Thursday, April 30, 2015

Recycled Gi :D

I was cleaning out a closet and found some really old and tattered kendo gi. 

Thought bubble: Mmm nice fabric. So I shall make things. 

The first thing I made was a small sling bag. 

I am currently making a small hand bag. Picture when I finish. 

In other news, Mico got me another coaster to alternate with the first one he gave me way back :) It matches a Rilakkuma glass cover which he also gave me before :D 

More recently I was on the brink of depression, but art and runes saved me. There is still a bit of a struggle but The Blank Rune reminds me of total trust and relinquishing control, and returning to making my art since yesterday (after over a month of none) sort of grounded me again and kept my thoughts at bay.  (The first couple of paintings have been uploaded to Pretty Odd Peach.) I have also gotten a new writing assignment so I have that to focus on and finish for this week, not to mention I am looking forward to bringing Mico to my hometown this weekend, taking long walks and visiting places and most importantly, eating XD Anyway, I think that when you feel depressed, you must find that go-to thing or activity that balances you and reminds you of that stillness inside that is completely and truly quiet and peaceful; the one that remains safe and still even when things outside go awry. And then again, there is the Willingness and Permitting that The Blank Rune speaks of. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Summer Flowers

I have been preoccupied lately with selling some of my old things (games and Wii console and vinyl toy collectibles and such) and collecting electronic wastes (old and broken game consoles, Kindle, ear phones, among other things) for donating to an e-waste drive. Prior to that though, I had been busy making flower brooches and hair ties. 

This post shall only include the brooches though, and the hair ties will be in another. Have yet to edit the photos XD

For this particular set of brooches, I used turquoise, pink, and yellow ochre fabric. I was going to use red instead of pink but I did not like the shade of red that was available so I opted for pink. I was also going to originally use a sunshine kind of bright yellow, but there was only the sour and pale kind so I opted for yellow ochre, and I love the way the colour combination turned out. 

Making the brooches took a number of days as I was doing a bunch of other things, and given the summer heat, I was often accompanied by this wonderful thing:

It is the same kind of iced milk coffee I make for Mico, but somehow when I made this particular glass the two tones came out perfectly XD 

So these brooches are basically what the fabrics I recently bought are for. I have delivered them to the person who bought them, and I hope everything is good and in order. 

Post on the hair ties next time; meanwhile I need to take care of some things to sell and donate. I miss drawing and painting, and I hope I get back to it soon enough. Doing the first Spiderman art piece was great, and I have yet to post about the second one, but I miss doing my own stuff and releasing all these images in my head. I think I must really draw and paint again soon. I have a "series" of pieces in mind and they have yet to find their way onto paper :D

Monday, April 13, 2015

Circus, Drumming

I have been working on a commissioned piece. Particularly a Spiderman piece. It took me a while to finish it because the board was provided and I had to work with it (^^U) In any case it was fun, and in between painting I would practise what Mico taught me in drumming. He even passed on a pair of his old drumsticks, slipping it into my bag so it surprised me when I got home (^__^)

I shall do another Spiderman piece after this one but I still have not decided on how it should look like. 

Meanwhile, a Circus Spiderman. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peach-craft: The New Craft Blog

So I have moved on from my college witchcraft to my present-time peach-craft :D 

I have been working on a current order of brooches and hair ties (post about the finished brooches coming real soon) and I had to make tags for them. I had no idea what to write and Mico suggested that it is about time I actually make a separate page for my hand-crafted things. And so, I did :D You can visit it by clicking on the "Handicraft" tab above, although you will find nothing for now except an avalanche of beads and sequins in the background since there are hardly any posts yet. You can, however, go directly to the first and only post as of the moment, which welcomes you to the blog, by clicking HERE. Just wait for it to load completely so you can see the second image fully :) Eventually I shall upload more of my handiwork the same way I did for my art in my art blog :) 

Check out the first post in the new craft blog: Welcome to the Place of Peachcraft

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