower brooch ever. 

Adding a second layer of petals. 

Very first brooch I made - finished. 

First three brooches I made using a specific set of instructions. (I have made other brooches before but I just totally invented them, though they did turn out fine :D)

And then I sold most of the brooches from the most recent batch, and then the holidays came, and immediately after, I think it shall be making them again :)  Spring is coming fast. There is a pending order, the details of which I have yet to finalise. It does seem likely though that I would be making them again. Perhaps I shall post about them when they are all done and given away by the buyers to their recipients :) Tomorrow I shall go to check out available fabrics and such :) 

Meanwhile I shall get up from my seat and do something uplifting because I am kind of feeling achey  from a nightmare AFTER waking up this morning. I am sure I shall feel better eventually but I would like it much sooner, so I have to get going now before I

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Of Late

As mentioned in my previous post there will likely be late Christmasy posts but I decided to just bundle them all up in one post so that I am just late once with One Long Parade of Late rather than Increments of Late. Warning, this is kind of long, but they are mostly pictures anyway so think of it as a thick picture book. Get coffee. A parade of late posts from the holiday season. Snapshots of this and that. A slice of pie would also be good. 

Mmm pie.

ANYWAY, moving on~ 

Goodbye to my old blog template. I still love these colours but I felt it was time for a bit of change. 

I took the screen shot from this part of the blog because this is the part that just drew my attention, not to mention the lovely colours. As you can see they kind of reflect some of my paintings of late too. Pun intended. And it is also why I have been so attached to my red shoes. If I had my own Anouk, she'd question me why I cannot wear black shoes like The Other Mothers. Now that is creepy because I am suddenly thinking button-eyes. I mean, really, Red Shoes are better than Button Eyes. So anyway the point is that I changed my blog template. I felt dark circusy. 

I confess I took this picture days after Christmas while Mico and I sat in the living room looking at it. And THEN I realised I never took a picture. The painting at the back is that of the old cathedral in my hometown and it was painted by my late grandfather. Okay too many lates here. Pun not intended. And then on top of that cabinet on the left is a small and bright setup of the manger and everything because my mom loves it, and before, she would Suddenly Find angry cats and small aliens amidst the sheep and cows and for some reason she suspects ME for putting them there. Well I just really Encouraged them, and then they went. Or maybe they followed the star. 

A leather pen holder from a friend's really nice decent girlfriend (^___^) We have not really met yet but she has sent me a present and I think it is perfect for my pencils and water brush and such. It is made of leather and I sniffed it about eight hundred times before using it. I just realised it has the same colour as my Fino wallet and when it was new 5,000 years ago I also sniffed it about eight hundred times before actually using it.  

And this is how I use it. For watercolour pencils and water brush and such. I would bring this bunch as a weapon against boredom and my shield is my sketchbook during gatherings that were potentially draining and boring, or worse, filled with the same old stupid silly questions asked just for the sake of small talk which is practically pointless and oftentimes makes me want to eat my hand. 

I was never a fan of macaron but now I am. Well, okay, only for this particular batch and maybe except the green one. These are giant ones and brought to the house by another friend. My most favourite would be the mocha one, followed by the chocolate, then custard, then strawberry, and then with the green one I had a bad replay of a Pesto Incident In Our Old House except it came in some French version and upon realising I was starring in it I felt like crying. But I recovered because I stuffed my face with the rest of the mocha. 

Omg look. A pencil family. I did not know pencils had children! Adult pencils and children pencils! Okay the adult-pencils part did not really sound wholesome so let us just drop it. They are really cute though. My dad gave them to me but my mom picked them so it is like a pencil family from another perspective. 

My sister passed on her watercolour pencils to me and I believe they can be quite handy especially when going out. I really like the notebooks too even if there is a judgmental cat on one of them. 

A sketch pad and a sketch book with Texture and thick enough for watercolour :D Their pages are about to see odd girls or too many eyes or perhaps unusual heads. These are also from a friend. And these sketch papers smelled so good and I know because I also sniffed them a lot. Okay enough sniffing now. 

Chocolate cake slice. One of the countless Slices of Things that found their way into my already pudgy face. This was from a dinner cake brought by Mico to the house on Christmas Eve. And then there was this almond cheesecake which I never got to take a picture of but it was so good and my godmother made it and I have never eaten almond cheesecake before and this one haunts me. I hope we meet again. It just left so... abruptly. 

More cute pencils and this time they are glittery. If the other bunch of pencils were family pencils, I'd say these are the dancing ones. And they even the skill to impersonate characters or hold impromptu shows. 

Really cute shoes (*^___^*) They are children's shoes but they fit my feet so yay. Thank you, Mico (^___^) They are super soft and comfortable too :) They are neither Red Shoes nor Shoes Worn By The Other Mothers so there is absolutely nothing horror-like about them except perhaps when I am IN them. 

These are for kids but I must admit I like that tiny tiny tiny watercolour palette I almost want to eat it. Wait, do you realise how many of the stuff are for kids? Oh, yes, I just remembered: Because I am nine.  

Pieces of fabric from my grandmother. I am so looking forward to the things I shall make with them, both misshapen and not. I have not started on my experimental pillow case because I am afraid it would be so misshapen and uneven that it will have its own personality and totally not belonging to the category of Pillow Case and then it will come alive and eat me. 

A golden gift and inside are rivers and stones and mountains and cranes and wise old men. Really. It is like the Magic Bag of Holding or Hermione's purse. There is all that inside. Mico can get inside and he finds silence. And answers. And wise old men. 

Of the dozen brooches I put out for sale recently, these three were the first to go, then five more, and a couple more. I have made a couple for myself too, one in black and one in grey. 

So there. A parade of holiday snippets. Late, but at least they are colourful and some are even SHINY. But since we are in 2015 already, let me end this post with three of my Firsts for the year:

The first book I am reading for the year. I have actually started reading it last year and I am taking time because in some parts the gears either stop turning in my head or lose contact and begin turning aimlessly so I would need to retrace my steps back to the start of the paragraph. This is perfect for light reading, said no one ever. But I must say that so far it has been marvelous and I actually stopped often to take notes too and Suddenly Look at my own patterns and stories. I am telling you this book can save lives. I mean, not really save a person from physical death (but then who knows) but from a way of living and thinking that is practically as good as dead and empty and aimless. 

The first sketch I made for the year. I bet she likes staying out in the sun. After that she steps indoors feeling so... replenished. I wonder if there are roots beneath that long dress. 

So this is more like a bunch of firsts. First photo (or one of the first photos) taken with Mico from my Photo Booth. Not just for the year but for ever. First change of profile picture for my Facebook for the year. It was also the first time for this year that we watched something from my computer. First kissy-picture of the year. First afternoon. First v-necks at the same time. First photo of myself that is not too mango-ey.  

So. Nothing like mysterious pathways and leaf-heads and selfies to settle you into the year, at least within the confines of this blog. Looking forward to a hopefully much better one than the last. I have gotten this far so I must just continue to be brave. 

I also cheer you on in your journeys~ 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Week Into 2015

It has been only a week into the new year but I have been quite busy and I would like to say I have done quite a number of things, the need-tos and have-tos. Hence my late posting, and within the next week or so you are still likely to see very late Christmasy posts (^^U) The next batch of letters you are about to see here though are not exactly late since I just finished Q a while ago :D 

N. The New Year. I am grateful that the New Year's Eve celebration was much quieter than the previous year's. There were more fireworks and less noise. 

My most vivid memory of the 31st of December was me and my sister and our dad stuffing our faces with Dear Darla pizza from the Yellow Cab. 

O. For oranges. I think every day of the holiday season I ate oranges. And I gave Mico a week's supply of oranges.  

Lately though, it has been all about Peanut Butter. I have this jar of really great peanut butter a friend gave me and I think my blood steam has them now. Almost shameless. 

Quiet. It has been so quiet lately, and for some reason today was extra quiet and I love it. I even had quiet time with peanut butter :)))))))))

I hope to finish the rest of the alphabet within the next couple of weeks. I have been spending more time recently looking for more options for part-time and/or odd jobs so I do not get to paint as often. I hope to find new, better, part-time jobs soon~ 
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