Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring, Summer

Yesterday, I was determined to walk all the way to the store where I buy fabric and other craft materials which was a good 20 to 30 minutes each way on foot. After quite a heavy breakfast of banana, tea biscuits, chocolates, and earl grey with milk, I set out. 

Only to run into my dad on my way out, who decided he wanted to drive me to where I was going XD Anyway I still walked a great deal buying things from different stores and then walking back home. It was quite a lovely walk because it was so sunny and windy and because of the sun there were hardly other people out walking :D And of course I was happy with my bag of fabric and such XD Here are a couple of the things I bought:

Ochre and pink fabrics (^___^) This means some handmade items are coming up :) 

After I got home I had a quick lunch then stepped out again for a much closer store to buy a few other things. Back home I worked on the Spidey art commission whose direction I am not sure of (^^U) But more on that next time :))) I like the exciting uncertainty of it though. It is like I am making it but I am not sure how it will turn out. So far everything I planned about it has not matched how it is turning out so I have yet to see what it will be like in the end :D In any case, I am still determined to make it into something good :))))) Albeit dark. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Webs of Pencil and Watercolour Strokes

I am working on an art commission again; it is Spiderman this time. I have been doing warmups for it so far this week. 

Shakey Spidey Sketches

Backgrounds with some intrusive sticker bunnies from Nabbit cam


Black background

Tape and watercolour, creating something of which psychological tests are made. I would be so willing to participate. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leafy Alphabet


It felt nice seeing them all getting together :D

I just need to figure out how to frame them all as a set, and the set shall be up for sale. Of course I can also work on individual letters or specific sets by commission. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Birthday at the Beach

As I mentioned last time, my birthday weekend was spent at the beach with Mico (*^___^*) Here are a few photos I managed to take; most of the time was spent talking, eating, swimming, and laughing :)))))) We only took photos when we remembered XD

I took the bus to the station :) It was a nice early-morning ride~ 

Smelling the sea again for the first time in a long time (^___^)

The friendly cat in the resort. Very very friendly.

Mr. Friendly Cat followed me when I walked out of the eatery and miaowed and rubbed up against my leg but when he saw Mico filling out some forms on the reception table he went up to check if everything was in order. 

First walk along the beach. 

The weather was perfect. 

Wonderful quiet. Long conversations. :)

Hardly any people at the time so it was really great.

Fanbunnying from the shore~ 

The other friendly cat. Too friendly she expected we'd eat from the same plate. 

The cat I never got to touch because it was moody and distant. 
The pool. Most moments away from the sea were spent in the pool. I would not have been surprised if we got out of the pool and found we developed webbed hands and feet. We happily had the pool to ourselves.

This was part of the wall surrounding an area of the sea but the waters have greatly receded so the wall was practically just surrounding a mossy area with knee-deep water. 

We went to another beach and spent a great deal of time there for the sake of More Food and More Swimming and Looking For Cake XD

In the sand, I attempted an Ald'rhun structure. I think it only looks like an alien croissant.

Lovely long walks (^___^)

Waiting for the sun to rise from behind the mountains. 

In the rocks, I made friends with crabs and things I do not know what. We also found rocks that looked like pelvic bones and livers. It momentarily made me think. 

Things springing into colour when the sun was up.
Golden silence. One of our most relaxed weekends ever.
The bus ride home. Traffic was lighter than ever and we were home at a little less than two hours earlier than we expected. 

Looking forward to more trips next time (^___^) Next week we are likely to go on some kind of day trip and eat sticky rice (yes we have something that specific :)))))))) and he will also bring me someplace to see some shops I have never been to. I am quite excited by it (^___^)

Friday, March 13, 2015

W, for Waking

I have just snapped out of a phase of Major Sleepiness, until I ate a chocolate bar and now I am awake again :3 

It was my birthday last weekend, and Mico planned a beach trip for the occasion, partly because I have been mentioning wanting to swim with him and such. It was such a wonderful happy time, but I have yet to organise and edit all the photos, so more on that next time. Meanwhile, I am almost done with my leafy alphabet. I stopped at V last time and now I have just one more letter to do and I am done :) 

I have been able to draw and paint more lately because one of my jobs has just ended with its contract. I am awaiting for more details for a new one that is likely to take place soon though, and I hope it all goes well and that I can work on my translation and writing jobs around it. It will require me to step out of the house as opposed to working from home, but I guess it is a good thing. Perhaps it will allow me to take longer walks and discover other things. I do hope it all goes well. 

Speaking of going out, I have just gotten rid of about half of my closet's contents, because I felt it is time to just let them go, in the same manner I have recently discarded many of my artwork or put them up for barter. I intend to replace those clothes soon, with better and brighter colours that are closer to my preferences now. 

Everything just seems unpredictable at this point, and there are some things I am incredibly anxious to get over with, but I guess all I can do right now is just be absolutely present. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Tiny Bouquet to Keep

Present (2014). Mixed media on canvas.

Last month, I made a bouquet from a flower he brought me in Valentine's Day kendo :3 (Yes Valentine's day and kendo go together, along with staying in for dinner). 

Petals + Red Thread = Idea

A bouquet XD 

It actually looks pretty much like the bouquet I received last year, except this is plainer :) 

Perfect size for Mihara Junko :D

Now I get to keep the flower in its much cuter and handier form :))))) 
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