Monday, August 31, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August Art, So Far

My art-sprint so far, for August~

Like, you know, maybe share some valuable advice and tips about something we are good at. And not just to boys, but to girls too. 

Just, NO.

The best time to get things done.

What some cannot seem to do, and what some do too much of. 

Must. Eat.

What we should be doing more of, outside of school. Especially outside of school. 

Yes, you. 

Often accompanied by a sigh that can mean a hundred things. 

What some should do, or what we should do. 

The times when... okay I am not bringing a herd of goats here. 

Sorry, but, you know. The noise gets tiring. Especially when it is empty noise. 

And yes it had to be a spoon.

Glorious food. We love Yuka. 

Used to it, but glad when said in the context of moving forward. 

Don't get me started. 

If last month was monsters, this month it is one-word odd girls. 
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